Dawning of Tomorrow or the Eve of Destruction

This is a two author post. Your very own Alaska Chick and the mighty Master Guide Terry Overly.  We are going to be taking our natural positions. Mine is the Dawning of Tomorrow and my Dad of course is the Eve of Destruction.

A whole lotta folks have mentioned to me that they want to hear more from Master Guide Terry Overly. I told him this and asked him to talk about whatever happened to be on his mind. Bringing in the new horses, the trainees, the Spring Grizzly hunts coming up or the amazing Horseback Adventures we have planned for this year, what ever he wanted to talk about with you all.

Sigh. I should know better. I really should.

Dad asked me if there was any way I could have a certain song on here, to accompany his post. Sure, no problem. (head hitting desk, hard)

The “Human Race”. What is wrong with us? Why are we so fearful of each other?

What happened during our original creation, or our evolution, from where whence we came? Our Creator surely did not, would not, have created in the beginning creatures of His image, to be vicious, deceiving, cruel and deceitful.
Look real close at what is going on around you. Take your blinders off, look and listen with an open mind. Stop your high-speed-day-to-day race through life even if it is just for 15 to 20 minutes a day. Watch what is really going on around you.
Listen to what people are really saying. Be a survivor and not the prey. You owe this to yourself, but especially your family, your children and humanity.
I am a professional hunter and trapper. I have lived in the remote interior of Alaska. Living, what most of you would call a survival type of lifestyle. Life to me has always been survival, I know no difference between survival and just living my own life.
As part of my lifestyle I found myself going to sports shows and hunting conventions. I have met some very good human beings in my travels through life as well as some not so good ones. But this is just the contrast life throws out for you to deal with (if you can). If you can cope, then “mission accomplished” and move on through life. This also is survival.

The Eve of Destruction
Master Guide Terry Overly
The Vietnam Memorial Wall

I have been to Washington DC, in the capitol building, where I shook hands with the senators and aides, and resolved issues that were affecting our life here in Chisana.
I have walked slowly by The Wall, The Vietnam Memorial, reading the names of the dead American soldiers that paid the highest price on Earth, THEIR LIVES. More than fifty thousand (58,195) or more served their country and lost their lives doing their duty which was to uphold with honor the orders of their commanding officer, The President of the United States. Did they die in vain?

Amber-Lee, aka Alaska Chick and myself, Master Guide Terry Overly, walked down that long stair way looking at all of those names of America’s best fighting soldiers, some just not more than boys and girls by age, but MEN and WOMEN by the duty they were performing.

Name after name, thousands and thousands of American soldiers names were chiseled  in granite. These men died not defending their country, but perpetuating the ideology of the Commander in Chief and his staff.
We are again going down that same road that will, if continued, lead to the eve of destruction of the very moral fibers that founded this great nation, and if these inherent values are allowed to be chipped away by ANY ENTITY whether it be foreign, domestic extraterrestrial, or political, CANNOT BE ALLOWED!
Is there nothing we can do? Or is there just nothing we will do?
Have we as Americans really become that blind or that dependent on the system, any system?

Yes there are things we can do to stop the clock of the eve of destruction.
Be VIGILANT. We have tools use them. Education is a powerful tool. Be informed, take pride in your country. You are an American. Don’t get caught in the “everything is free and easy” trap. Nothing is free, you will pay for it in some way, and someday…!
Be a predator
Be a survivor.
Be on top of your game.

Only you should be in charge of your destiny. This is still the United States of America, and we are still FREE. ~ Master Guide Terry Overly

Ok. Ready for another take on this? (Is it any wonder that I consider you all my lifeline? LOL)

The Dawning of Tomorrow

Not to discount or even completely disagree with my Dad. He is right too often and I am nobody’s dummy. I do see what hurts him. I see what worries him and I know that he shakes his head at humanity, as a whole. He also considers the world and all the little critters in it, his responsibility. He takes his new title and position as a Minister, very seriously.

What I see, differently, is this. We are standing at the dawn of a new day. The internet and all the various Social Media channels give us all ways to connect with each other. Some of my closest friends these days live in places like Romania, France, Ukraine, Australia, London, Iran and there are a few, I am not sure I could spell well enough for the spell check to give me the answer! I speak to most of them every day. We all have that capability at our finger tips.

Doesn’t that excite you?

It does me. Especially considering the people who have become such a huge part of my life over the last three years. Leaders, CEO’s, Ministers, Authors, Chemists, Doctors, Mom’s, Dad’s, rich people, poor people, movie stars, people with debilitating diseases, truck drivers, horse trainers and jockeys, survivors, warriors and young people. Young people, from all over the world. Super young ones just asking questions to high school students pondering what they are going to do for the rest of their lives, college students and military personnel soon to be looking for their own “next.”


The Eve of Destruction
Amber-Lee, aka Alaska Chick, ATAA Dibble
United States Navy

Good, smart, enthusiastic people, all of whom have one thing in common. They want to make a difference. From all over the world. With one idea, one goal. To make a difference. To help others, be stronger, smarter and to know, that they too, all those others, are not alone. We are in “this” together and we are the Team.

One right combination of words. One video that just is. One click. We could connect with the whole world and come together. With the understanding, wisdom and experience from our elders and the strength and enthusiasm of the younger generations. Learning from the lessons we have already lived through (like The Wall of names. The Wall is black, yet it is cold. The hair on my forearms and the back of my neck stood on edge, as I walked the length of it with Terry, as the tears left tracks on his face.). Using the amazing technology we have.

Oh, I am not speaking about everyone just loving each other and planting posies and singing and giggling the days away. I am thinking of the knowledge that is no longer shared between people, the so called leaders that only care for themselves and the “stuff”, I am talking about great big brain trusts coming together and finding cures. I am talking about finding water and food for those who don’t have it, homes for people who need them,  respect and care for our veterans, I am talking about the good outweighing the bad.

What I am really talking about is getting up, outta bed, off the couch, out of your rut, and actually DOING something. Doing something GOOD. For the dawning of all of our tomorrows and for all of our children’s tomorrows.

What are YOU doing?NoKidHungry

Here is what we’re doing…


Click on the mug! The #bealeader community has come together.

Join Us!! In helping to make sure that NoKidHungry feeds our children.

No Kid Hungry and the #bealeader Community, founded by Jennifer Olney, have joined forces to raise money to feed hungry children in the United States. Yes, that is what I said. The United States of America. One out of five children in America are hungry. Let’s help! (I will write more about NoKidHungry soon…) Buy a coffee mug, and ALL the proceeds go directly to NoKidHungry.

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23 Responses to Dawning of Tomorrow or the Eve of Destruction

  1. Excellent post! I have to say I agree with BOTH of you. (good song choice Terry..I knew every word by heart)
    True..we have to look out for ourselves..be survivors..but also get off our duffs and share what we know and believe in! Educate..yes.
    I had friends in both wars..Terry”s and yours. I’m lucky enough in the fact that none of their names are on that Awesome wall, not so some of their friends.
    Not all of us can do “big” things, but consider one mug bought. What a wonderful, simple, easy thing to do.

    As Always ~*~

    • LOL! This was YOUR idea!! Double Dog Dare the Boss!!

      Yes, I agree as well. I am more on the action end not the pondering side of things. I DO agree with Terry in much of it…but I also feel as if the sun may just break through… just wait and see and in the meantime, lets do something!

      The Wall puts everything into perspective. I don’t know that I will ever see it again. Whether I end up in DC to argue another point or not. It is heart breaking. I will ALWAYS carry the scar on my heart from standing next to it and reading so many names out loud. From touching the ice cold granite. From knowing how our soldiers sacrifice, guard and protect for us, for all of us, how their own families suffer and ache for them when they are sent again and again… to do what? Be ignored when they return? To not receive EVERYONE’S respect and gratitude and understanding?

      Not me. Not our Team. All of our gratitude and prayers are with them (and their families) every single day. Period.
      Those mugs, the brain child of Jen Olney, the CEO of #BEALEADER, are such an absolute pleasure!! Jen said to us all one day, “send me your own quotes” and wa-la! Magic in real life.

      Thank YOU for that. NoKidHungry is a very special group. Share our Strength, says it all. No child in America should be hungry. We can all help. If not online, by buying a mug, then in your own areas… there has to be ways to make sure no child is hungry.
      Big Love for all (and I do mean ALL) of your support, Ann.
      ~ Amber-lee

  2. It is with great pleasure that I read the words that run like a river from Master Guide Terry Overly’s heart. By his words, we can know him – a man, a fighter,a protector, a minister, and a man with a great heart.

    Terry Overly is not alone in his concerns. I imagine that as large a grin as he would have watching me FAIL to chop wood and haul water efficiently, the irony remains that we think alike on some things – maybe on all the things that matter most. I hope and (weakly) endeavor to delay the inevitable eve of destruction. And I fear that should destruction come upon us, I have an inescapable role in the midst of hell – to remind others there hope is possible, even in hell.

    Death is the irrefutable sign of our times. A culture of death prevails. Those unable to see or hear – that’s their problem. But zombies aren’t the trending cultural meme for no reason…

    Like you, Amber Lee, I celebrate the opportunity to connect, share and collaborate with the world. By these means, the internets, we may postpone the inevitable eve of destruction. Perhaps by 1000 years – but I’ll even take 10 years if that’s all we can manage. [grin] Doing little things together to make us each a better person counts for something – as long as we keep on keeping on doing another little thing every day. Together!

    I am wary of random acts of kindness- mostly because all the random acts of kindness shall never build the kind of strong walls that can hold back the crashing waves of evil and suffering.

    Give me a link to the page where I can buy two coffee mugs. I’ll by one for me and one for someone who wanted to but couldn’t. If all the members of bealeader do this, I imagine we’ll raise some money for this important cause.

  3. P.S. I’m now in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area – so if you guys swing by this way again, let me know.

    • For Real?! Like living here, in the United States? Since when? For how long? You’re HOME!!! Are you doing well, here? Are you happy? Are the trees blossoming? (I have always wanted to see that.) Have you walked along The Wall?
      Thank you for being here. Here-here, I mean. Terry is going to answer you directly (yipee!!) in short order… hang on.
      ~ Amber-Lee

      • The pink cherry blossoms just bloomed and they decorate our nation’s capital with their gentle splendor – especially along the Potomac river. There’s a link on my Facebook page (not the fan page) with photographs of the Cherry Blossoms – taken by a Facebook friend.

        It’s been a long time since I have visited the Vietnam Memorial and walked along the wall. That may have been in 1988. It is a moving experience, however. I still remember it – wondering at how so many gave their lives in duty. Yet for a cause that remains a question in our hearts. I remember how my image reflected on the names of the fallen and missing in action.

        Among my favorites in DC is the National Archives – the home of the Declaration of Independence, The US Constitution, and The Bill of Rights. They are displayed in the Rotunda for the Charters of Freedom – a great hall decorated with two murals, one of the signers of the Declaration and the other with the signers of the Constitution. These were persons not unlike us, but their vision and hope were powerful- and I have often wondered why it seems that we lack their clarity and passion for freedom.

        I agree completely with Master Guide Terry Overly – that in our our own hands lay the future of all man kind. To me that means that each of us must serve with our heads, hearts and hands – young, old, men, women, children, strong, weak, and- even – if we are broken and/or imperfect.

        Yes, I’m stateside and I am here for the foreseeable future. I’m halfway closer to Chisana. [smile] I’ve been back since around Christmas – recovering my health but, unfortunately, Johnny remains in Bucharest with his mother’s family. Johnny doesn’t understand that the distance between us is considerable and he’s very upset with me – that I don’t visit him on the weekends. I missed his birthday in January and he still hasn’t forgiven me for it.

        I hope your little one is feeling better.

  4. So few who see the forest through the trees and stand on principles that made our country great. They have been sucked (brainwashed) into the system and are too lazy to recognize they’ve been duped.

    All the while, the mindset and principles that did establish a great country is spreading throughout the globe, digitally.

    It has no option but to spread by the hearts, minds, will, and words of tpeople who are inspired by a better future for all.

    It’s the heart that made the country great and unfortunately,

    • Mark,
      Thank you. For all of it. For being one of those that DO see… what is and has happened. Also, for being one of those that DOES believe we CAN make a difference. We WILL continue to spread the word and WILL continue to be the first in line to do the work.
      You said it. All of it, summed up very nicely all I feel inside myself, to a bursting point.
      Now I have to figure out how to make my Dad his own sign-in on his own website! LOL Onward, indeed.
      ~ Amber-Lee

  5. Oops! Accidentally hit publish – onward.. :o

    and fortunately, it’s time to spread the mindset throughout the world.

    There are no limits to the impact the social web provides to those who purposefully leverage it for the good of the global population. That is powerful.

    Great post, Amber! : )

  6. Stan,
    Thank you for the supportive and positive comment. Amber-Lee speaks very highly of you. I consider it an honor and value, highly you sharing your time and thoughts with us.

    I believe while traveling down that windy road of life, we must all do the very best we can do to perpetuate our God given rights and obligations, as human beings.

    To support and be uplifting for those that are stumbling. And baring in mind that in our our own hands lay the future of all man kind.

    Thank you & God Bless
    Master Guide Terry Overly

    • Master Guide Terry Overly,

      Your words are sealed with a fire and a spirit that command and call to action. I hope that you will consider sharing more of your thoughts with us in the future. Because there are not so many men like yourself – men of pure heart and courage, men unafraid to speak simply and truly, and men who have lived as freemen in God’s country.

      The voice that calls out from the wilderness is an important and prophetic voice.

  7. Chiming in from Canada and saying, simply…C’mon people now…memories http://youtu.be/Hbrn9eXEKWk Be sure to watch til around 3:35
    Cheers! Kaarina aka Snowshoes

  8. I can see why you call him Dad, Amber-Lee. That title commands and deserves the greatest respect and love one can ever give or receive.

    Your life in Chisana is so simple, yet so complex. Master Overly exudes that message while inspiring us to take action — whether it’s a daily 15-minute meditation or sharing the emotion for what our soldiers gave to us and this country.

    • Jayme,
      Yes. That is all I have to give. My love and respect. (Every time I want to smack him in the head with a two by four, I rely on my love and respect! LOL)
      Seriously, you are right. He is a pure soul. Not perfect, mind you, but with no bad inside. All he desires is to make a difference and to do Good. To help, to teach, to guide. And to live.
      ~ Amber-Lee

    • Kaarina..I’m sure they will, they don’t let to many things slip by! I think maybe this will give them a big HINT to look though..LOL

      • But I did!! (Yes, I am whining…. gimme a break, I’m sick, the baby is sick, the MEN are sick….that should be enough, the men that is, for you to feel sufficiently sorry enough for me to tell me!! I’ve watched it over and over….)

      • LOL Snowshoes?? I missed that! No..No…are you SURE he wasn’t there??? only hint! or maybe I’m wrong…LOL
        Yipee..you must be sort of sitting up to be online :)
        Boys sick..I feel for you there! :(

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