List One: Descriptions of Adventures

As you are dreaming of your own Adventure for this coming year, you might also be doing a whole bunch of research. The thing about researching these things is that the facts are just facts… very dry and general. Living them, experiencing them and sharing them gives these facts life and depth.

That is what we have for you today. A re-telling and a deeper inside look into the different Horseback Adventures that Pioneer Outfitters offers that I have shared with you since coming online.

descriptions of adventures

The last couple of days, I have been going over all (and may I please stress: ALL) of the posts that I have shared since bringing Pioneer Outfitters online. What I have done is divide them into 6 different lists.

The lists that I divided them into are:

❈ Descriptions of Adventures posts

❈ Why Pioneer Outfitters Adventures posts

❈ Stories from Adventures posts

❈ Highlights (and what you might expect) of an Adventure posts

❈ The details for Your Alaska Adventure posts

❈ The Series posts

Today’s list is the Descriptions of Adventures posts. These are posts written about a particular Adventure we offer to adventurers who want to experience the Alaska Wilderness as it was meant to be, on horseback.

Descriptions of Adventures posts

These are all Adventures that have been fully experienced personally, with not one dry or second-hand fact to be found. These are places I have been, things I have seen, experienced and shared with others.

Now, these posts are also my descriptions of the particular Adventure they are about. They are not the major story-type posts that are a completely different list! These are descriptions, to help you get a better feel for each Adventure, so that you are able to dig deeper, ask the questions that will matter most to you and to be fully prepared for the experience that the Alaska Wilderness will surely give you.

Descriptions of Adventures posts:

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Our Horseback Adventures are available from May 3 through September 30. In terms of seasons for us here in Chisana this is mid-spring through late autumn.

Our Horseback Adventures are designed with all levels of horseback riding experience in mind. We have all the experience you will need, don’t worry and enjoy learning as you experience the Last Frontier!

Horseback riding does require a good level of fitness and strength, although there is absolutely nothing like horseback riding to give you both, this is for your own comfort and safety.

If you are determined to experience one of our Horseback Adventures and are concerned about your own levels of fitness and strength in terms of safety, check with your doctor. Most often he or she will advise you to begin some sort of a fitness routine and simply warn you that you will be sore (from riding). I can assure you that everyone experiences the soreness when they begin riding, even the most experienced and yes, it will pass.

We offer Horseback Adventures of different lengths and that focus on different aspects of Alaska’s amazing wilderness.

Descriptions of Adventures


There are 4 (four) Mini-Adventures that are 5 days in length that we created in particular for those who travel to Alaska by road and who are stopping in various places throughout Alaska as they enjoy this great state. Arrival and departures are scheduled using the twice-weekly plane that flies to Chisana to deliver the mail. The Mini-Adventures are offered from May to mid-July.

Horseback Spiritual Retreats

The Spiritual Retreats are a beautiful mix of the peace and inspiration of the ancestral mountains that drew the Native wise men and Medicine Man since the beginning and the incredible beauty and nature that is such a presence on these Adventures. These Spiritual Retreats are 10-Day Adventures and are offered to you from May 3rd – July 23rd each year.

The Chisana Gold Rush Adventure

The incredible Chisana Gold Rush Adventures are an experience of the fascinating historical events that led to Chisana being the site of the Last Historic Gold Rush and the site of the largest log cabin settlement in Alaska all the way to the present day and the efforts that are still at work today. These are 10-Day Adventures and are offered May through July each year.

The Horseback Wilderness Adventures

Pioneer Outfitters offers 5 (five) 7-Day and 5 (five) 10-Day Horseback Wilderness Pack Trip Adventures to choose from. In addition to these Adventures, we also offer Fall Photo Safaris in both 7 and 10-Day Adventures in late August and early September. Each offers a different destination and focus with your enjoyment and falling in love with Alaska in mind. These Adventures are available to you from May 3rd to September 30th each year.

Descriptions of Adventures posts

Additional information on any of our Horseback Adventures can be easily found on the pages of this website and any questions can be answered by asking below in the comments or by clicking the Contact Us tab at the top of all of our pages.

We also have the most asked for information for you right here:

Adventurers FAQs

General FAQs

Travel FAQs

Keep in mind, that this is only one of six lists that I will be sharing with you over the next couple of weeks! Stay tuned and keep in the loop by signing up for the Chisana News Wire below.

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