Discover Alaska on a Snowmobile

Discover Alaska by SnowmobileHow else can you really discover Alaska, explore and immerse yourself into Alaska’s greatness? Although, here in Alaska, we call them “snow-gos” or “snow-machines.”

Feeling the cold-cold morning air, filling your lungs, as you start your snow-machine before riding out for the day. That fresh and clean, pureness of the day. The sun bouncing off of the ice crystals as it reaches through the spruce bows and Winter-bare limbs of the trees.

Riding through the uncut snow, over tundra and creeks, through passes and to the tops of some of the flat-top mountains is another way we help you to discover Alaska and all she has to offer. Looking out over the endless Wrangell and Nutzotin Mountain Ranges and the snow covered country that stretches further than the eye can see.

Discover Alaska by SnowmobileRunning up the creeks and down the river feeling the ice crystals in the air as you rush through it. Climbing the ice flows coming down from the big drainages that cut into the valley. Looking and as far as you can see the rugged white peaks of the mountains and the shadows of the valleys with the glinting of water on the ice, flashing here and there in the distance.

Ahead, a pack of wolves crossing the river, in their lined out and staggered formation of the pack. There are grays and black wolves along with last Spring’s pups moving fast, now that we’ve rounded the curve in the river above them.

Discover Alaska by SnowmobileMountain Caribou, the Alaska-Yukon Moose, coyotes, fox and ptarmigan are a few of the critters we will see for sure. Lucky folks may see martin, lynx or even wolverine. There is nothing that compares to listening to the wolves howl in the dark-dark Alaska night, as you sit around a bonfire with the Aurora Borealis dancing above.

Discover Alaska on a snowmobile with Pioneer Outfitters for an experience you will treasure, forever.

Pioneer Outfitters will lead you into the remote Alaska wilderness on snow-gos while guiding you through, across and over Alaska’s Winter terrain. Experienced Alaska guides of Pioneer Outfitters are here to help you discover and experience Alaska safely and to it’s fullest.

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