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Directions for Driving to Tok

You are here! In Alaska! Hooray! Now, you need to come to Tok, to fly into Chisana. This is a must, folks. It is the only way to reach us in Chisana, we are truly remote.

40 Mile Air is located in Tok at mile 1313 Alaska Highway. Their phone number is  (907)-883-5191. Their email address is [email protected] . Make sure you have called and reserved your flight or seat on the twice weekly mail plane into Chisana.

Driving the Alaska HighwayAre you coming from Canada?

Whitehorse is an old town, not quite a city, but with an old style atmosphere. Good lodgings, good food and a few Historic sites to visit.

The drive out of Whitehorse is a very scenic one and usually much wildlife to be seen en-route.  You will pass Kluwanie Lake, a huge lake teeming with very big Lake Trout. You will pass Destruction Bay as well as other historic landmarks.

As you pass through Haines Junction, the Bald Eagles are a special sight to behold. Then, up the highway to Beaver Creek and Canadian Customs and another hour will put you at US Customs. Two hours after you go through US Customs will put you into Tok and just a short flight away from Chisana and Pioneer Outfitters.

Driving the Alaska HighwayAre you coming from Anchorage?

Anchorage, the largest city in Alaska. Over 380,000 people have turned it into Alaska’s version of downtown LA. It is the United States’ 64th largest city and the northernmost major city in the US. Constantly expanding, a growing city, lots of new construction with a relentlessly growing population that the road systems can’t seem to keep up with.

It has been said, that most people like Anchorage because it is close to Alaska. A 20 minute drive in any direction out of town, will get you into the real Alaska. Big snow covered mountains, glaciers, open country with small quaint communities strung out up and down the roads that take you out of the city and into the wilds of real Alaska.

Traveling to Pioneer Outfitters by road.Headed to Chisana? A 30 minute drive out of Anchorage will put you into Palmer. A small town in the Matanuska Valley where you will see the mighty and rugged Chugiach Mountain Range where the #2 all time record book Dall Ram was taken in 1961. Palmer is the farm lands of Alaska. Cattle, horses, pigs and home of the Alaska State Fair.

Once through Palmer, you are truly entering the wilds of Alaska. There are a few Lodges along the way. Glenallen is the next stop, 186 miles out of Anchorage. The cross roads to Valdez is at Glenallen.

Then onto Tok, another 142 miles further up the road. Mount Drum at 12,010 feet high and Mount Sanford will be close and very visible. 16 miles after you fuel up in Glenallen, you will turn onto the Tok cut-off road and will see Alaska-Yukon Moose, Caribou and many more smaller critters along the way.

Traveling to Pioneer Outfitters by road.Are you coming from Fairbanks?

Fairbanks, Alaska’s second largest city. You may choose to fly out of Fairbanks or drive into Tok where your charter with 40 Mile Air will bring you into Chisana.

You will find that most of the people and businesses in Fairbanks have that small town, friendly personalities that was common in most Alaskan small towns prior to Statehood and throughout the Gold Rush days.

If you find you need to overnight, there are many really nice hotels to choose from and many fine restaurants and cafe’s to satisfy most anyone’s appetite.

The drive from Fairbanks to Tok is 210 miles, where you will check in with 40-Mile Air, who will fly you into Chisana.

Traveling to Pioneer Outfitters by road.Driving out of Fairbanks on the Richardson Highway to Delta Junction, 99 miles away, passing several small settlements. Delta Junction is the crossroads where the Alcan Highway ends and intersects with the Richardson Highway that continues on into Palmer and Anchorage.

You will drive along the Delta River where the magnificent Alaska Range is very visible. You will be exposed to the unequaled beauty this great land has to offer those who are uncontrollably beckoned by the call of the wild. Alaska is the Last Frontier.

When arriving in Delta Junction, which by any standards, is a small town, you will be in the agricultural area of the enormous Delta Flats and Valley. Hay, wheat, barley, corn and many other organics are grown there in abundance for the entire state.

Leaving Delta, you will turn South down the Alcan (the Alaska-Canada Highway) towards Tok, 110 miles away. Next stop, Tok!

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