Faith is WiFi in the Wilderness

The beginning of a new year! Yep, it is 2015 and it is only after considerable thought, many prayers for guidance and much importance to all we hope to accomplish this year that I would like to share with you today #MyOneWord.

#MyOneWord, also My One Word (the book) was started (and written) by Mike Ashcraft and Rachel Olson. I checked in on the website, but it looks like it hasn’t been dusted off since October of 2014. (Yes, that is when I too became hard to find… )

I hope all is well and simply busy for Mike Ashcraft, because I would really like him to hear what a difference #MyOneWord (#BeFearless) made in all of our lives in 2014.

So! Without further ado and jabbering, #MyOneWord for 2015 is Faith. Faith is WiFi in the wilderness… invisible and yet still so very powerful.


Why did I choose Faith? Faith is, for me, the doorway leading into what comes next. A courage jump, if you know what I mean by that.

I remember this from my school days when the aerobic and gymnastics equipment would be pulled out for gym class and the pommel horse was always my favorite. Up onto my knees between the handholds with my feet hanging over the opposite side I was facing. The courage jump: jump from that kneeling position to land on my feet in front of the pommel horse.

It wasn’t that difficult, physically. It was more of a mental “My feet will not get caught, I can do this” game. It was, for me, a leap of faith. I was chubby and not very graceful with it. Knowing both were true facts didn’t change also believing that my feet would not trip me up and having me face plant the mats laid out beneath and surrounding the pommel horse.


In 2011, the walls went up for our house that would come to be called the Castle by all those in Chisana. In short bursts and small jumps, work continued into the following summer and dwindled to a halt when the man leading the construction went back to drinking and carousing in the big town of Anchorage, leaving the rest of us, including myself and two children hoping for a miracle and a home big enough for the three of us.

In April of 2014 I launched the fundraiser Stand for the Man in Black. While we did, with the help and generosity of 42 people, raise almost $8,000.00, we fell miserably short of the estimated $250,000.00 needed to replace the aircraft needed for survival.

Living in what must be one of the most incredible and arguably the most beautiful place in the world, with the wondrous gift of the Internet at my fingertips to share our blessings with all those online, I found myself during the last few months questioning all of what I have come to believe. Worse, I realized that the horrible pressure inside of me was anger. Anger that it seemed all that had been worked for so long meant so little to so many. Anger at that I couldn’t seem to learn what was needed to help. Anger that the lack seemed to me inside of me where I was unable to fill it.

Anger. Barely controllable, dangerously smoldering, hideously black; anger.

What is such anger but a lack of faith? This question came to me when speaking with my most trusted and highly respected Great Grandmother. “Where is your faith, little girl, in your Almighty Father? And what is the measure of your faith if it does not include His own timing and plan?


Well, there ya go then. Faith is my focus for 2015 and hopefully then, after that it will be a permanent, unquestionable and natural part of my very being. That doorway I likened Faith to earlier? I am ready to see what is on the other side, to meet it, explore it and learn it.


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3 Responses to Faith is WiFi in the Wilderness

  1. Love the word for the Year! It is something I have but must learn to trust in so much more..not always easy to do! I think I’ll combine “Be Fearless” and have “Faith”, sounds like a winning combo. !

    As Always ~*~

    • You and I both my friend, you and I both.
      Trust issues.
      Until Great Grandma pointed it out to me, I would have never given it ANY thought at all! OF COURSE I trust God!! Lol, you should have seen the look G-Grandma gave me! All she said was “Really?
      And yes, I agree with my whole heart, with both #Faith and #BeFearless, we will both win!

      • Have to Love Great-Grams..really!
        I was named after both of mine..yup..Anna & Jane..though I only knew Anna, so maybe when I’m a “Great Gram” I’ll be wise? AND..YouBetcha..on the we both will win..I had to learn Patience first I guess..sigh……….(still working on that too) Snort! xoxo

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