Family Friendly Winter Vacations in Alaska

Family WInter & Spring VacationsFamily Friendly Winter Vacations in Alaska sounds like it must include an indoor theme park or something so similar, the next logical thought must be then, why Alaska?

Pioneer Outfitters offers Family friendly Winter vacations in Alaska that allow you and your entire family to thoroughly enjoy Wintertime in Alaska. Experience all that Alaska has to offer individuals, and families that enjoy the snow and ice and cold of Wintertime and want to experience it fully.

Alaska Winter trained and experienced Alaska guides by your side, assuring your safety and comfort, gives you the freedom to enjoy every minute, together.

Our Winter and Spring Excursions are based out of the main lodge and Chisana. Warm, inviting and comfortable cabins that are yours for your stay with Pioneer Outfitters and the gathering place of our Lodge are waiting. You will feel at home, with the scents of fresh bread and whatever is on the menu for that meal along with the fires crackling in the fireplaces and wood stoves in each room.

Family WInter & Spring VacationsFor indoor family evenings there are dozens of games, hundreds of movies and new friends to laugh with. There is Master Guide Terry Overly’s personal bar with all of it’s memories and mementos for the grown-ups. Outdoor bonfires are a pleasure that can be spectacular with the Northern Lights as a backdrop.

Pioneer Outfitters takes pride in it’s constant improvements and additions to make the Excursions, truly, family friendly Winter vacations.

We’ll ride snowmobiles (snow-gos, as we call them in Alaska) across unbroken mountain snow and run up ice shoots from the drainages to amazing heights. Look out over the beautiful Chisana Valley. We’ll ride to the top of some mountains, over river ice and through the wilderness. The wildlife that we come across will amaze you. The pristine views of the untouched, vast land will inspire you.

Family WInter & Spring VacationsSnow shoeing and ice fishing are also very Alaskan Wintertime hobbies and pastimes that we all certainly enjoy. Sledding and dog-sled rides are also great family fun.

When we are out playing in the snow, we’ll find a spot, stop, build a camp fire and have lunch, toasted or not, the fire feels good. It never fails to give everyone a chance to re-charge for the afternoon.

Pioneer Outfitters, since its beginning, has lived and operated here in Chisana year-round. There are no finer guides than those trained by Pioneer Outfitters Survival & Guide Training to assure your safety and enjoyment in the Alaska wilderness. There are no guides more familiar and experienced dealing with anything that can come up during Alaska’s Winter.

Are you searching for a family-friendly vacation in Alaska? Pioneer Outfitters is who you are looking for to provide the Winter Vacation memories to treasure for a lifetime.

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4 Responses to Family Friendly Winter Vacations in Alaska

  1. That sounds like a fantastic vacation, too. Are the Northern Lights visible all year, or only during the winter?

    • Brian! (I took pictures for you yesterday! Frankie-Blue-eyes is doing great!)
      The Northern Lights are there, just not visible during the Summer months as it is too light. During August we begin to see them again. I actually took some fabulous pictures last August of the Northern Lights.
      Thank you for checking in on us!
      ~ Amber-Lee

  2. Alaska is certainly a beautiful place and it sounds like you offer a very nice vacation package. I can only imagine the wildlife that is seen while dog sledding or snowmobiling through the wilderness there.

    • Shellie, (glad to meet you!)

      It took my breath away the day I arrived in Alaska and it has done the same every day since (over 20 years now!). We do try. The people that come to us are what makes every single thing we do, come alive.

      The Wintertime adventures are so different in some ways than Summer and Fall, and not only because of the horses or lack of them, but because the entire landscape is different. It is a magical place. I feel as if it is incredibly spiritual during the Summer and Fall. The Winter is pure magic.

      Thanks for stopping in and I hope you’ll be back!
      ~Amber-Lee, aka Alaska Chick

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