Fighting The Grind, in Alaska

Alaska Chick, The GrindYou call it “The Grind.”

You know me as Alaska Chick. Some of you know me as @girlygrizzly. A few of you know me as simply myself, Amber-Lee. A select bunch of you think I’m the weird girl in Alaska with pink hair.


When I was given the task of bringing Pioneer Outfitters to the entire world through the world-wide-web, I took the job to heart. Pioneer Outfitters is a huge part of me and I didn’t really trust anyone else to be able to grasp Pioneer Outfitters for what it really is and strives to be.

For the last 22 months (not that long really) I have dissected and dug into Pioneer Outfitters, exposed and revealed the soul of a company, a labor of love, to the world.

I have studied, read, researched, taken endless classes, asked countless questions and made some priceless friends, all online.

Also, amidst the thousands of hours reading and listening, I could feel my heart breaking.

For my own slow-learning abilities and for the people, scattered about the world, struggling and in pain of unhappiness.

The Grind.You call it “The Grind.”

When life sucks, as it will and is bound to at times, how do you smooth it all back out? When your boss doesn’t appreciate all the effort and struggle and your co-workers are simply staying under the radar, skating, how do you keep your motivation?

After days and days of routine and no spark flickers to keep you inspired, how do you find that light?

Do you hide under the covers? Fight back? Wail and rail at the Gods and Fates? Do you drink, do drugs, go trolling? Do you pack it in and move on or simply go on vacation?

Are you looking for a way, the way, to smooth out the edges and feel the satisfaction and inspiration you just know, should be there, inside yourself?

Are you looking for a way to live a good life? Full of honest hard work for you and yours, to live a life, free of everybody else’s ideas on how you should do that? Here’s one: Are you tired and worn out from being afraid all the time?

You are not alone.

You. Are. Not. Alone.
The Grind. (photo by Cassie H.)
I know of a place that a good life can be lived. By you. Where people care for and about each other and work together to create the life each of us reaches for.

Surrounded by beauty and nature beyond describing (although I do try). Clean and safe and a place you can feel confident in each accomplishment, satisfied and energized with every new challenge.

People, who only want “their own,” only want to live without the constant battle of The Grind.

Those of you that know me, know that especially at this time of the year, I am not sitting at my computer, writing this from my heart. I am writing this in a composition notebook, in the remote wilderness of the Last Frontier of Alaska, sitting in a camp that I reached by horse. A horse that carried me over an icy river and through the mountains to one of my favorite spots.

Why am I writing this now? I’ll tell you.

Master Guide Terry Overly, The Grind. We were riding our horses out of camp this morning and we stopped, as we often do at one of the “old camps” that is just something special to see (and to let everyone catch up) and Terry (that is, Master Guide Terry Overly) turned to me and said, “There are people, Amber-Lee, all over the world, who would give just about anything to simply know this place exists. People who would love to live here and live this life we live. People need this place, and they don’t even know it still remains. They hate their lives and want or even need something that just isn’t available anymore. This. We have to tell them.”

The Grind.

I knew then, that somehow I had to tell you, Chisana, Pioneer Outfitters is here. For you too.

Do you want to talk about ending The Grind, in Chisana? Contact Us, we’ll talk about it.

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14 Responses to Fighting The Grind, in Alaska

  1. I’m an outdoors girl all the way! I love that you are using pencil and paper-journaling! It’s so important these days to disconnect and reconnect to nature…that has been on my mind these days. I’m not sure that everyone gets even the remotest experience of what you get to enjoy!
    What you guys offer is priceless and worth every penny, I’m sure!!!

    • Betsy,
      Do you know, I was just talking about this last night on Face Book to one of our newest guys… how very much I have learned by this. Knowing that you and so many others are waiting to hear (read) about what’s happening here… watching absolutely everything around me, people, critters, the waters, the mountains, the sky, the rocks even, simply laying on the ground…. the lessons that I have learned…. by writing it down, putting it into words (or trying to) and sharing it. Basically, paying attention… to myself, to my own actions and reactions… there is so much to share. There is so much here.
      Thanks for always being right there with me….because you are, you know.

  2. “There are people, Amber-Lee, all over the world, who would give just about anything to simply know this place exists. People who would love to live here and live this life we live. People need this place, and they don’t even know it still remains. They hate their lives and want or even need something that just isn’t available anymore. This. We have to tell them.”

    Terry said it all right there! You know I keep saying, when I come I KNOW I’m not going to want to go home!!

    As Always ~*~

    • Ann, I am trying!! LOL.
      I want to stand on the highest mountain with a bull-horn and scream it out to the world….yes, even if I have to climb the dang thing… Thank you for helping me without fail, to spread the word.

  3. Wow!
    I really love your website my dear. Yes, I know that it is there. It needs to be for people who have never felt the wind of a grindless day flush their soul with the spark of blistering vitality. And I know it is there because of you… Keep on my dear, just keep on… Billy

    • Billy,
      I’m almost back home, from the Doctors in town. Thanks for stopping by.
      I am honored by your words, Billy, but it isn’t me. It’s there, for sure, but I was simply one who was blessed by finding it. Again by having such good role models to learn how to share it, with you, with the world. That is what you and all the others have taught me. Maybe not taught, but reminded me…. to share it. To share this huge blessing, the knowledge, and the how with others. So, thank you.
      Keepin’ on!
      ~Amber-Lee, aka Alaska Chick!

  4. I love this website. This is an awesome place to live and I am sure many of them would like live out their rest of the lives here. Not many of them are aware of this and this is the best resort to forget the daily humdrum for sometime.

    • Thanks for being here, with us, Maya.
      This is my goal… to let as many people as possible know that we ARE here.

  5. It is true. Nature is always our first teacher. Mostly people spend holidays at hill stations or resorts so that they can unwind and reconnect with nature. I also love to take time to reconnect with nature and get peace of mind.

    • Julia,
      I wonder how we (as people) forgot that… So many more do not. It is there. It is here. I would like to share the feelings and relief that comes from the wilderness and wild places.
      Thank you for being here.
      ~Amber-Lee, aka Alaska Chick

  6. As mentioned in one of the posts, I also agree that though everything is freely available, people hate their lives. They fail to look at the positive side of life and what nature can offer them. we can learn a lot of things from nature which will help us lead our lives more wisely.

    • Robinson,
      You have a point, on one hand, but overall, today, I think people believe (more than feel, BELIEVE) they are trapped. This (their lives) is what they have, this is all there is. And as we know, as adults, nothing is “freely available”~ Nothing.

      “Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit.” ~ Edward Abbey

      I think that many people have grown so far away from what we are meant to be, to be able to do, mostly, it is a story to be found in a book… nothing they can really have. That isn’t true and that is what I want people to know. We are here, this place is here. The wilderness is here.

      Thank you for stopping in and getting me started! Merry holidays to you and yours!
      ~Amber-Lee, aka Alaska Chick

  7. I totally love the outdoors. It is very difficult to stay at home for me for a very long time:) I love the wilderness. Most of the time I drive on my own to some place which pops up in my mind. This drive makes me very relaxed and helps to connect with life.

    • Destiny, I am glad you found me!
      I used to love to just go for a drive, myself. (We don’t have that here!) Now, I walk or ride… just go. Even if I have to be blasted out of my office, these days, once I step 4-5 steps away from the front door, I can feel it just filling me… that connection with life, my reason.
      I hope you’ll stop in often!
      ~Amber-lee, aka Alaska Chick

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