Finding Your Own Way, with Alaska Chick

Society says this and that and gives you directions and requirements for being “a grown up” or for having a career or for buying a house and on and on. But, what if it doesn’t fit?

Walk your own path.Do you trust your horse to "Stand"?

Have you ever thought of doing something so completely different  with your life and future that even you wonder what you’re thinking?

“You want to what?” “Where?!”

To be apart, from the noise and congestion, the confusion and clutter. To be part of something special, something unique and something that requires dedication, loyalty, strength and smarts.
To be part of the rest of your own life, instead of a part of what gets cut out when things get tight.

To think your own thoughts.

My first Dall Sheep


To learn and grow at your own pace surrounded by people that only want to help you become one of the best. To share and teach others, some for days others for life, as you are too, receiving and being taught.

To be free.

It’s a wild and wooly lifestyle. Survival is first, always. Riding horses for days on end, across country that has no signs, no sign of anything except exactly what the long ago prospectors saw as they rode and walked the same direction.

Do you fit, or are you still looking for that place, for you to grow and flourish?

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