The Fire, #Stand4theManinBlack

We launched the Stand for the Man in Black fundraiser on April 23rd. Many, many folks are asking “What happened?” so I thought that I would tell you here, what I know.


 ~ September 16, 2013. Terry had flown in from the camp he was leading (His horse is always led- and he flies- because he needs to be able to check home and the other camps throughout his time in camp) and spent the night, gathering supplies and having already checked in on the other camps that were out and away.

Terry was getting ready to fly back to his camp with supplies and had already loaded the plane. He put the heater in it- to warm up the engine for about an hour and had stopped by my cabin to check on me as I was off the roster, sick.

Terry was at the Lodge, and I was in my bed at my house about 600 yards away- between the Lodge and our airstrip when we heard gunshots and booms (the ammo in the airplane going off)- I called the Lodge, (Actually ready to chew some butt- I was trying to sleep and they were playing with guns! Men!)- and one of the crew said the most horrid words I had ever heard, “Terry’s airplane just exploded!”

~ I honestly thought I would die right then. I was very sick, and had actually for a moment forgot I had never heard the airplane take off- I thought Terry was in it.

I ran. Ran screaming his name to get to the airstrip just as I also heard Terry yelling my name- running towards me.

It was horrible and wonderful all at the same time.


It was horrible, of course. Cubby was our life line. But Cubby (the Piper Super Cub) meant NOTHING compared to this man, the only father I have ever known, standing in front of me, with tears running down his face.

His poor airplane. An icon, here in Alaska. People from all over the state knew that black airplane- the Man in Black- and what he and it could and would do for others.

So, all we could figure out- once the fire was out and there was nothing left- was that something had to have faltered in the heater- causing some sort of a short.

We DON’T know.

All we do know is that now, relying on others to haul freight and to find our range horses is going to destroy this 90 year old business and ideal.

Please help us to Stand for the Man in Black. Spread the word, share this post, share the fundraiser with the worlds that you are part of.

On Twitter, #Stand4theManinBlack is the hashtag we are using to make best use of 140 characters!

The Stand for the Man in Black fundraiser can be found by clicking right here!


Please help us and #Stand4theManinBlack along with many others standing beside an Alaskan man and standing for a near-century old ideal.

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4 Responses to The Fire, #Stand4theManinBlack

    • Thank you so MUCH, Kaarina!
      I am absolutely living a blessing ~ I am constantly humbled by the kindness and goodness that people have inside themselves for others. As frightening and stressful as these last months have been to us all, Master Guide Terry Overly in particular, Be Fearless! has given us all the strength to Stand. The overwhelming help and support we are receiving has bolstered our own hearts. Thank you, for all you do, for so many. You are one of my own inspirations, daily.
      ~ Amber-Lee

  1. As many times as I hear the still gives me goosebumps..You all have my (((HUGS))) from a far every single day!!!!

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