The F-Word, Thoughts by Alaska Chick

The F-Word, Fun!(Snicker, snicker) Now, don’t go gettin’ your short hairs in a twist! The F – Word, FUN. (uh-huh, what did YOU think I meant?!) When you do what most people seem to think is great “FUN” as a job, as a life, sometimes you forget to really milk it for all it’s worth.

(This is your reminder!)

“If they don’t love it, they will fail.” -Master Guide Terry Overly speaking at the Commercial Services Board Meeting to the Alaska Board of Game, talking to the board about Survival and Guide Training.

The F-Word, Fun!Ok. I wont talk myself into “preaching” to you about what I have no experience with. So, I’ll talk about what I do know. Living here in Chisana, Alaska, a very remote, historical town in the Interior of Alaska, in a bush area in which the only …reasonable (shall we say?) way in and out is by small bush airplanes.

F-F-FUN, is the “F” word around here…or rather would be, if not for the kiddos and a few of us that refuse to “get a real job.”

We have some absolutely great times. We see and do amazing things out here in the wilderness. We have opportunities to meet some really outstanding humans. Then what?

The F-Word, Fun!

We also have weeks at a time here(in the off season, mostly in the wintertime) where all you do is get up, feed dogs (and horses if they are here at the compound), haul water, check and maintain fuel and the generators, cut and haul firewood, make dog-mush, haul some more water have dinner, roll some dice, go to bed, get up and do EXACTLY the same things again.

Do you have FUN, doing what you’re doing?

Now, that is the wintertime blues. You can add checking and feeding (if they need it) the horses across the river, checking and setting trap-lines, moving heavy pieces of furniture (I am so into moving and rearranging everything around me!), working on the snow-gos, haul some more water, cut some more firewood to split.

The F-Word, Fun!We have A LOT of light in the summer, so the days go on and on and on and on. I’ve been on the receiving end of the “…but, Amber, it’s quarter to three in the morning!” (oops, I was on a roll!) LOTS more to do in the Summertime!

But, are you having fun? (me, yep!)

The way the light changes the way things look. The sky that is so blue, it makes my little Alaska-Chick’s colored sky-blue pencil look grey. 

The music in my headset as I load, haul and dump wood or I’m standing at the splitter watching the pile grow in front of me while I’m singing along with B.B. King, Don Williams or Eric Clapton (or tons of others!). Who’s going to tease or look at you like you are really, really strange out here? Sing it, baby!

The F-Word, Fun!Stop! Look around.

Enormous, rugged mountains. The big old raven playing tag with my little aussie-mutt, Dora. The rifle-BOOM! of the river ice exploding. There is so much to see and absorb around us, every day, it can become common. If you let it. If you don’t treasure the gifts that surround each one of us.

I’m ready! Let’s have some FUN and make some more memories!

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