Gallivanting with Alaska Chick!

Gallivanting with Alaska Chick is taking you for a ride across the internet to share with you some of the other posts and videos Pioneer Outfitters and Alaska Chick have created to share with the world.

As the Google-bots and Social Media wizards frown on what we call “duplicate content” this is my way of helping you to find us, where ever we may be.

Just click on the titles, and another window will open (if I did this right!), you will be whisked away to gather some more insight to who we are at Pioneer Outfitters.


Gallivanting with Alaska Chick

Gallivanting with Alaska Chick

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Darley Newman, from Equitrekking TV invited me back to publish Overcoming a Fall from Horseback- An Alaska Guide’s Family Story with Equitrekking November 15, 2013.

Leading with ~ “After an Alaska horse guide’s young daughter falls from her horse, it takes time and inspiration to heal and regain the confidence to ride the wilds of Alaska again.” (Please read more…)

Disasters and Blessings posted on September 20th, 2013 for the Happy Friday Series on the Soulati-‘Tude Blog.

“What Cubby reminded us all at Pioneer Outfitters of, on the morning of September 16th, was that no matter how valuable, how needed something is or was, was that it was just a thing, a tool and something that could be replaced.” more

Adventure Woman, Beth Walz,  interviewsAmber-Lee Dibble for Salute a Soldier

Read the insightful interview here and explore more of Adventure Woman.

Soulati-‘Tude Blog : The Happy Friday Series: How To Find Your Happy by Amber-Lee Dibble, aka Alaska Chick

“…“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.” ~ John Muir…” (read more…)

Spin Sucks : #FollowFriday: Amber-Lee Dibble by Gini Dietrich

“She is an incredible woman. We always joke how vastly different our lives are. She’ll gasp at something I encounter in the big city and I can’t get my arms around her life in the wilderness. But I learn a ton from her and I’m lucky to call her a friend.” (read more…)

Soulati-‘Tude Blog: Happy Friday Series: Smiles From Alaska by Amber-Lee Dibble, aka Alaska Chick

“We are taught that we have to work hard, even struggle for what is important in life. A smile is so easy, it’s like breathing, so it must not be important, right? Wrong. A smile is the most powerful piece of magic we have to call our own.” (read more…)

LeadersWest: Eight Lessons I learned from @AlaskaChickblog’s book, My Identity Crisis by Marjorie Clayman

“I was not confident that I’d read a book from my own time period, by a real person, writing about their own experiences, that would transport me quite like Laura Ingalls Wilder did. However, if you read Amber-Lee Dibble’s book, My Identity Crisis, that is exactly what happens.” (read more…)

Equitreking: An Alaska Horseback Adventurer ~ Welcome to my office! by Amber-Lee Dibble, aka Alaska Chick

“Crossing the Chisana River, deep within Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and the location of Alaska’s last significant gold rush, takes about an hour, depending on where the sands have shifted and how many times I have to hold up the line of riders to back track and find a better place to cross a particular channel on horseback.” (read more…)

Equestrian Travel Guide: My Summer Vacation- Exploring Alaska on Horseback by Amber-Lee Dibble, aka Alaska Chick

“Do the words “My Summer Vacation” fill you with memories of trying to tell the same story again, with a tiredness of yet another get-away that left you exhausted with the effort that went into the planning? A summer adventure that always seems to come up a bit short?” (read more …)

Let’s Be Wild: Alaskan Adventure: The Hidden Gem by Amber-Lee Dibble, aka Alaska Chick

“Riding across the base of the big mountain that sits on the corner, we’ll see Dall Sheep scattered about the face, above us. The ground is knobby, in rolling mini-hills plenty big to hide a Grizzly Bear and her cubs, so we will keep a close watch at all times as we cross the base.” (read more…)

On Vimeo: Interview, Alaska Chick by the Pioneer Outfitters Team and Alaska Chick for Nat-Geo

“The interview of Alaska Chick, Pioneer Outfitters Manager and a long time part of Master Guide Terry Overly’s Survival & Guide Training. Amber-Lee is the company’s webmaster, the lead guide trainer and wrangler. Mother to two children and a home school teacher, Alaska Chick shares exactly how she feels about what she does.” (Watch and listen…)

HorseGirlTV: Tune in, Tack up® With Amber-Lee Dibble by Angelea Kelly Walkup

“Feeling as sparky, as I was, with a grin to my guest and our client, I reached out from my horse’s back and grabbed the skinny sappling the squirrel had used as an escape and gave it a shake. Well, I thought just to see what he would do…. and he showed me” (read more …)

Ripple Outdoors Podcast: Questions to ask an Alaskan Guide hosted by Peter Wood

Enjoy the premiere hunting & fishing program with your host Peter Wood of Ripple Outdoors. Every week some of the foremost fishing & hunting experts discuss hot topics, tips & issues that affect hunters & anglers. (Listen in…)