General FAQs

Here are a few more points and general FAQs about us and what you may want to know. Please don’t hesitate to ask if there is a question about anything I may have forgotten to mention.

First, the Boss.

Master Guide Terry OverlyTerry Overly is a licensed State of Alaska Master Guide Outfitter. Living and growing up in Chisana and guiding in the area have made the knowledge and understanding of the remote interior mountains first and second nature to him.

With more than 9 decades (3 generations) of Pioneer Outfitters being family owned and operated, living a lifestyle that many people have forgotten, the personal and active experience in the Training, Guiding and Hunting industry, Terry Overly and his team will provide you with a safe and unforgettable Adventure.

Conducts ALL Adventures & Excursions & Big Game Hunts on Horseback

If you do not ride horses a lot (or at all) you are going to be stiff and sore. You should be feeling fairly good to go, by the time you head for home. Sore happens.

If it is possible for you to ride a horse before you get here, for a few weeks, it would have your body ready for hours in the saddle.

If not, no worries!

When you get sore, your knees start aching, have an old injury giving you trouble, or you get cold ~ give a holler, get off, stretch your legs and / or walk a bit.

You will be and do better for it. You will get tired, thinking you are too tired to get back on your horse.

Not so, and if you have troubles, remember that this is what we do and we are there to help.

** We use snowmobiles for our Winter and Spring Excursions.

Your Physical Conditioning:

Please evaluate your physical condition prior to booking your Adventure. As in most places within Alaska the terrain can be difficult to negotiate. Stay in shape!

Using horses on our trips allows us to provide comfortable camps, plenty of good food and of course- saves us from packing entire camps on our backs.

However, some people do not have the experience with horses to know that horseback riding itself is very hard work.

To optimize your Adventure we strongly recommend some sort of daily exercise prior.

If horseback riding is available to you, this is also a good idea- to strengthen riding muscles and to toughin’ up your seat.

** Please give us notice and let us know if you have a handicap so that we can formulate a plan to optimize your Adventure while lessening your physical output.

Pioneer Outfitters Lodge:
Making dinner!

Comfortable cabins await you in Chisana, when you arrive for the first time and when you return from your Adventure.

Home cooked meals and snacks taken family style and the showers are always hot and ready.

If you are coming with your wife or honey, we have couples accommodations as well as accommodations for parents and children.

The shower house and Sauna are always ready to be fired up, and are ALWAYS hot and ready when you return from your Adventure.

Towels, soaps, a huge variety of shampoos, shaving supplies and lotions are lined up in each waiting to be used.

Bring only what you want with you on the trail and the specialty items you may prefer, everything else is here.

Our Camps:
Camp in the field.

Our camps vary from small cabins with propane cook stoves to very comfortable wall tent camps.

We use high quality nylon sleeping tents and wall tents with stoves on the last Adventure, in certain camps.

Even though we have an extensive inventory of tents, camp gear, horse tack, and that we strive for perfection and comfort on all of our Adventures, it is good to note that we are in the wild and wooly interior of the South Wrangell Mountains.

This area, once again, only accessed by aircraft is remote and surely one of the most spectacularly beautiful places in the world.

We promise to do everything in our considerable power to ensure you the experience of a lifetime.

Your Guides:

Pioneer Outfitters GuidesAll the Guides here at Pioneer Outfitters are experienced and licensed by the state of Alaska.

Your safety and comfort are the first priorities for Pioneer Outfitters.

Each guide has been chosen by Master Guide Terry Overly to give you the Adventure of a lifetime.

After going on a Wilderness Pack Trip, many of our guests end up as lifelong friends.

Taking people into this raw land, showing them our part of The Last Frontier, is the most rewarding level of guiding.

I have never met a Professional Guide yet that didn’t thoroughly enjoy sharing their knowledge and learning interesting tips, by taking people out on a Horseback Adventure.


The maps you will want.Although on a guided Adventure, you will not need maps, you may still want to consider them.

This will help you get to know the details of the Wrangell St.-Elias National Park & Preserve and the mountain ranges you will be adventuring in.

If you would like to explore detailed maps, the following URL will take you to the NPS Topographic Map Index.


You will need the Nabesna Quads A3, A4, B3, B4 and McCarthy Quads D2, D3 and D4 to cover Pioneer Outfitters’ area.

Pioneer Outfitters is located in the Wrangell St. Elias National Park.

Chisana’s location is as follows:

Latitude 62* 4min 3sec North.
Longitude 142* 2min 7sec West

Pioneer Outfitters airstrip elevation is 3200 feet. We typically hike, when and if wished, from 4000 – 7000 feet, sometimes up to 8000 feet.


Weather in the Interior can change fast.Our weather vary considerably from May, when our adventures begin, to the beginning of October, the end of our last adventure.

It is important to consider the weather that is most likely to occur during the time period you have chosen for your adventure and to bring the appropriate clothing and gear.

Being in the interior of Alaska as we are, our weather is usually mild and stable compared to some of the coastal areas.

On clear, sunny days in May thru June you may see temperatures in the mid to upper 80’s with the evening temperatures of 40* to 60*.

Rain is more likely in July and August with the possibility of a little snow at higher elevations. August snows as a rule will melt off in a day or two. Cloudy and stormy days in August will bring temperatures of 35* to 55* and usually with winds of 10 to 20 miles an hour.Storms outta no-where!

In September temperatures and weather may change considerably between the beginning and end of the month.

50* to 70* is not uncommon on clear, sunny days and likewise 20* to 40* is not uncommon on cloudy, stormy days. Very little rain is usually expected in September and as mentioned before, and snow is likely at anytime.

It comes down to this, folks, even on the nicest, hottest days (which by the way, it can be in the upper 90’s*) in the interior of Alaska, it’s cool and can be wet, and that can be dangerous if not prepared.

Personal Gear:

Your gear, waiting for you!50 pounds seems to be the magic number for travel weight.

As we travelers know, this is very restrictive.

Our clients and guests find it much easier to mail the bulk of their gear ahead of time to reduce the stress of traveling with it.

Please be sure to mail it at least 4 weeks ahead of your Adventure or Hunt date, with your boxes clearly labeled with your name.

The return of your packages back to your home is your responsibility.

We would be happy to put them on the twice weekly mail plane for you as long as the postage money has been left with Terry Overly or his Manager and the boxes are resealed, labeled for return and left at the Lodge in Terry Overly or in his Manager’s possession.

Shipping Address:

If you choose to mail your gear, please address it to:

in care of (C/O) Pioneer Outfitters
Post Office Box CZN
Tok, Alaska, 99780

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