The Good Old Days on the Last Frontier

Old ChisanaThere is so much written about “getting over it.”  Another title for one of these pieces written should be “The Good Old Days on the Last Frontier.” This is of course about the terrible, traumatic, hurtful, even scaring effects the past has heaped  on you. There is even more written about coming to terms with all those hurts and living a healthy, happy life.

Well, what are you supposed to do when the past you are stuck in, was wonderful, magical, even blessed in a multitude of ways, and now, all you see is what was and there is nothing for you to look towards? Does all the good in your life add up to just as many scars? Or does it leave you incapable of seeing anything good in the treasures you are surrounded with because of the rush and exhilaration of the incredible path that took you straight to the top?

Your traumatic event is really only time. Life changes, people get older. You are finding yourself saying things Using aircraft to hunt wolves.that used to make you roll your eyes, listening to your “me-ma” talk about “The Good Old Days” ~ spoken in capitol letters.

You find yourself suddenly without the same young, strong, similar minds and goals, artistic, motivated group you put together. You were together, in everything for so long you missed the changes that were happening outside your circle.yeah, those were the good old days

Here are some truths. Life changes. People get old-…-er, at different speeds. You do not have to give up all your dreams and hopes, you may only have to adjust some of them.Hunting Caribou

YOUR belief, YOUR vision, YOUR thoughts, took you to where you ended up. YOUR beliefs, visions and thoughts have brought you to a screeching halt. Only YOUR belief, vision and thoughts are going to be strong enough to put your new, young, strong, similar minds and goals, artistic, motivated group you put together, from scratch. Only YOU are going to shape, mold and lead, once again, YOUR Team, straight to the top.

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