Guided Horseback Riding in Alaska

Guided Horseback Riding.

Sounds nice and peaceful. Brings to mind tall trees, winding trails in the dirt from the feet of so many horses passing through.

The moving shadows of light coming through the trees, gentle breezes.

Gentle mounts that do what you ask of them and give to you the healing grace and forgiveness for any mistakes. They return you, ever so sweetly, to the barn at the end of your day or trip. Well, that’s nice.

Guided Horseback Riding

Pioneer Outfitters Summer & Fall Horseback Adventures has similarities.

The mountains are beautiful with their bright snow caps.

We have that in common. I have been on, involved with and have led guided horseback riding trips for the last 22 years.

First, we are located in an incredibly remote area. We have 7 months of winter every year. There are no groomed trails where we’ll lead you.

The horses live here, year-round. They are true range horses. They survive the coldest winters of Alaska. They fight wolves, and win.

Oh, and our horses, they hold grudges.

Chisana, Alaska is deep in the Wrangell St.Elias National Park and Preserve, our nation’s largest National Park.

It is raw, rugged, simply breathtaking, inspiring and completely unforgiving.

With Pioneer Outfitters with you every step of the way, with years of experience and training, proper judgement and planning, our priority focuses on maintaining your safety and a high level of adventure for you.

With professional wilderness guides at your side, to lend encouragement, advice, and to provide the “last word” in decisions to be made concerning safety.

This is what I heard after one particularly crazy-busy adventure, “It was absolute misery and so much fun!”

We do tend to really enjoy ourselves here, at Pioneer Outfitters. Some of the more experienced guides call it “bragging rights.”

Seriously though, what can you do, but laugh, when someone seems really surprised that they will be expected to spend hours in the saddle?

Yes, it is true, we were starting to wonder if God had changed his mind about the flood thing. No, I didn’t know a horse could do that. See that? Let’s get closer… We’ll show you The Last Frontier, be your guide and your friend, keep you safe and enjoy every mile with you.

I guarantee you will feel much stronger about your time with us in the wilderness, looking for an adventure to be had, than “nice”.

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