Guiding Big Game Hunters in Alaska

Guiding Big Game Hunters in AlaskaGuiding Big Game Hunters in Alaska, is the easy part.

Let’s go hunting! Yeah, it’s fun, exciting and a total adrenalin rush at times.

What is so hard about that?
If the facts are:

  • You have a hunter that enjoys the hunt.
  • A Professional Guide that knows what he or she is doing.
  • You have some good horses.

~ Nothing! It’s a blast. Good times, amazing sights and magnificent wild critters to hunt and pit yourself against.

So, what is so hard about that?

Not a thing, really. However, that isn’t even half of the whole ball of wax, as they say!

Guiding Big Game Hunters in AlaskaGuiding Big Game Hunters in Alaska.

There is a camp, a base, to be made and maintained, horses to care for and if our luck holds, trophies and meat to prepare, ready and take care of as well.

The highest importance is placed, as it should be, on people, Their safety and comfort, if efforts and circumstances allow for comforts of course.

Good tents, properly staked and covered. Cots to sleep on, if they are needed, wanted and available. Sleeping bags that are warm enough to rest in.

Good, hot and plentiful food is also a “must” and of great importance. No matter how taxing the day may have been, “good, hot and plentiful food is a must.” You must eat. Your client must eat.

Guiding Big Game Hunters in AlaskaHypothermia is Alaska’s most insidious enemy. It waits only for an opening, a weakening, to strike. The remote Alaska wilderness provides many openings, if you (the guide and the guest or client) are not vigilant and take care for making sure there are none.

There are so many details that must become as natural and second nature as breathing to Professional Guide Trainees before becoming a Professional Guide, and guiding big game hunters in Alaska. So many details that may upon reading, seem insignificant, but are not. In actuality, they are very important and are each tied to the bigger and most important detail of all, safety.

Of all the lessons, regulations, laws and fine-tuning of the different skills required of a Professional Guide, the attention on each with one eye on safety, is by far the most important.

Without this thought behind everything a Professional Guide does, plans or instigates, there is a crack in the foundation that holds an Alaska Professional Guide above the rest.

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  1. You guides and the whole crew there do so much more to get ready and make sure you’re guests and clients are comfortable! There is so much work behind the scenes you all do to just get ready for a hunt, before the client gets there and then during and after they leave. It’s mind boggling to someone to hear the whole process!

    As Always…. ~*~

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