Horseback Spiritual Retreats

Horseback Spiritual Retreats

Horseback Spiritual Retreats

The vast space undisturbed by progress and the rush of tomorrow.

The indescribable beauty and natural rawness.

Surrounded only by the ragged peaks of the mountains to give you a safe, peaceful feeling.

The horses with their ancient knowledge of humans.

There is no place in the world like Chisana. There are places that fill you with so much understanding, this is one. The journey of our Horseback Spiritual Retreats, through the great gift of this pure untouched wilderness.

Personal discovery, tapping our potential, finding our courage is a constant battle some days.

Being still isn’t even an option in so many of our lives.

So many obligations and pulls on us, expectations and wishes, is it any surprise that we loose ourselves and our connection and relationship to our own Higher Power after giving into the busyness and hurts of living?

Wanting to live a life with positive, productive and willing, good heart.

To know that each of us has a real purpose, is valued, loved and wanted.

At certain times, getting off your path, taking a breath, a break is all someone needs to recharge.

As you explore your strengths, challenges and potential through experiences with horses, with nature and with people, encouraging conversations. The healing and well being discovered through compassion, courage and new friendships can be found.

At Pioneer Outfitters, our horses carry us physically upon their backs, taking us further and carrying us faster than we could travel alone.

Taking you to a place you can breathe. Horses respond to our behavior, providing immediate, honest feedback, about our current strengths and fears.

In our individual search to reach out to, come to know personally or to reconnect with our Higher Power and our own Spiritual growth, at times the world around us feels too close, nature and the glorious gifts we have been given, too far away.

To be surrounded by the enormity of the world as far as you can see.

Untouched, unspoiled, the raw beauty of this great land we call home.

The immensity, the unbelievably endless space, here on earth, that enfolds us, the quiet.

And yet, the air itself can be heard as it breathes, alive.

The stars are brighter than any city’s lights.

Being so completely alone and small; to feel so completely protected, nestled against and nurtured by something so powerful and immense. These are our Horseback Spiritual Retreats.

Want more input and details? Check this out… our FAQ’s for Summer Horseback Adventures.

Horseback Spiritual Retreats

Available dates:
May 3 – July 23


  • Logistical support before, during and after your Adventure.
  • Over 90 years of experience ready to help make a dream come true.
  • Information on charter travel to and from Chisana.
  • Your professional licensed Guide.
  • Professional guiding judgment, companionship and dedication.
  • All camping gear and first aid.
  • Our horses provide transportation between Chisana, camps and daily destinations.
  • Home cooked meals served family style while you are  in Chisana.
  • A well stocked camp for your guide to serve as your cook while on your Adventure (no dried backpacker food served here!).

Level of fitness / Horseback riding experience:

Horseback riding requires a good level of fitness and strength. Experience is not necessary. At Pioneer Outfitters, we provide all the horse riding experience you will need to make a this trip a wonderful adventure.

At Pioneer Outfitters, we tailor your adventure to your individual needs, abilities and desires.

Price Per Person:  $4,500.00
Additional days to stay / *per day:  $600.00

Children are ALWAYS welcome!
Age 5 and younger……..FREE**

*As availability permits.

**Children aged 5 and under ride with a parent or with the lead guide, not alone.

Group discounts are available for 8+ people.

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