Horseback Adventures

“Great things are done when men and mountains meet. This is not done by jostling in the street.” ~ William Blake

Pioneer Outfitters takes great pride in offering you a chance to stand in places no person has ever stood with our Horseback Adventures.

No trace of civilization or commercial tourism stains or has changed the Wilderness you travel through.

At Pioneer Outfitters you will experience something that is not readily available anymore, a sense of freedom.

In the center of one of the largest protected wilderness areas left on Earth, so remote it can only be reached by small bush aircraft, you will find that part of yourself, that each of us has inside. The part of yourself that needs the space and purity that Alaska can provide.

In Chisana, home to Pioneer Outfitters since it’s birth in 1924, we the Guides of Pioneer Outfitters and our range horses, can help you to experience the Last Frontier as it was meant to be, on horseback.

All of our Horseback Adventures are designed with the client’s capabilities and wishes in mind.  From day trips to gentle pack trips to glacier walks and cross country roving pack trips…and everything in between.

Horseback Adventures


The Horseback Riding Wilderness Pack Trips are 7, 10 (or more )Day  adventures for those adventurous folks that want to really explore the great land and wilderness of Alaska.

There are 13 different Pack Trip Adventures to choose from.

Solo adventurers or family groups can enjoy the remote wilderness on these no – rush explorations of our Nation’s largest most scenic National Park.

Endless photography  opportunities, glacier exploration, fishing, mountain climbing and so many more options are available on these Pack Trip Adventures.

The perfect, untouched wilderness, the icy clean waters and the rugged, snow capped mountains are here, waiting for you and your dreams of Adventure to give you that and so much more.

In May of 1913, Billy James, his wife Matida Wales and N.P. Nelson (“Nels”) found the gold they had been searching for since 1908.

This Adventure will make the Last Historic Gold Rush a very personal and exciting time for you to treasure.

Chat with the old Sourdough that still makes his living panning for gold in this historic area.

These are 10 Day (or more) Adventures.

This Adventure allows you to explore your strengths, challenges and potential through experiences with horses and with nature.

The healing and well being discovered through compassion, courage and new friendships can be found.

These 10 day Adventures into the most inspiring and beautiful lands Alaska has to share, to absorb the quiet and complete abandonment of the busy and obligated days of your normal path are a true course to renewal and healing.

The Mini-Adventures were created for the folks that do want to explore the untouched wilderness, to get inside Alaska for a time, but still stay on schedule to move on down the road for more of Alaska’s attractions.

With four destinations to choose from, Pioneer Outfitters will share slices of the untouched and raw Alaskan Wilderness with you on a schedule that will put you back on your path in short order.

The insight and inspiration that you leave Chisana with of the Last Frontier will stay with you forever.

For you, a horseback adventure in the remote wilderness of Alaska, focused on your fitness and to help your fitness goals get off to a grand beginning.

A 21 Day Horseback Adventure with fitness as the key. For 21 Days, you will stretch, ride, walk and eat in the most glorious and magnificently exclusive mountain wilderness in the Wrangell St. Elias National Park & Preserve.