Horses and Ice Caves equals an Alaska Adventure!

Spring feedings.An Alaska Adventure is exactly what I would call yesterday. What absolutely gorgeous Alaska blue-blue skies and the ice just wet enough to play in and smooth enough to haul butt on. I knew I had to get home and share these pictures with you.

I am busy, busy, busy, trying to keep up with all my lessons, an incredibly intelligent, active, almost 5 year old daughter and a 13 year old, 7th grader who no longer thinks his Mommy decides when to bring the moon up (or has the authority to tell him to clean his room)and studying for my Registered Guide Test! Busy. Much too busy to go with the guys to check horses and take more pictures of them playing around out on the ice. Boy, am I glad they guilt-tripped me into going with them yesterday!

Spring feedings.

Spring feedings.The winter graze area is mostly bare of snow now. We still go check on the gang that hangs out over there, only now we hope they hear us and want to come down the field or out of the trees to the river’s edge to see if we brought “treats”.  The group of horses across the river is our lead horse group. Of the 9 horses that spend their winters there, 2 of them are over 30 years old and 3 more are between 25-30 years old. Range horses. My own, Thunder, is 18 years old this year! He is still the biggest jerk over there. He takes the whole “Range Horse” title to heart. He comes running, right out in front, ears all perked, tail held high and skids to a stop about three feet from me. Drop the feed, check them all over, watch them eat for awhile, rubbing and talking to them. Thunder will let me touch him with my fingertips, then shys away, round and round in circles, every time. He’ll pull me through the mudd hanging onto his tail, but he wont let me cuddle him!Ice Caves

So, enough of being shunned by my horse, I have work to do (!)- lets head home. Half way back across the Chisana River, I was keeping an eye on Ruger as the Artic Cat Powder Extreme he was riding was leaking antifreeze, I glanced over to see a massive break in the ice.Ice Caves

I have seen so many beautiful things out on that river over the years. This was one of the best.Ice Caves

~The Chisana River, isn’t bank to bank water, it has channels. The Chisana Glacier is approximately 4 miles from our home in Chisana. The overflow all winter makes for some really deep ice.Overflow on the river.

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