How To Be Ready for Your Spring Excursion

Wintertime is no time to head out into the wilderness unprepared. When the temperatures hover around -40 ℉  to -50 ℉ and with less than 6 hours of daylight, you need to know how be ready for your winter excursion or adventure.

How To Be Ready

Here in Chisana, a remote spot inside the Wrangell St. Elias National Park, accessible only by small aircraft for most folks, mistakes can be deadly. We spend about 6 months of the year in full force Alaska winter.

Now that I have scared the bejeepers out of you, I will also share with you that it is an incredible experience to enjoy the Alaska wilderness fully.  Experienced Alaska Guides will lead you to the most beautiful places we have found. What you will see will astonish you.

From playing on the ice and sledding down mountains to ice fishing and snowmobiling across the endless tundra blanketed in unmarred snow, the Winter Excursions we offer at Pioneer Outfitters can make those winter adventure dreams come true. Hot chocolate, bon fires and Northern Lights; cozy cabins, home cooked meals and crackling fires; snow-shoeing, cross country skiing and wildlife photography; these are all a part of our lives, every day, that we would share with you.

These Winter & Spring Excursions are why we feel that we can help you know how to be ready for your winter adventure, wherever it may be. Some preparations and precautions are wise ones in any excursion or adventure you may embark upon.

These posts will help prepare you:

How to be ready.

The first thing anyone needs to know how to be ready for your winter excursion or adventure is that typically, a winter excursion will be cold. Colder than you think and possibly can even imagine. I say that it will be colder, because it will also be warm enough at times, you’ll think my advice was crazy talk! The danger in this is that you may be lulled into thinking you might just leave some layers off and worse, behind at your cabin, for the next outing. Don’t. That would be dangerously foolish.

Whether or not you will be traveling someplace new to experience your first wintertime adventure with a guide or Outfitter or exploring a little deeper into your own winter wonderland, remember to do a little research. Ask questions from those that have already experienced this type of excursion or adventure, look at maps, check your backpack (yes, again!), and make sure someone not accompanying you knows when to expect you back or when to hear from you by.

If you will be taking a snow-machine (snowmobile or sno-go) out on your own, make sure it is ready. Make sure it is good running condition with full fluids (antifreeze and oil) as well as small spare bottles of each, strapped into a carry-all or stored in it’s trunk or under the seat along with a spare belt. Make sure your fuel is good and you have a spare jug of fuel as well as some sort of (red or yellow) Heat -in your stash too. If you will be running your machine on or up ice shoots, you may want to be sure to have on and the condition of the studs in the track of the snow-machine and good carbine runners on your skis.

The pure and fresh air and color of Winter in Alaska is almost too difficult to describe. It is so completely the most incredible experience of a lifetime, the Alaska winter. So, go enjoy it! ~ And be safe!


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