Hunting the Top of the Food Chain for Grizzly Bear

It may seem to be a bit over eager to already be planning and preparing for Spring Grizzly and Black Bear Hunts but when you are hunting the top of the food chain for one of the most powerful and cunning big game animals in the world, there is no time to waste.

Pioneer Outfitters Spring Grizzly Bear and Black Bear Hunts are a big game hunter’s dreams come true. They are the most successful, most enjoyable and most inspirational of all big game hunts offered in Alaska.

The time between the times the Grizzly awakes in the spring through the end of June is a very limited and short period. Spring Grizzly Bear Hunts are historically the only Big Game Hunts to be scheduled the year of the hunt and the quickest to become unavailable.

Hunting the Top Of the Food Chain

Grizzly Bear

There are some very specific reasons that our Spring Grizzly Hunts are the most enticing and successful of all Big Game Hunts.

Focused attention. The focused attention of the entire crew and guides of Pioneer Outfitters on a single hunting party, be it one person or hunting partners, creates an unbeatable team on a mission.

It is contagious! The sun is shining! The temperatures are rising! Your team of an Outfitter and his Guides are feeling the effects of a long dark winter and are enjoying every single minute of the longer and warming days. This directly causes the excitement and energy that infects all that come into contact with it. Put simply, Spring Grizzly Bear hunting is the most fun to be had while hunting the great and wild mountains and valleys of Alaska.

Predictably unpredictable. During the months of Alaska’s springtime there are a few absolutes that you can count on for when you are hunting a Grizzly Bear. They are going to be hungry. Very hungry. This allows us, along with the still naked trees and bushes, to spot and study a Grizzly Bear much easier than any other time of the year. The newly melted ground and hillsides make it very easy to spot and see the freshly dug earth marking where the Grizzly Bear is looking for food.

A trophy unlike any other trophy. A Spring Grizzly Bear taken here at Pioneer Outfitters, nestled and hidden deep within the Wrangell Mountains and surrounded by multiple glaciers and thousands of miles of glacial ice assures a consistently chilly wind, which in turn creates and maintains a beautiful, long and silky hide to keep the Grizzly warm. A Spring Grizzly Bear also has claws unlike any claws seen at any other time of the year. Freshly grown through six months of deep sleep.

Hunting the Top Of the Food Chain

Hunting Spring Grizzly Bears and Black Bears with Pioneer Outfitters means hunting Bears on Horseback. It is a rewarding and inspirational time of the year with the births of so many wild critters to witness and observe.

As one of the awesome areas in Alaska with the Grizzly Bear populations that support a harvest for a Big Game Hunter each year, instead of most other areas of one animal every two or in some areas one animal in four years; Chisana has a wonderful and prolific population of Grizzly Bears seen in every color phase available to these incredible animals from dark-dark brown and almost black to the bright and impressive Toklat color phase with a chocolate face and paws against a super-blond bear.

These are all facts, but still only details, details… The bottom line is for a great opportunity for success and having a great time, make certain your Spring Grizzly Bear Hunt is scheduled soon!

Here are a few of the posts that will give you more information and insight into YOUR hunt at the top of the food chain.

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And here ~> Contact Us! Reserve your own place, hunting the top of the food chain!

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2 Responses to Hunting the Top of the Food Chain for Grizzly Bear

  1. OMGoodness! I learn something every time I read your blog. Really? You can spot grizzlies better in the spring and the are HUNGRY? I would be back at camp waiting until they ate the tops off the trees and were not starving. Especially with those paws that need a serious manicure. YIKES!

    OK so here’s a question I’ve been meaning to ask – and You have probably answered it before but it’s slipped past me. What is the difference between an Outfitter and a Guide?

    • LOL, Jane, too funny. You do realize they really aren’t looking to spot and stalk you, ya know. Not only do most of the time, could they possibly care less, but you are a strange looking critter- they don’t want to be anywhere near you!
      I answered you over at G+, but just in case anyone else has wondered the same thing, I will answer you here as well. THAT is a great question … the thing is though, MOST Outfitters are guides as well. The biggest difference is though there are different classes of “Guides” (Assistant, Class A, Registered, Master) Only a Registered or Master Guide may book (contract) Big Game Hunts. We call these people Outfitters, and guides work for an Outfitter.
      Thank you for asking!! Please never hesitate to ask something you might wonder about. We can’t know what we have never been exposed to or learned in one way or another.
      :) Amber-Lee

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