In Pursuit, with the Intent to Kill

In Pursuit with the intent to Kill.Our 2012 Hunting Season has been a tough one for me. HUNTING: To pursue and kill for sport or food. We, here in the Wrangell Mountains, have been slammed, each time we rise up to face another challenge. We will be “In pursuit, with the intent to kill.”

“We’ll head out first thing in the morning.”

Huge disappointments, betrayals and … spoiled, cheap ass, no class clients that don’t appreciate the time, pure effort and ethics involved with and for the job and don’t tip.

In Pursuit with the intent to Kill.And yet, every ten days, nursing wounds and bruises earned on the previous trip, a Professional Guide is required to get his or her game face back on, to shrug it all (good and bad) all off, to be fresh and ready to do the job. To help and guide a new client in a professional manner, in hopes of reaching the dream that brought that client to Alaska.

At Pioneer Outfitters, it seems that most of the time, if the phrase “First thing in the morning” is used, it generally means “we hope before noon.”

Such is the way of dealing with so many variables and unknowns.

In Pursuit with the intent to Kill.We, the Professional Guides and Trainees that are promising future Alaska Guides, have learned or will learn that Alaska critters don’t run on the same clock as the whitetail deer hunts or turkeys from the Lower 48.

Pioneer Outfitters, who have been hunting the remote Interior of Alaska’s Wrangell Mountains since 1924, have extensive knowledge of the wild critters and Big Game animal’s habits, whats, wheres, whens and hows, to successfully hunt these animals.

Yes, I said “Hunt” In. Pursuit. With. The. Intent. To. Kill.

In Pursuit with the intent to Kill.A client will not book and contract a “Kill” with Pioneer Outfitters. To do so would be unethical and illegal. A client will book and will sign a contract with Pioneer Outfitters to “Hunt.”

We’ve been plagued with terrible weather in Chisana, in 2012. Flooding rivers, rain, snow and hurricane-force winds. There just isn’t any way around Mother Nature. She is in your face and must be taken as she deems to give.

Pioneer Outfitters also stood under a deep, personal blow in 2012 with a trusted, experienced guide loosing his mind and wits with loose women and mankind’s enemy, the incredibly hateful and evil drug of the century ~ crystal meth.

In Pursuit with the intent to Kill.But we stand. We, here at Pioneer Outfitters, continue to ride, hunt and work to make ourselves, and through ourselves, our world, a good and honorable business. A business that really, at the heart and soul of it, is about making dreams come true.

A team, a Professional group of men and women fighting right. Work hard, work right.

In pursuit, with the intent to kill.

It’s really all about the client. A hunter and guide can hunt for Big Game everyday, even on days when experienced guides know that being out in the weather is:

  • Detrimental to the hunt. (i.e.. spooking the very animals you are hunting by them seeing or winding you and leaving the area.)
  • It. Is. Not. Safe.

In pursuit, with the intent to kill.



…. and be disappointed by not harvesting the game the client has dreamed of.


A client, a hunter can be riding to camp and encounter the very animal they seek.



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