Interview With Alaska’s Own, Man In Black

Master Guide Terry OverlySo, we are sitting in the creek, waiting for the Dall Sheep to move around so we can get a better look at them, when one of the guests we are guiding, says, “Terry, how did you become “The Man in Black”?”

To which, as I found the perfect spot to get comfortable and doze, I heard Master Guide Terry Overly respond,

“Well, I believe that it was not just a whim or an impulsive gesture to stand out from the rest.

It was more like the phases of life we all go through from birth to so-called maturity. As we fumble along through our childhood, pre-teen years onto a full-fledged teen ager starting to experience the fears, pleasures and anxieties of pre-adult life, things can and do get quite confusing.

Master Guide Terry Overly…And I never did like the “confusing” part.

The Beatles and Johnny Cash came into my life. The Beatles with “Nowhere Man”…making all his nowhere plans for nobody…

I did not want to be a “Nowhere Man” when I grew up, making plans for anybody. I felt that I had a destiny to deal with.

Johnny Cash with his down-to-earth lyrics of songs and ballads of hard times. Life the way life really is and you just overcome it. “Shit Happens” in our lives, but you don’t quit, you stay true to your convictions, your beliefs, your honor. You say “Yes, Ma’am” and “Yes, Sir.” You smile at children and answer their endless questions. You open doors for ladies. You realize that inside every woman there is a lady, and that lady is someone’s Mother, just like your Mother.

Master Guide Terry Overly, PatienceI always liked black. Black was a color, though, that labeled you as a “punk” or a “hood.” It was not a good color to wear.

Black is not just one color. It’s a full spectrum combined to create what you see as black.

I did not just get up one morning and start wearing black. I always liked black boots, black gloves and black tee-shirts. Then came black Levis and black hats.

The words were being said, by then, “well, there’s the man in black.” Then came the black trucks and black airplanes. As I became more well known as “The Man In Black” everywhere I went.

Master Guide Terry OverlyI realized that is who I really was. I also realized that was what most people really wanted me to be in their lives. The Man in Black.

I believe inside each man at times, most men would like to be “The Man in Black.” I also believe a lot of men could be “The Man in Black” and a good one, at that, if they only knew how to start. I know that there are a lot of men out there, just waiting. Just waiting for their time to come.

Not just anyone can be “The Man in Black.

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