Living in the Bush, Hints for Trainee Guides

Guide Trainee TipsThe single hardest, most personal aspect of living a good life in the wilderness and bush of Alaska, the remote mountains of the Wrangle -St. Elias National Park and Preserve, is not the physical work and strain.

The most difficult part of living the lifestyle in the remote area with so few people, the lifestyle and choice to live a productive and free life, is learning to deal with one’s self.

Being able to not only preach and lecture on honesty, but to truly live it, pulling that honesty close and holding the mirror on one’s self and looking deep with clear eyes and an open heart.

There is no possible way of living an honest way, if it is based on lies or fairy tales inside one’s self. Non of us humans are perfect, we all know this. Each of us has the power and knowledge to look closely at ourselves and see what needs to change.

Someone said something to me, not long ago, maybe I read it, I do not recall for certain. The things we find the most fault with in others, is what we are most ashamed or appalled by in ourselves.

Guide Trainee Tips
Hunt of a Lifetime Hunter, Bennett Page, at 16 yrs.

See, here is the catch. We are Pioneer Outfitters. We operate a training program for Wilderness Survival and Big Game Guides.  You cannot be completely solid in this endeavor, which is based on leading, directing people and keeping them safe, if you cannot control and or deal with yourself.

How can you control situations elsewhere, with other people, if you do not have that control and understanding of yourself?

Answer, you can’t.
Cliche’ …. “You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?”

It isn’t easy. That is no joke. It isn’t something you can buy or go to school for. It starts with being brutally honest with yourself, first. Asking yourself, “is this a problem or is it MY problem?”

Another cliche’ “you are your own worst enemy.”

That last concept, that cliche’ was in its self a light switch at the end of the long dark tunnel that needs to be traveled.

Guide Trainee TipsFor myself, that understanding allowed me to “turn the light on.” It also revealed the truth with the light, dealing with myself (and all my own personal demons and dramas), controlling myself and my own actions and reactions to people and events that surround me.

This is the mountain I will always and ever after have to climb all by myself.

As the Manager to Pioneer Outfitters, the lead guide and Trainer to the Survival & Guide Training, I often repeat to new-comers that living and working in a place like Chisana will, without fail, bring out the best and worst that an individual has to offer.

“Dealing with yourself” is the hardest part of living and growing, improving one’s self, to accept, to learn and to practice. As I tell each trainee the first time, each time, I can see they do not understand.

Living here in Chisana, so remote and away from the busy noise of any village, town or city; living with the same few people that are your co-workers and teammates, you basically run out of people to blame.

Blame? Yes. Blame for your own personal demons, issues and set-backs. After a bit of time, the only common factor becomes obvious. It is one’s self. Yourself.

Guide Trainee Tips
This is who I am. Who are you?

There is no “escape”. There is no neighborhood arcade or bowling alley, local tavern, shopping mall or movie theater. No restaurants or bars, no busy streets or grocery store or Post Office. There are no strangers, no Friday night dates. There are only your co-workers, teammates and trainees.

Only one relief is feasible. Only one solution makes any sense at all.

Deal with yourself. Learn, train and understand.

Honesty, brutal-bare-knuckled-honesty is absolutely necessary.

Do you want to become a licensed Alaska Guide? Get in touch with us now, we can help make that happen!

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3 Responses to Living in the Bush, Hints for Trainee Guides

  1. Nice tat….seriously.

    Responsibility literally means…the ability to respond..(not react to stimulus from outside forces…..
    An true response requires clarity of mind and purpose, acquired through brutally honest introspection……

    Contempt prior to investigation signals a closed mind…
    Its easy to be honest once we learn our own mind and true self….
    There is no room for a dishonest person in my world…
    I have faced my demon… was me…

    • Mojo Momma!
      (Thank you, the tat is my version of “It’s not just what we do, it is WHO we are”)
      You put my post into such clearer words. Every word. The sentence, “I have faced my demon…it was me…” is so moving and so accurate. There can’t be anything harder, but… the path it opened to me, that I am following now, is indescribable. The entire world, the people that populate it, all of it, it is- they are each- a beautiful gift in my life.
      That is what I discovered my demon was hiding. All windows and doors have been blown open to me.
      ~Alaska Chick, aka Amber-Lee

  2. Goosebumps and tears of joy. Though we’ve never met.. I know you. Though we’ve never seen each other eye to eye… you know me. There are no surprises. We are laid open, hearts and minds.
    We have traveled different paths, you and me, yet managed to reach the same destination….together in time and space.
    For this I am eternally grateful. Hello sister.
    I am so proud of you.

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