Monday Motivation: The Six Reasons Why

So much time is spent in frustration, worry and hopelessness.

So much more time is spent pondering, searching and asking for the reasons why.

The reasons we do what we do, the reasons we each feel what we are feeling, thinking what we are thinking.

Monday Motivation: The Six Reasons Why has those answers.

Reasons Why

The Reasons Why

Have you ever tried to follow that to its root?

To discover and know the real reasons why has been my own quest for a while now.

I am Alaska Chick. I am the manager of Pioneer Outfitters, a Professional Guide, the Lead Guide Trainer for the state approved Guide Training Program, a published author and a single Mom to two young humans.

Finding the reasons why is my own personal quest and it has been a painful and confusing journey.

I wouldn’t trade one moment of pain or confusion though, if I can guide you through or around to your own answers, even just a little.

The need that has grown, as the days, weeks, months and years pass, to share with you what has taken me far too long to discover.

As my time grows shorter, the single hope that sharing with you the reasons why may make your own journey a little easier.

The Reasons Why

We are all, in some way, or other, searching for answers and the reasons why.

The questions differ and we are all at different places in this journey or quest to find the reasons why.

Below, I will share with you the six reasons why, the six answers to every question, every confusion and every need that I have followed back to its root.

  • To care. The reason why is to care. To care about who you are. The reason why is to care about others, about the land and about the world around you. To care about the people who are touched by your words and your actions.


  • To do your absolute best. The reason why is to do your absolute best, in every way, every single day. Not stopping at the often settled-for, “good enough” but to push yourself to give the best you have inside yourself.


  • To be better. The reason why is to be better than you were yesterday, everyday. Not to hold yourself in comparison to another person, but to be better, every day, than you were, at whatever it is that you are doing, yesterday.


  • To do what is right. The reason why is to do what you know is the right thing. Even if you are alone, or the only one standing on the right side of it all and even if it is the hardest thing you have ever done, the reason why is to do what is right.


  • To help others. The reason why is to help others. To help others grow, learn or stand a little stronger, the reason why is to help others. Even if you are never thanked or acknowledged, even if it is only by example, helping others is one of the reasons why.


  • To be honest. The reason why is to be honest. Honesty with and about yourself, honesty when you are speaking with, to or about others is the reason why. You cannot grow, inside, if you are not honest.

The Reasons Why

Reasons Why

These are the reasons why that I have found to the questions I have asked.

These are the reasons why that I believe I have been blessed with the opportunity to share what I have learned.

To share the experiences I have had and all I have learned, with my own children, with the Alaska Guide Trainees that come to us to become Professional Alaska Guides.

With you all that I have come to know and be connected with through this website and the Social Media channels we frequent.

I hope this will make your own journey a little brighter.

The Monday Motivation series is all about you and what I can do, just for you.

LOL! So that’s them!

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2 Responses to Monday Motivation: The Six Reasons Why

    • The six reasons why… I really did spend a lot of time thinking about what really was the point- in everything. The reasons all seem to have one thing in common- they are all GOOD. There is no Bad, no Evil, no Selfishness…
      Excellent for any day of the week, any moment that anyone may be asking themselves… What is the reason?
      Thanks for being here, Ann.
      It matters.

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