Monday Motivation: Be Determined

Good morning!

I woke this morning with one thought. “Be Determined.”

Actually, do you want to know the truth?

I was tired.

I felt as if not one thing in my reach was under control.

It felt like it does when the horse you are racing across the sand bar chasing the rest on, takes the bit in his teeth and suddenly you feel as if you aren’t nearly as in control as you thought you were.

Be Determined

Be Determined

Be Determined

So, before I even plugged everything back in, I pulled out my “Get your ass up that mountain!” book. (Yes, it really is called that.)

My book, that I have put together over the last …oh, six or seven years, is simply a 3-ring binder filled with quotes, phrases, song lyrics, poems and over the last three years, blog posts.

It has certainly grown!

Starting as a simple, school sized, 1” binder with various pockets, it has grown into a massive 4” binder with what I use as reminders of why I am here.

Reminders of what has made me who I am and what has helped me let go of who and what I didn’t want in my life, to be my life.

It does the job.

It gets my ass up the next mountain.

No matter how tired or sick, no matter how beat-up or put down, whether I am feeling un-appreciated or un-recognized; it works.

It is my motivation to stay the path.

It is my inspiration to never give up.


Be Determined

Determined, by the wisdom of the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, is having reached a decision, firmly resolved. It is to be decisive, do-or-die (this is me), intent, hell-bent (yeah, probably me too), intent, purposeful, single-minded, confident, positive, unfaltering.

Be Determined

Determined, to find other ways to convince and teach my little Alaska Chick-let to read, keep sharing my own lessons and experiences with the trainees while still being there to prevent the lessons from hurting too much when they make them anyways.

Walk away, even when it is all on the line, just for an hour, so that I can come back stronger, refreshed, with a new idea, photo or story to share with you all.

Be Determined

Are you feeling determined? Or are you still tired? Well, the quotes below are some of my favorites. They help me to stay my path and to be determined. I hope they help you too.

In what you say of another, apply the test of kindness, necessity and truth, and let nothing pass your lips without a 2/3 majority. ~Liz Armbruster

See everything; overlook a great deal; correct a little. ~Pope John XXIII

It’s like, at the end, there’s this surprise quiz:  am I proud of me?  I gave my life to become the person I am right now!  Was it worth what I paid?  ~Richard Bach

We are all worms, but I do believe I am a glowworm.  ~Winston Churchill

It’s a helluva start, being able to recognize what makes you happy. ~Lucille Ball

The man who views the world at fifty the same as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.  ~Muhammad Ali

Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around the lake.  ~Wallace Stevens

Sometimes I’m doing things considered crazy by others, but then my heart giggles. That’s when I know I am doing the right thing. ~Dodinsky

You will never come up against a greater adversary than your own potential, my young friend.  ~Michael Piller and Michael Wagner, Star Trek: The Next Generation, “Evolution,” Dr. Paul Stubbs to Wesley Crusher, original airdate 25 September 1989, stardate 43,125.8

Be Determined.

Be Bold.

Don’t stop or feel alone.

You are not.

We are here and so am I.

You are always welcome to share your thoughts.

Living in the bush of Alaska, doesn’t come easy.

One has to be determined to live and to live well. I’ve had lots of practice!

Want more?

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14 Responses to Monday Motivation: Be Determined

  1. Thank you for this post. Sometimes when I’m feeling my determination float away, I need a binder like yours. I’m one determined (and headstrong) woman and I can still feel the desire to give up, to play small, to disconnect…. thank you for pulling me back with the power of connection that while it may span the world, and be virtual, is still super real.

    Also – LOVE that all of those quotes are new to me.

    You rock, Amber-Lee!

    • Alli,
      I wonder if other people feel as I feel, when I finally understand that I am not the only one. To feel that “determination float away.”
      It makes every minute to know that I could give you (anyone, really, but YOU.) a little inspiration, a little motivation… anything you could possibly need.

  2. When I need a shot of inspiration, I pull one of my favorite books of the shelf and browse for highlighted sentences. They remind me of an idea or statement that tugged at my passion. I LOVE the idea of your binder. Clippings can come from so many places. You’ve created a personal treasure chest for yourself!

    • Eleanor!
      Welcome, and I do the same thing! LOL, people are always giving me grief over my books!
      I am so happy you stopped in.
      ~ Amber-Lee, aka Alaska Chick

  3. Excellent Post Amber Lee. ‘Be Determined’ is my best friend that has taken me a long way especially on down and out days. It is difficult on days when I feel uninspired, demotivated but setting my mind to Be Determined and I’ll achieve what I set out to do so definitely has helped me.

    I relate to your post. A timely post. Thank you

    • Lalita,
      I have been thinking about you so much lately.
      YOU stay strong, stay determined!! Stay lovely and remember you aren’t alone.
      Be Determined is a big deal. Because sometimes the world really does fall apart and our worlds come crashing down around us. That determination assures us that we’ll stand back up.
      Thank you for being here, Lalita!
      ~ Amber-Lee

  4. Amber-Lee, could you please publish this book. I want my own “GET YOUR ASS UP THAT MOUNTAIN” book! Thanks for the truth and the inspiration. Loved seeing you creativity and discipline and humor at work in the service of aliveness.

    • Well…. Blair, I dunno…am I allowed? They are everyone else’s thoughts, dreams, advice…. It sure puts my head back where it belongs when I am tired or frustrated.

      It took a solid three years for me to learn to walk (properly) again. Yes, I know I was “lucky”…. but sometimes, it was easy to forget that I was lucky and only think about what I couldn’t do.. Until I could again. This binder started then.
      Thank you Blair.
      ~ Amber-Lee, aka Alaska Chick

  5. “Sometimes I’m doing things considered crazy by others, but then my heart giggles. That’s when I know I am doing the right thing.” ~Dodinsky

    This I totally love!! AND your Boot in the Butt Mondays!
    Once again always there when needed!
    I’ll make it up the Mountain..I just keep wondering some days why it keeps getting taller?

    As Always ~*~

  6. I have a candidate entry for your UP THAT MOUNTAIN book.

    But like Blair says, I’d buy a copy of that book.

  7. Great post Amber-Lee, I love the phrase Be Determined. So much better than Be Positive. That always sounds like a blood group and not a way of life ;-) Yours sounds like a way of life.


    • Snort! Dave, LOL…
      Ours is a way of life. All of it. I just want to make it be a way of life that touches everyone, shares the gifts with everyone.
      Thanks for being here, Dave. It means tons to me. Really.
      ~ Amber-Lee

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