Monday Motivation, Be Faithful!

Be Fearless!

The focus we chose for 2014, as Pioneer Outfitters, as a Team and each of us personally, Be Fearless! is our daily reminder to each other to Stay the Path we have chosen to be stronger, smarter and more courageous than ever before.

Today’s Monday Motivation is Be Faithful!

Be Faithful

Be Fearless!

Faithful is by definition, to be loyal, constant and steadfast.

The goals we (you too!) have set require us to remain faithful, to be loyal, constant and steadfast; for the long road ahead.

We must not give in to old ways or the lure of comfortable routines, we must not give up when things are hard as they surely will be and to be honest it may feel as if they already are almost too much to bare.

Be Faithful!

Sitting here today, thinking about our promise to Be Fearless!, I find myself wondering if you are wavering.

If a lack of recognition or appreciation may be wearing your resolve down.

If possibly it feels as if that goal really is simply a trick of the light and maybe you just got caught up in the moment of actually believing that something so wonderful and spectacular (to you) could actually be your future.

Hey! Stop it! Be Faithful!

Seriously, these things really are simply rough spots, and yes, there actually may be a lot of them!

Good grief, don’t stop now.

So many things are so incredibly hard.

That doesn’t mean they aren’t worth every single ache, do-over, hour, tear, sacrifice and bruise.

When it captures your heart, as this certainly has, it will feel as if everything in the Universe conspires against you at times.

It may be, that nobody close to you believes it has any purpose or point.

Maybe you have even been told that it is a fool’s gold or nothing of value at all.

It might be that you and this dream have been ridiculed, belittled or sometimes even worse, ignored.

That’s ok, that is simply to test your resolve.

Be Faithful!

You do know, don’t you that most times the moment you give up, the day you walk away or just plain quit and throw everything in the trash heap is the exact moment before it would all change?

Be faithful, my friend, be loyal and stay your path, be constant and remember you are an inspiration to those you don’t even know, be constant and make a difference.

That is the point, right?

No matter what it is you are dreaming of, working towards, studying or aspiring to; you will make a difference.

Above all else, remember that you are not alone.

We are here.

I am here.

I will not quit and will not stop.

We will make a difference too.

This week, be faithful.



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4 Responses to Monday Motivation, Be Faithful!

  1. This topic messes with my head (not you,just the topic!)”Stay the course” is in my blood for EVERYTHING I do. It’s second nature to me. I never give up. If there’s a problem I look within, I fast, I pray, I look for solutions, I search for humility, etc. But no one taught me that there is also a time to “give up” after you’ve done everything you could. Problem is THAT’S when you truly are alone. Seems that we have people to cheer us on through challenges that lead to success on a path, but it is when we take new paths that we have to take those first steps alone. YUCK!
    Anyways, this is a wonderful reminder that you’ve written about so well, Amber-Lee, to stay the course when the path is the right one! Thank you!

    • Betsy ~ WOW… you are right. Seriously. That phrase, “Don’t beat a dead horse”? Hmm.. I don’t think that qualifies as quitting or giving up. I think that once you decide a course is a dead end – it is reasonable and intelligent to chose another. Not because it’s hard. Not because it makes us uncomfortable or it is going to take a long time.. but dead is dead.

      This~> ” but it is when we take new paths that we have to take those first steps alone.” You are NOT alone. It must be decided… but as you said, you’ve prayed, that makes you not alone- You may talk to a trusted friend or mentor, – you are not alone. I am here, you are not alone-

      Oh sure, physically. Betsy. Do you know what I have found, Betsy, since January of 2011? I am NOT alone. You each, EACH OF YOU, that mean so much to me… are WITH me. When I am afraid, when I am crumbling, when I am weak, when I just want to scream and never stop… When I am confused or torn. When I feel like I am about to snap… I think of you. I think of YOU. I think of Ann or Mark or Jayme or Jen or Joseph or Ali or Glen or Dino or any of the the amazing people I know are right there… right beside me, right behind me. I also feel God, our Father, because I know He’s listening and guiding me, whispering in my ear, directing me with His hand on my shoulder. It IS hard sometimes… but I know I am no longer alone.
      You are NOT alone.
      ~ Amber-Lee

  2. I read this and I had to not only smile but shake my head and wonder, How do you DO that! Every Monday you give me that “Boot” when my brain has been thinking things may never fall in place. sure are “Always there” and Yes Ma’am I hear you loud and clear! “Stay the Path”, “Be Fearless”, “Be Faithful.”
    All good things come when the time is right.

    As Always

    • Yeah.. It’s that “patience” thing that kicks my butt. (sigh) Kaarina told me once (And I have a quote about it too! LOL) that the reason I found answers- everywhere I looked when a particular thing had been on my mind ~ Was because I needed it- yes, but more, I was ready to hear it. I am glad this one was right on time for you. I am always thinking of you, Ann. I am always here to listen too. (Ha! You listen to me often enough! You should know right where to find me!)
      Be strong Be Fearless!

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