Monday Motivation, Cut it Loose!

We all understand if at least in a philosophical way that dead weight can hold us down and back.

What is also important to understand is as that dead weight, frustration or wrong path can lead to a fatal outcome.

This isn’t theory or philosophy this is fact.

Cut it Loose!

Cut it loose

Cut it Loose!

Carrying around the bad feelings, withholding forgiveness from ourselves as well as from others, holding grudges or tallies of what is owed, dwelling on heartaches or past failures are all weights that do nothing at all to improve us or help us to reach our goals.

The best we can hope for, carrying any of these extra weights, is that we can tread water long enough to keep our heads above it and to stay where we are at.

As a Professional Guide and the Lead Guide Trainer for the Survival & Guide Training program at Pioneer Outfitters, I am fully aware and understand the professional, personal and emotional investment made to each man or woman that comes to us for training.

As the manager for Pioneer Outfitters and Master Guide Terry Overly, a legendary business and Horse-Outfitter, I also understand how easily this extra (and negative) weight can be disastrous.

Disastrous to our Team members, to the community, to our livestock, to our clients and guests and to our business.

Cut it Loose!

It isn’t easy, by any means, to make the decision to cut it loose when the dead-weight you are considering cutting loose is a person that you have taught, trained, mentored and even enjoyed at times.

It isn’t easy when you can still see the potential and promise in an individual and still hold the hope that there may be some way to cut away the pieces that cannot be allowed to remain.

So what then, can anyone count on for strength in this hardest of choices?

Monday Motivation is our ongoing series of reminders, really.

I am certain there is nothing shared here that you do not already know to be true.

It is simply a boost for you (and I!) and maybe a re-wording of what you already know to help you see it in a new light.

Choices to pull from to help you stand strong:

  • Your goal.
  • Your Purpose.
  • Your Mission Statement.
  • Your Professional Ethics.

These choices are the backbone of our strength.

Whether it is your own personal goal or the purpose that was ignited through a passion to the purpose or mission statement of a business or company, or even the professional standards and ethics that represent everything you are working towards; these four things will help you to deal with dead weight and the negative forces that are keeping you from all that is right and bright.

Do you need something different today?

Motivation, Inspiration and Butt Kicking may very well be where you will find it, check it out!

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4 Responses to Monday Motivation, Cut it Loose!

    • Ha! Do they look nice on your end? I love my quotes!! LOL, I am putting together the ones that have made the biggest impression in my own life for another book! (Shhh!) But I MUST finish the International Horseback Adventure book first!

  1. My wife said she was going to get rid of all the dead weight in her life so I told her I thought that was great…until I found out she was talking about me…:(

    • LOL, Oh Bill. Ha! I think you are probably safe. She, fantastic woman that she is I am certain, probably has invested so much in training you that she wont just throw you out with the rest!
      Chances are.
      Maybe you shouldn’t bet too much.

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