Monday Motivation: Hear Me Roar

When we come to the moment, as we all do, that our lives have become GO!GO!GO!GO!GO!GO!, and it continues for what seems like beyond time.

That moment, when the evil lizard that lives inside each of us, whispering hopelessness and dream destroying drivel to us when we are tired, stressed or operating at  overdrive for too long.

That is the moment I was fast approaching yesterday when I opened the latest from What People Who Are Smarter Than I Are Saying.

Hear Me Roar

Hear me Roar

Hear Me Roar

I had to laugh. I did!

The tensions and stress were at boiling point and this was the needle to pop that balloon.

Then I stood up and yelled to the chaos around me “HEAR ME ROAR!”

Well, that settled the meeting down for a minute or two and then I was asked to explain my latest mental collapse. (Ha!)

Is it even possible that this one single quote, was delivered in such perfect timing to our entire Team, at that time, when anticipation has drawn close to the line where life can get just plain ugly?

I don’t believe so. Not one little bit, not for one slick second.

Everything simply smoothed back out for me.

“There is no such goddamn thing. There is only getting up and doing it all over again, smarter and harder, until something ups and fucking kills you, because that’s the only thing big enough to stop you.”

- Warren Ellis (when asked what he does when/if he ever feels like giving up)

Pioneer Outfitters Team. Professional Guides. Alaska Guide Trainees. You are about to be part of the most amazing Season of the almost-century-old Outfitter’s history. YOU. And YOUR TEAM.

Hear Me Roar

It is a risk.

It is, in some ways, more than a little scary.

Certainly, there is personal physical danger.

It is admittedly a further reach than most have ever reached for before.

It is the Door. That Door, that we who have journeyed for years, of determined and sometimes painful searching for.

The last Team meeting was a review of the Professional Guide Ethics test taken by all Team members.

The Professional Guide Ethics discussion progressed into the looming Door.

We discussed that there was only and ever, one single path to be taken to reach that Door.

“The path taken as a Team, is the only path that will lead to the Door. The goal. The dream. If one member of the Team is allowed to fall, to falter and be lost, the entire Team will have lost. Each individual, in each position of the whole, is crucial for the future of our entire industry. This is it, ready or not, we are the ones chosen and the course is just ahead.”

Hear Me Roar

Pioneer Outfitters has been Horseback Outfitters since 1924, in our nation’s largest National Park.

Deep inside the remote Wrangell Mountains, Pioneer Outfitters has lived year-round in the most amazing country Alaska has to offer Adventurers of all kinds.

Guiding people from all over the world, on horseback, safely, to experience their dreams and a peace of the world that still today, remains untouched by mainstream tourism and what people refer to as progress.

Master Guide Terry Overly, who was, long before my time and as a young man, called “The Youngest Old Timer in Alaska” by the Anchorage Daily News and the Fairbanks News Miner, leads Pioneer Outfitters.

In my own time with Pioneer and Terry’s Team, I have been privileged in a unique circumstance of being born to this world from inside the most inner circle, the real Sourdough’s of Alaska, the Old Timers.

Master Guides that experienced the Last Frontier, free, the Alaskan Bush Pilots that could land and take off anywhere, the mountain men who enforced their own laws and the ones who didn’t worry about other people who said a thing couldn’t be done.

There is a monster in the dark for these amazing heros.

That monster’s name is Professional Guide.

Alaska’s Outfitters, across this great state, are all looking on with horror as they search for young, Professional Guides to become the new leaders of this important and historical industry.


Here in Chisana, at Pioneer Outfitters Survival & Guide Training, this is the truth that spurs each Professional Guide, Trainer and Trainee on to more, harder, stronger, smarter, faster and better; every day.

The knowledge and understanding that “enough” is killing an entire industry that something very special is needed.

That something special is exactly what we have named; we know what it is.

On the other side of more, harder, stronger, smarter, faster and better is the Door.

Through that Door is the prize.

The Pioneer Outfitters Team was chosen to approach, open and step through that Door.

Chosen, to claim the prize for an entire industry.

The industry that desperately needs more, harder, stronger, smarter, faster and better Professional Guides.

Professional Guides that understand the mantle of their hard-earned license is one of service to others.

Professional Guides who know, understand and believe in the Professional Ethics that guide them, the impossibly high standards of conduct that define them and the loyalty that binds them to their own Teams.

The Professional Guides that are each a vital piece of the Pioneer Outfitters Team.

The Team meeting got a little loud after all that, then quieted down again and cooler heads repeated the bottom line for us all.

We all know there needs to be changes made.

We all know that the industry is under fire.

And we all agreed, that to change the accepted standard, we had to lead it.

Together, as a Team.

Hear Me Roar

It’s going to be one hell of a Season. Are you going to be part of it?


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