Monday Motivation: It is ALL About You, Except it’s Not

These posts are for you.

Monday Motivation is the way that I do what I can, to help you stay YOUR path.

To do what I can to assure you, that you truly are, fighting the good fight. It is all about you.

It is ALL about you, except, really, it’s not.

It’s all about You.

It is ALL about YOU

It’s all about You.

Have you reached the point, in your own journey, that you can FEEL the changes?

(I hope so! Because once you do FEEL the changes, it will give you more than I can put into words…)

If not, don’t worry! It will come, never doubt it.

Maybe it will be today!

Maybe tomorrow or next week, maybe it will be next month or next year.

No matter how long this path you are traveling is, once you feel it, your steps will be lighter. (At least on the inside!)

It’s all about You.

Except, it’s not. That might make you stop, pull back, and think, “WHAT?!”

It is not only or all about you. That is what I said.

What you are doing, be it a goal or a change of lifestyle, is important. It is something worth your time, effort and sacrifices.

It isn’t always (and maybe never…) easy or smooth riding.

The answers and time aren’t always just there. You are working for this.

This dream, this goal, that you have chosen as your own, is every bit as important as you are.

Maybe even more so.

Read that again. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Ok. What does that really mean?

It means it matters.

The goal, the dream, it matters.

To you, of course. But it also matters to others.

Maybe not your close family or friends; strange, but too true.

It matters to others, because the working towards it, the Stay the Path / Walking the Talk / Fighting the Good Fight mentality and feelings, the passion for it; matters, because it inspires and empowers others.

Recently, a whole new way of thinking has come to me. I would like to share it with you.

“…everyone really does have a leadership voice, no matter their title or position; we are all leading in our lives and careers.” ~ Jen Olney

YOU are a Leader.

Each of you, each of us.

What you are doing, matters.


Because we really are all connected.

People, really are watching and listening.

Learning. YOUR passion, your dedication, your sacrifices are teaching, even inspiring, others.

This is something I stress to the Alaska Guide Trainees with us.

A Professional Guide is (by definition) a Leader.

What has changed in our training is that we are not helping them to simply become Alaska Guides.

We are not even simply helping them to become Professional Alaska Guides.

What I am reminding them of, always, is that they are already leaders.

People of course, throughout their training and then their careers, will always be watching them, taking their cues from them, mimicking them, listening to them, following them.

They are all very familiar with my “Walk the Talk” way of living as I require the same from each of them.

It is ALL About You, Except it’s Not

It is about understanding that we are all connected.

It is about understanding that we, each and every single one of us, are touching others.

Touching, influencing, even leading people, whom we do not know, have never seen and may never encounter.

The ripples of our choices and actions touch people in ways that we may never fully understand.

There is one huge truth in this. YOUR choices, your dedication, your never-give-up, your values and your actions; MATTER.

Your pal’s best friend’s Mother’s neighbor’s Fed-Ex guy’s nephew’s school mate who went to Europe on a class trip may have shared one piece of your struggles, your decisions, your idea, with another student who passed it along to their brother’s best friend’s Father, and it was just the right combination of words and feeling…and it changed his life.

It’s all about You.

Except it’s not.

It is about you.

It is about me, him and her.

It is about them, and them.

Stick with it. It matters. Even when it’s tough and you feel as if the world has turned it’s back on you, what you are doing matters.

LOL! I do absolutely Love (big “L”) Mondays!

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15 Responses to Monday Motivation: It is ALL About You, Except it’s Not

  1. Your words remind me of Lilies of the Valley outside – green leaves poking through the earth like gentle spears. The spears speak of a sweet, fragrant promise of the invigorating perfume that will come soon with the white bell-like blossoms.

    • Stan,
      The first flowers that arrive, here, deep in the mountains where Winter holds on so tight… are the crocuses. Very low to the ground, medium sized petals, of lavender and purple… One might think that they are tough, breaking through the mud, snow, patches of remaining ice and muck left over from Winter.. but they are so very fragile. They make me both happy and sad to see them. Happy for they are back, and so very pretty… and sad because no matter how careful I am, cleaning the grounds, even by hand around each flower- usually kills them. The petals fall off… The first are usually seen around Mother’s Day and they do let us all know that Summer is on it’s way.

      I love the scent of Lilly of the Valley flowers, I always have. But you speak of the promise…

      To me that promise is not so unlike the decision we make to stand tall and to Stay the Path. You may have the dream, you can catch the faint hint of that promise in the tight, tiny bud, but it is knowing that what you do today could change someone’s life. Someone you may never even know of.

      Thanks for being here, Stan.

  2. You are amazing. i’m thinking about what I want to say to you after reading this and so far all I’m coming up with is just that: You are amazing! Sometimes, being a leader is calling forth the leader inside others and inviting them out to play. You do that and I appreciate you more than you know.

    • Alli,
      Between your smile (of your profile pic) and that link that appears of your website, “Break the Frame” I smile every time we both happen to be awake and working at the same time! I have another good-good friend who lives Down Under, I am going to try to get the two of you together. Maybe you two will click and can give each other a big hug from me! LOL

      I know that a couple of my friends would smack me for this, but I have to say it – I am NOT amazing. Nope. Not even a little, Alli. I am so far behind. Not “work” or anything as easily handled, but in life and understanding. I feel as if I am just now, recently (the last few years), starting to really understand what this thing we call “life” really is all about. And the more I do understand, or at least am beginning to understand, the more easily I can see what it is that others are NOT seeing.

      How did this happen? I was really lucky in so many ways. I have had very good people in my life. Why did it take so long to see how wrong I was in the ways I was going about everything, from living to teaching others? Are others simply missing it too? Well! Let’s tell them, show them! Hurry! I wasted so much time, Alli.

      I am so glad you are part of my life. I broke the frame. So much good came from just that one move.
      ~ Amber-lee

  3. Everything we think, say and do has a ripple effect in the world we live in. One small splash can create a giant wave. Walk your talk. Be true to yourself. Live with love, pride and integrity. Cheers! Kaarina

    • Kaizen.
      I think I made you mine, Kaarina, the first time you explained to me (oh, ok, the world) what Kaizen really meant. Do you see the beauty? Long before I was brave enough to speak up….I would listen (read) to what you shared and commented on. This is the Path that you helped carve out for me, before I stepped out of the shadows.
      Sending Love your way, Kaarina.

  4. Another inspirational Monday post, Amber-Lee! You got me again and the part that really calls to me is that we are all connected. It is so true all of our decisions impact others in more ways than we know. You have made a huge impact on my life and I thank you for that. You are quite special!

    • Terri ~ Do you have any idea, how it makes ME feel.. to know that I (me) said something, did something, am something… anything, that would inspire you to say that?

      That, alone is huge. Another piece is that in itself, is knowing you wouldn’t just say that, that you mean it… Wow. Me? (yes, my voice squeaks) I know I have so much more to learn, so much further to grow… there are so many people who have already understood what I am just now getting… we CAN make a difference, each of us. But they need to be told, Terri! I, myself, I didn’t KNOW… what if they don’t? They matter. What they think, do, say, matters. We have to let them know just how MUCH they matter.

      LOL! I’m glad you are part of my life, Terri.
      ~ Amber-Lee

  5. This is a great way of looking at things Amber-Lee! If we think of the way we show up in life can a far greater reach than just how our day goes, it provides inspiration to keep going, and never give up!

    Beautiful comment Stan!

    Ang :)

  6. I do “big L” love your Mondays too..even though I usually get it Tues. am..but that’s been a good thing!

    It’s so nice to hear someone say “what you are doing matters” and yes I have to say it right back atcha!!! You always hit it right on!!

    As Always ~*~

    • Yeah, well you and I both know that I am usually scrambling to meet my own deadlines! LOL… It really means a lot to me, Ann, that you, personally, get so much from these posts. A lot. You mean so very much to me.
      ~ Amber-Lee

  7. Always esteem others greater than yourself… It’s a great position to serve others and life from : )

    You are one inspirational writer, miss!

    Stay warm :o

    • Mark!
      Me? I just write it as I see it… seems to me that means YOU are part of the inspiration… Yes? Yes.
      Oh, I’m warm enough, just tired of waking up to Winter every other day! LOL
      ~ Amber-Lee

  8. How do I miss these posts??? LOL!

    I honest to goodness give up/in/out EVERY SINGLE NIGHT when I crawl into bed. I say to myself, “Just walk away (from the Internet and Life). Just go and sleep in the grass for a month!”
    But I wake up every morning at 4am and have amazing thoughts that come to life – a life that they dreamed of having while I was sleeping!!
    I will rinse and repeat for he rest of my life. Of that I’m pretty sure!

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