Monday Motivation: Man-Up and STOP the Mind Games

Pioneer Outfitters is all about Horseback Adventures, Winter Excursions and Big Game Hunting in the remote Alaska Wilderness deep inside the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve.

But that is not all Pioneer Outfitters is.

We are also individuals, family, friends and a Team.

We each have strengths, weaknesses, pet-peeves, wishes and dreams.

As people, we fall into the same funks that plague people everywhere else in the world.

We fall into the same trap, trip over our own offended selves and play mind games with ourselves.

Mind Games

Mind Games

Mind Games

Whether you subscribe to the belief that “the end is near” (imagine some creepy music) or that the seemingly daily tragedies, natural disasters and losses happening all over the world are in fact caused by some sort of strange sequence the stars have aligned themselves into; the fact remains that incident after incident and drama on top of drama affects us all at some point and to some degree.


You’ve no doubt seen or heard or possibly even used the term “man-up.”

Maybe you use the “cowboy-up” version or the girly one talking about “big-girl-panties.”

~ It all refers to and means the same thing. Mind games.

“Things are starting to suck, but there’s capacity for change in what we’ve made, who we are and what we believe. Everything was made, and if we want, we can remake it how we see fit. We only need to want it.

 And then we have to build it.”

~ Frank Chimero

The mind games we are talking about are the ones we allow our own subconscious and even other people to set into our path as insurmountable obstacles.

Wasting away valuable time and effort worrying, rehashing events simply to: #1 gossip and blame, and #2 waste more time as the point isn’t about gathering useful information as much as it is a  “poor-poor-me” fest.

Man-Up and STOP! The Mind Games

Complications, exhaustion, lack of money, lack of manpower and lack of time and experience can cause all kinds of setbacks and problems.

A lack of support, dwindling motivation, inability to find inspiration, feeling alone and misunderstood; these can all hider or even stop all forward movement towards the goal or vision.

“I’m only one person.”

“Nobody cares.”

“The world is against me.”

“God doesn’t love/hear/answer me.”

“What next?”

Or this one ~ (this one really fries all my brain circuits when I hear it and my ass too.) “WHY ME?”

These are some of the mind games we play with ourselves.

When we allow that ugly-evil lizard thing in our most tender depths, overrule and undermine all we have worked for- we are giving into the mind games.

Man-Up and STOP! The Mind Games

Shit happens.

Terrible, tragic things happen to so many (if not all) people at some point in their lives.

The one thing I have found to be true living my life of adventure, risk and danger is that if I am still alive when the dust settles, there is still work to be done.

There is still the path and the vision.

If and when I find myself alone: I know I am not, not really.

Monday Motivation.

It came to be through a desire to reach out to people who may feel that they “can’t”, people who feel that they are without support or understanding of how very hard it can be (and often is) to make a difference.

To make a difference in one life or many lives.

The Monday Motivation Series is our way of sharing the strength that comes from understanding and experience.

The strength that comes from believing we, each, are not alone in our battles and struggles and that there are a great many times and a multitude of burdens that can be lessened by that knowledge (that you are NOT alone).

Man-Up and STOP! The Mind Games is this week’s Monday (and every other day of the week) Motivation.

It is to remind us all, (yes, “us”), that often the problem, disaster, tragedy or drama isn’t really what stops us so completely.

It is the mind games we play with ourselves, unknowingly.

Don’t forget ~ You are NOT alone.


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6 Responses to Monday Motivation: Man-Up and STOP the Mind Games

  1. Hey, Amber-Lee!
    I have to admit, I love getting older! The mind (mine) is easier to read and much more fun to laugh at.
    I have no doubt that I’m not alone and that all is well and getting better, worked out, sinking in, settling down, or fading out. I wake up every day with a smile on my face and looking for fun.
    I used to be a dancer (and aerobics addict) so this’ll sound strange….I just discovered stretching again! LOL! Not the normal kind – I mean the kind that starts small and twists and turns you awake, out of your control once it starts. HAHA! Do you know what I mean?
    So, if your heads a mess and you can’t wrap it around a good thought…STRETCH. It’s really fun the way I do it! And then, before you know it, you’ve forgotten that thought you had a minute ago that the world was going to end, and you laugh…for no reason.
    And then you’re ready to jump in some cold water to top it off!

    • Betsy,
      You never fail to bring a smile to my face.
      Ya know ~ Me too, I find that I too love getting older in so many ways. (Even if I moan about it when I haul my butt up another mountain!)
      It feels so good in so many ways, finally understanding (or feeling as if I am on the right Path, anyways) so many things. There is sadness and regret, of course, for the pain and disappointment I am sure that I have caused in my past, but even that is treasured for the lessons it wrought. The thing is, I have played my share (and possibly a few others quota as well) of mind-games with myself over my years and the lessons cannot be hoarded.

      Betsy. Seriously? There is nothing, absolutely nothing (except one thing) that would inspire me to jump in these cold waters! LOL

  2. You are so right, those mind games get us ALL at one time or another, and the worst part is thinking you;re alone. You are right. No one is alone unless they choose to hide out and be alone!

    I love Stop It..Stop It..Stop know what I’m referring my other Faves are Suck it up Sweet Cheeks and Get over it or Get a boot in your Butt. Seems I’ve used all 3 a whole lot (plus a few well chosen swear words) with a certain teenager this past week! A few adults have heard the same over the years too, including me telling myself!

    Excellent blog Amber..especially for this time of year..and ya know where to come if ya need a boot! xoxo

    As Always ~*~

    • Uh-Oh…. Now, don’t be sending ME your juvenile delinquents! LOL, I have enough of my own!

      My job, as I see it, is to make sure I remind the world often enough that everyone gets the message- that they are NOT alone. I spent more than half my life feeling very- VERY, alone. I wasn’t. Neither are you.

      Yeah. I worry about the world during the holidays and the season. I know that it is almost unbearable for some… The stress, worry, obligations, insane crowds, weather; these things too, count. They can sure take the shine off for a lot of folks too.

      I never worry about having to ask for a boot in my own posterior ~ I am certain you would know about it before I recognized it myself! LOL, yeah…kinda scarey, that.

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