Monday Motivation: The Comfort Zone

Stepping out of your comfort zone.

Walk your talk.

Be careful what you wish for.

Walk your talk.

When one door closes, another opens.

Walking the talk…

The Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

The Comfort Zone

These and a few others are what the whispers I can hear in the background in the silence of the early Alaska morning.

“That’s a wrap! Congratulations, people, we have just made believers out of the skeptics.”

I only remember my dreams rarely, but as I opened my eyes this morning, this one came back in a wave of feelings and with enough detail that I had to take a moment and be sure it wasn’t a memory.

Now, the whispers.

Oh, I know it is only my own subconscious.

They are my own thoughts, my own dreams and goals and my own fears that are tugging me around like a puppy toy.

Sharing with you, my own thoughts, experiences, hopes and dreams over the years has been nothing less than an incredible opportunity and blessing for me and for us.

Monday Motivation is the series of posts dedicated to helping YOU stay your path, keep working towards YOUR goal and to above all else, remind you that indeed, you are NOT alone.

I have also shared with you our thoughts and intentions concerning Pioneer Outfitters moving away from the typical (not to mention “old school”) TV hunting shows and moving on to something better through Raw Woods Alaska and Pioneer Outfitters.

More of who we really are. The reality of Pioneer Outfitters and life in the Bush.

Alaska Chick’s Blog has been working hard to expose Pioneer Outfitters to the world for these last years and through those efforts, I ~ Alaska Chick, aka Amber-Lee, have been asked numerous times over the last two years to interview for various different reality-type Adventure TV shows.

(Remember? The Nat Geo Interview? Interview, Alaska Chick)

I have NEWS!

(Ready for this?!) A few of Pioneer Outfitters Team will be filming a “Showreel” over the next two weeks. (Details are still secret!)

The COmfort Zone

Realizing that I was afraid of this opportunity was humbling.

I thought I was ready for anything.

I simply shut down, after hanging up the phone.

It wasn’t even an effort to come up with all the “reasons” I couldn’t do this. (reasons I couldn’t even try) I even spewed out a few reasons why this was actually a horrible idea.

Do you know what I learned?

I learned that this was exactly why Monday Motivation is so popular.

Because it reminds us (I hope it reminds you as it did me.) that we are not alone.

I sent a message to a couple close online people, whom I trust and have learned so much from.

Within minutes, I had responses from both of these very busy professionals.

BOTH were full of support, encouragement and sensible statements to my near-hysterical messages.

What I found in their calm presence and words were reminders of what we know, what we’ve learned together here on Alaska Chick’s Blog and a huge dose of courage.

Courage, because that is one thing I didn’t say to either person, that I was so afraid.

Afraid of failing, afraid of looking stupid, afraid of missing posts here on Alaska Chick’s Blog.

Afraid of succeeding.

… just plain scared.

The COmfort Zone

Sometimes, the door doesn’t just crack open.

Sometimes it is blown off the hinges.

So, this is my confession that I was scared too.

I will head out with my Team within the next few days and we will have an incredible adventure to share with you.

And I wont forget again. I am not alone. Neither are you.

So, wish us luck and stay tuned for the posts that will keep you in the loop!

Are you looking for the rest of the Monday Motivation series? (I do all the time!)

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10 Responses to Monday Motivation: The Comfort Zone

    • Oh Lord.
      Ok, I’m on it.
      And yes, if I don’t dwell on it, I AM excited… just nervous too. I know you have me covered here, online, but I feel so much more in my element as I tie up my horse to sneak up on a Grizzly Bear! LOL
      Love you!
      ~ Amber-Lee

  1. I’ll cover the homestead without you, and you’ll really be missed, and I know when you’re gone.

    This time, though, I also know you’re charting new paths to share more about staying on the path.

    You’re such a true, genuine inspiration…your success is well-deserved, Friend.

    • Jayme,
      Thanks for being here, really, today. We will be flying out tomorrow. (deep breath) And yes, I will Stay the Path. I will learn all I can and share it all! LOL… (Had to have some quick and serious pow-wow re: the contract on that point!)
      I am still trying to get out of my own sweet hell (packing) and over to get me a copy of YOUR NEW BOOK!! Yipee!! (See? I wouldn’t forget!!)
      Love YOU, you crazy city girl!! Take care of our world…
      ~ Amber-Lee

    • Jen! (My Dad says “Thank you for talking some sense into my impetuous one!!”)
      A Great Adventure Lies Ahead.
      (I think that should be my first update!!)
      Jen, thank you so much for helping me (BEGIN) to get ready for the changes that seem to be happening faster and faster. I will still be writing and connecting, I am just not sure how often or how much time I will have to do it… Thank you.
      Thank you, for helping me when I needed serious straight talk. I still have flutters, but they are more anticipation than sick ones now! I will #bealeader we can all be proud of, promise.
      ~ Amber-Lee

    • Blair,
      I saw your comment and had to laugh- out loud! I hadn’t thought of that!
      A Whole New Wilderness
      ~ THAT will be my second update! LOL
      I’m goin’, I’m goin….
      Lord help us all….
      ~ Amber-Lee

  2. Excited for you!!! Amazing!!! You are not alone and neither am I :) Appreciate the connection and confidence to step into the unknown out of the comfort zone!

    • No, neither you nor I are alone, Alli.
      All I can say to you, Alli is that without you, you all, and all you have added to my life, I would have never understood or possibly even considered the possibility of the blessings that may just be right there, through that doorway, that window…
      So, I will go see what there is to see, learn all I can and meet and connect with people I may never have encountered if I had not stepped through that doorway…

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