Monday Motivation: When Life Just Sucks

This is something that happens at some point, for everyone.

When life just sucks the big wienie, how are you supposed to keep going, stay the path and do the job?

When Life Just Sucks

When Life Just Sucks

When Life Just Sucks

It is something we are all dealing with, with the tragedy at the Boston Marathon, the horrible explosion in Texas, shootings in schools, our soldiers still so far from home, our nation’s economy, a President no one seems to trust and so many more things happening, some in our own homes….

What do you do to keep going when life just sucks?

What do you do if you loose someone dear to you?

Here is a fact. Sometimes, when life just sucks, you are doing all you can to breathe in and out.

That is O.K.

Monday Motivation is supposed to get you moving! You may be thinking…

No, not really.

Or at least, that isn’t all it is.

Monday Motivation, the idea that created it, … is about letting you know you are not alone and that what you are doing is (or will) making a difference.

It is about not giving up or being drug down by nay-sayers.

It is about helping you, stay the path, which ever path you are on.

Sometimes, when life just sucks, it really is all you can do, to breathe.

To function, at whatever levels are possible, and sometimes they aren’t very high.

Is that bad? Is that wrong? Lazy? Not understood?


Breathe. In and out.

Until you can do more.

Then give yourself a break.

Breathe a little more.

The path, the goal, the dream… it will be there, when you are ready.

“While we are mourning the loss of our friend, others are rejoicing to meet him behind the veil.” ~John Taylor
“When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.”  ~Kahlil Gibran

People: you, me, him, her… we all have strong feelings about the things that matter to each of us.

When you are dealing with a terrible pain or loss, sometimes you need to just take some time.

It is different for each of us.

Grief has to be felt and we all deal with different griefs and loss in different ways.

There are no rules to it, there is no time period when you will feel like yourself again.

There is no right or wrong way for you to feel.

“Give sorrow words; the grief that does not speak whispers the o’er-fraught heart and bids it break.”  ~William Shakespeare

“Let your tears flow and where they go, let your sorrows follow.”  ~Dodinsky

Some people do better dealing with horrible, by staying busy.

Some people, would like to talk about what has happened.

There is no right and wrong, there is only what and how you feel.

Most only need to know that you are there to listen, when they are ready to talk.

I am not going to claim that I know how to give you advice about this, only that I care.

The only thing I do know is that everyone grieves differently.

It doesn’t mean they don’t care, as much as it doesn’t mean they care too much.

All it means is that it happens.

Eventually or by a terrible unexpected accident that no one could foresee, sometimes we loose others that mean the world to us.

“Where there is anger, there is always pain underneath.”  ~Eckhart Tolle

“God gave us memories that we might have roses in December.”  ~J.M. Barrie

Please don’t think you are alone.

Please don’t think someone may not care how badly you hurt.

Someone, anyone, may not know how you feel, exactly, but you are not alone and you are cared about.

You are that important too.

I just want you to know, it’s ok.

Today, you should know that it is ok to just do what it takes to get through the next minute when you need to grieve.

Sometimes, you may need help finding the light again.

Please don’t be afraid to ask someone for help.

There are so many people, waiting, to be asked.

If this post may offer any comfort to someone, please pass it on.


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21 Responses to Monday Motivation: When Life Just Sucks

  1. Wow. What a moving and inspiring post. Well said! I think we all have those experiences, but it’s so important to know you’re not alone, and you can move on. THANK YOU! GREAT post. ;)

    • Thank you Nancy!
      It really is important. We all hear that “things will be ok”…but they never really feel the same. The other side is that you also hear, “Keep going!!”….Well, that doesn’t always work either…and then what is wrong with you..?!
      Sometimes, just getting through really is enough for today. And maybe even next week.. just breathe.
      And you are NOT alone.
      I care. A lot.
      Thank you, Nancy.

  2. HONOR the loss, the tears, the pain. The conflict, the anger, the sorrow, and eventually, the resolution. They must all be HONORED and acknowledged, ALWAYS! There is deep respect and love in doing so. It is also a way of assigning divine value to being a mere human. Cry the good cry. You have the right.

    • Ali,
      It strikes me as ironic that I 100% agree…and I don’t know for sure when that happened, that understanding. Thank you.
      Maybe I will, but it is not my time yet… I am still needed.
      thank you for being here, Ali.
      ~ Amber-Lee

  3. Beautifully shared post, Amber-Lee and with such respect. Grieving is different for everyone. Each day gets a little better until one day you start to see some light. Writing about a loss can be a release. We are all here for you.

    • Terri,
      I am so humbled by your (and our fellow teammates) support. I will say this for your heart, for all of your hearts, your caring, your real, touchable caring has touched Wes during this terrible and difficult time for him, in an amazing way. This world we are part of is such a beautiful, perfect thing… so often. I would hate to think anyone would miss one moment of it, by simply not seeing it.
      Thank you, Terri, for being here.
      ~ Amber-Lee

  4. Wonderful, Amber-Lee. We all grieve in our own way – and sometimes we just need to take it one day at a time to keep moving forward.

    • Yes. Jen, that is it. Each of us are so different…. so when life goes haywire and terrible pain has to be endured… each of us is different. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe the next day. Thank you Jen. For all of it. ALL. Of. It.

      I was so afraid… and I knew, if I worked it from the heart, if I used all I had learned, it would be as much as I could give. It was hard. It was absolutely horrible. And he knew he was not alone. And he knew he was allowed to hurt, to cry, to rage…. and we would keep him safe and hold him close. Thank you for preparing me.
      ~ Amber-Lee

    • Melanie,
      Hi there. I hope it was something you can remember when you need it or need to share it.
      Thank you for being here, Melanie.
      ~ Amber-Lee, aka Alaska Chick

  5. Moving post Amber Lee. Each of us grieve in our own way. I relate to what you say here since I suffered a loss in the family a fortnight back.

    A hug, listening, being there, are some of the forms which helps a person when they are in grief.
    No matter what the most important is to be there in the form and presence the person grieving wants so that they find the strength to tide over this rough patch in their life.

    Lovely post.

    • “so that they find the strength to tide over this rough patch in their life.”
      And that is the point, Lalita.
      I had a heart ache for you and sent up prayers thinking of you… I had a feeling, reading your post one day, not long ago.
      I hope this helped, in any small way.
      ~ Amber-Lee

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