Motivation, Inspiration and Butt Kicking

Motivation, Inspiration and Butt Kicking

It took me longer than it should have to fully understand this life lesson.

“Life Lesson #4: We are in this together.” ~ Alaska Chick

As Pioneer Outfitters began it’s online presence, we knew that to share our own struggles and triumphs we could possibly make a difference in another person’s struggle, moment or day.


Know this: you are not alone.

On this page, you will easily be able to see, read and share any of Alaska Chick’s Blog Monday Motivation series as well as anything I happen to find that Motivates or Inspires me, and in hopes it may do the same for you!

There is also a little Butt Kicking thrown in, just in case you need it (like I do at times!).

Monday Motivation, Be Real

“It can be downright terrifying. Risking rejection, humiliation and the very real fear of putting yourself, the real you, in front of those that could hurt you takes courage.”

Monday Motivation, Advocate for Others

“When we advocate for others, we are standing for them for the entire world to see.”

Monday Motivation, Be Accountable

“It is not only what we do, but also what we do not do, for which we are accountable.” Molière

Monday Motivation, You ARE Enough!

We seem to always be asking ourselves whether how much of what we are doing at work, or in life, is enough. I know I ask myself.” By Elena Iacono

Monday Motivation, Be Bold and Brave!

“… Beware, that over-thinking is often the cause of hesitation, stealing from you that first step that will change your life.”

Monday Motivation, Make it Count

“… Just a slight lack of attention to the details of what we are pursuing, and the message that we are sending can be lost.”

Monday Motivation, Dont Suck

“… Those real life examples are exactly why you are and will continue to be unhappy, bored, frustrated, not appreciated and under valued. FOREVER.”

Monday Motivation, Be Faithful!

“… We must not give in to old ways or the lure of comfortable routines, we must not give up when things are hard as they surely will be and to be honest it may feel as if they already are almost too much to bare.”

Monday Motivation, Get Committed

“… Habit, on the other hand is “a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.

Habits are incredibly important to us as well.

The habits we create are for safety, more often than not.

We create these habits to make sure nothing is left to chance when we are beyond exhaustion, too cold to think or so busy that you’re not sure if you just found a spare set of hobbles or lost your horse.”

Monday Motivation, Stay the Path

“… It isn’t easy, folks. It isn’t easy to Stay the Path, it isn’t easy to Be Fearless, it isn’t easy to be a leader and quite honestly there are days it isn’t easy to be an adult but there it is.”

Monday Motivation, Cut it Loose!

 “… Carrying around the bad feelings, withholding forgiveness from ourselves as well as from others, holding grudges or tallies of what is owed, dwelling on heartaches or past failures are all weights that do nothing at all to improve us or help us to reach our goals.”

Monday Motivation, The Path You Choose

“… The Path you choose will be the walk you talk, the talk you talk, the way you live your life personally and professionally and how you will impact the lives that intersect with your own.”

Monday Motivation, You ARE Enough!

“… We are making a difference to each other, to others that come into our lives, either for work, in our personal lives or those who come into our days, just for a moment. Just knowing this question is asked, by each of us, tells us that we are aware.

Motivation, Inspiration and Butt Kicking

(apply as needed)

Motivation Monday: # 11 Quotes For the End of Your Rope

[Tweet ““…anything that feels so right, done with a pure heart and good intentions towards yourself and the world, is worth it.”] Worth every bit of yourself that you give to it, sacrificed for it.”

Motivation Monday: It’s All an Adventure

“… Rather it is full of hidden quick sand, twists and overgrown trails. Deep valleys and raging waters that have to be crossed.

The sun doesn’t always accompany us, sometimes the wind blows dirt in your eyes and the rain is cold and relentless.”

Motivation Monday: Move It or Lose It

“… You are being imitated in your every action. As human as you may be, you are holding the ideal inside you.”

Motivation Monday: Moving Forward

“… So much has been building, the pressures, the demands, excitement and worries. The only single word I could grab a hold of, to try to pin-point what I was feeling was Gratitude.”

Monday Motivation: Make a Difference

“… What if I could share something with you, about us or something I have learned in the wilderness that could make a difference in your life?”

Monday Motivation: Alaska Strength and Smiles

“… One point that gets repeated constantly is that controlling or dealing with anything at all comes second to controlling and dealing with yourself, first.”

Monday Motivation: The Mountain Is You

“…. Fear, pain, shame, ignorance, lack of physical strength and heartbreak have no permanent hold on you (me).”

Monday Motivation: Recognition and Praise

“… We all need a reminder, now and then.

When everything in your life seems to be conspiring against you. Equipment or tools break, deadlines are missed, people around you seem to be in their own doldrums and dismiss all you are doing and trying so hard to accomplish.

We sometimes need a reminder, to Stay the Path.”

Monday Motivation: Alaska Courage and Callings

“… It is the knowledge that we are all in this life together and your unique calling is needed for the whole to be complete.

Monday Motivation: Let’s Talk Failure

“… If I could share with one strength, one lesson I have learned, one blessing, it would be to know, deep in your heart and soul, in the very front of your mind, that failure is only a word.”

Monday Motivation: Fake It ‘till You Make It

“… Believing this, and following through with all that is required and as much more as can be mustered, will also give you the much needed boost when you are tired or frustrated.”

Monday Motivation: Risking It All

“… Without that, the acknowledgment and willingness, the effort and release of risking it all, risking everything, how can that dream be reached? It cannot.”


Monday Motivation: Be Determined

“… Determined, by the wisdom of the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, is having reached a decision, firmly resolved. It is to be decisive, do-or-die (this is me), intent, hell-bent (yeah, probably me too), intent, purposeful, single-minded, confident, positive, unfaltering.”

Monday Motivation: When Life Just Sucks

“… Here is a fact. Sometimes, when life just sucks, you are doing all you can to breathe in and out.”

Monday Motivation: It is ALL About You, Except it’s Not

“… There is one huge truth in this. YOUR choices, your dedication, your never-give-up, your values and your actions; MATTER.”

Monday Motivation: The Comfort Zone

“… They are my own thoughts, my own dreams and goals and my own fears that are tugging me around like a puppy toy.”

Monday Motivation: About Rams and Plans

“… if we allow it, if we are not vigilant, fear, can destroy the dream.

Fear, so often disguised as frustration, offense or anger.

Disguised sometimes, even from ourselves.”

Monday Motivation: Hear Me Roar

“The path taken as a Team, is the only path that will lead to the Door.

The goal. The dream.

If one member of the Team is allowed to fall, to falter and be lost, the entire Team will have lost.

Each individual, in each position of the whole, is crucial for the future of our entire industry. This is it, ready or not, we are the ones chosen and the course is just ahead.”

Monday Motivation: Pushing Through

“… Pushing through whatever is disrupting you, whatever is draining you, whatever it is holding you back; is never easy, rarely gentle and only occasionally, convenient.

Monday Motivation: The Six Reasons Why

“… Most of us search throughout our lives for the reason or reasons why. The 6 Reasons Why that I have found may help your own search be just a little easier.”

Monday Motivation, The Wrong Struggle

“… Somehow, somewhere along that path, learning all you could, working on being the best you could possibly be, focused and dedicated, you lost the landmarks and it stopped being a beautiful thing.”

Monday Motivation: Man-Up and STOP the Mind Games

“… You’ve no doubt seen or heard or possibly even used the term “man-up.” Maybe you use the “cowboy-up” version or the girly one talking about “big-girl-panties.” ~ It all refers to and means the same thing. Mind games.”

Monday Motivation, Be Fearless!

“… Professional, spiritual, emotional and personal challenges are really, the only things we have a lot of the time to help push ourselves outside of our own comfort zone.


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