Motivation Monday: It’s All an Adventure



Do you feel as if you living the Adventure of your life fully? Do you remember what that feeling was like?

Let’s step back for a moment and think about the direction we have chosen for our lives, the challenges we face and the changes or goals that we have set for ourselves.

My Grandfather always used to tell me that when I was having a hard time knowing what the right choice was for me, to make a list of good and bad or pros and cons.

Does the good outweigh the bad?” Is one I ask myself when I find myself in doubt if I should continue a difficult path.


Difficult is acceptable, even welcome at times. Pushing you to become better at what it is you’ve decided to do.

Straining the bindings that hold you safe, making the world just a little bigger, each time.

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I embarked on this online journey, just over three years ago with Alaska Chick’s Blog and I started that journey with HubSpot teaching me all the “online ropes.”

For that reason alone I knew as I began, that a blogger needs to be real.

Real-real. Honest. Upfront. Courteous. Polite (mostly). Genuine.

I knew, that to be successful in this endeavor to bring us, you and I, closer together, I had to be exactly who I said I was.

What do you do when it seems like the only logical choice, really the choice so many would make, would be to just throw in the towel, to quit?

What keeps you going? What keeps you going, knowing you may fail?

It only seems fair that I tell you here, now, what keeps me going.

What it is that keeps me here at my desk, writing, talking to people on the phone (and you know how much I really detest having to talk on the phone), learning more about key-words than any self respecting Alaska guide needs to know… (yes, I digress…sorry)

It is you.

It is knowing that each and every person that comes into our lives, in Chisana or here, online, is someone special.

Each and every one of the people I reach with these words is someone who has something to share. Some piece of information that is missing from our own understanding of each other.

It is knowing this Path is the right one.

Other than being a handy knowledge for a guide to have, (yes that was my sarcastic side), it fills each of us, when we know in our hearts this is the right Path, the strength to keep going.

Rarely, it seems, is the Path straight and flat.

Rather it is full of hidden quick sand, twists and overgrown trails. Deep valleys and raging waters that have to be crossed.

The sun doesn’t always accompany us, sometimes the wind blows dirt in your eyes and the rain is cold and relentless.

Then, suddenly, as you come around the next curve, the wind dies, the light makes rainbows appear and the Grizzly Bear that dang near stops your heart, turns to look back and look there! One, two, three little basketball sized cubs amble out of the brush behind her.

It is those precious moments of understanding that remind you that you wouldn’t trade all the aches and pains or all the hours learning and training for even one of these rewards.

I hope you will join us on our journey, as well.

Our journey to connect with other people, to learn and share from others as we also share Adventures of a lifetime and the process of making memories to treasure, always.


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Do it! We are waiting to meet you and there is so much to show you and share with you!



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3 Responses to Motivation Monday: It’s All an Adventure

  1. Hi Amber,

    I love what I do. I’m passionately committed to what I do. Usually, I feel full to overflowing with passion and drive but sometimes, my well runs dry.

    I am so very glad you posted this post. It’s just what I needed today! I’m now ready to get back to it and get done what I need to.

    I’m not sure when but I know this, I will meet you one day when I come for a Horseback Spiritual Retreat. That is definitely something I want to experience.


    • What a beautiful dream, for both of us, to look forward to, Sharon!

      I love it when I read something that feels like it was exactly what I needed, right that minute. It is wonderful that this post did that for you. (I did it right!)

      I hope you have a wonderful week!
      ~Amber-Lee, aka Alaska Chick

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