Motivation Monday: Moving Forward

We all know that when the feeling is on us, nothing can stop the forward momentum.

But what do you do when you plateau?

When it feels like you are just spinning your wheels and you really want to feel like you are moving forward, what do you do?

Moving Forward

Moving Forward

Moving Forward

I started thinking about this, over the last week.

Moving forward.

So much has been building, the pressures, the demands, excitement and worries. The only single word I could grab a hold of, to try to pin-point what I was feeling was Gratitude.

Motivation, in easy terms is simply the desire to do something.

It is the “secret sauce” in not only setting your goals, but attaining them. Research has proven that you can influence your own level of motivation, every day.

So, throw in a week of an entire Team of seven people (more than half of which were MEN) horribly sick with a simple cold.

Throwing up, laying in bed wishing for an easier death, coughing, sniffing and blowing….ugh.

Yes, I was wishing for my own Momma.

Added to another dreaded upcoming interview (cringe!) and packing (ten boxes!!) my 14 year old son’s requests to send out to him, to have at his Dad’s since he will be staying with that half of his family for school now. Dealing with the sadness and hollow spot in my heart, explaining to his baby sister that she’ll still see him, but he wont be coming home for awhile.

You may be thinking, “Gratitude?!

Yes. Gratitude.

I am thankful for so very much. Two brilliant, healthy children.

An Ex (and his lovely wife) who are such good friends and blessings in my life. The little sisters they gave my son and daughter and the unwavering support of all my own goals and dreams. And always, I am eternally grateful for such a beautiful and safe place to call home.

The people I have met (like you) through the website and blog, have opened my world to such possibilities.

The people I now have in my life, as if they had always been part of it. The communities I have found myself part of, to help me become so much more than I would have been without them. To be so much more to our Trainees as I pass along all I have learned to them.

How does this (all this) tie into your Monday Motivation?

Look around.

Take stock of what has changed in your life, since you began.

Notice how much you’ve learned and gained.

Hold close to yourself the people that have come into your life, since and possibly even because of your decisions.

Feels pretty good, doesn’t it?

Yadda, yadda, ok, let’s get to it!

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Have a wonderful week and make a difference!


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10 Responses to Motivation Monday: Moving Forward

  1. I was Grateful and had a Big Smile today. The Sun came out for a bit between showers AND it was warm enough for just a sweatshirt!! Big Smile, it felt like Spring!..and lots of MUD. :)

    Hope you’re all on the mend!

    As Always ~*~

    • I sure wish it would start raining here! LOL, We are a couple months away from rain, I fear…
      We are all on the mend…
      Blown away by the horror to befall Boston today, but grateful, for what we do have.
      ~ Amber-Lee

  2. Your spirit shines bright, your attitude one that we should all aspire to…grateful for our friendship, grateful for each moment. Cheers! Kaarina

  3. You have just reminded me to STOP. Stop focusing on tomorrow so much, stop wanting more right this minute and just BE. I have crazy enormous wonderful things and people and experiences in my life to be grateful for right this minute (including connecting with YOU). Focusing in on what’s missing won’t make it magically materialize but wow does gratitude fill me up with appreciation and humility. Thank you, my friend!

    • Alli,
      I have spent a lifetime on goals… loosing weight, saving money, getting stronger, (building up draw weight so that I can hunt a Grizzly bear with a bow!)…I know that sometimes it feels as if we just stop making (visible) progress.. But we are! And through it all, all I can think of is that I shouldn’t even still be here… every single minute is such an enormous gift and blessing… how can I fuss over extra time? Just look at the amazing people (you) in my life, now!

      I think that if someone feels that “rutty” feeling, as they are working so hard towards something, to remember all that they have changed, brought into their lives. It is a reminder to STOP and take stock.

      I’ve been horribly sick (relapse last night) but when I woke this morning a dusting of pure white covered all the dirty snow so it looks shiny and fresh again. Blue skies are overhead and my children are safe and happy.
      Thank you, Alli, for being part of my life.
      ~ Amber-Lee

  4. You continue to amaze me Amber-Lee with both your insights into life and your ability to be vulnerable and share them! You are one special leader and I am so thankful we have connected. Taking stock in what we should each be greatful is sage advice. I shall do that today. Thanks for who you are.

    • Terri,
      It means so much to me that I have you in my life now… So much to learn from. So much insight and experience and knowledge, all with a beautiful gentleness that I do lack, I am thankful too, for each of you, being part of my life. I will not waste time with wrong feelings but I also have the ticking in the background to remind me, that this moment counts, Terri. This one moment. It is a gift. Thank you for being here.
      ~ Love

  5. Don’t Tiggers bounce? I LOVE TIGGERS! I give up every day because I know I can’t take myself seriously. I quit everything at least once a week. It’s fun. The downside is that nobody believes me anymore! Ha! But that’s a good thing, too. No pressure.
    My heart is breaking for the “good” move for your son. That has to be so hard! Even “right” and “good” things can tear us up.

    • Betsy,
      It is hard. Really terribly hard. Painful and disgusting, really…LOL. But it IS a really great thing too. For him, his Daddy (that’s what I call him!) his Momma Dannie and his other sisters. Only a short plane ride away…. I’m lonely without him. But I am also blessed. We are one family. And they miss him so badly too.
      You are so goofy… I love you for every giggle, Betsy. Don’t ever doubt it.
      ~ Amber-Lee

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