The “Must Have” in Your Winter Pack

Your Winter PackWhat’s in your pack this Winter? Are you prepared for anything? “Anything” as in an unexpected Adventure! anything, as in an Alaska Winter Adventure!

My backpack / winter pack hangs by the front door with our coats and parkas. You just never know when you might need to just grab it and run, so I keep it ready to go, prepared for the season.

Last Fall, after our Fall Big Game Hunting was wrapped up and the horses were delivered to their Winter graze areas, I dumped my back pack like I do every Fall, and preceded to re-pack it for the next Adventure.

Winter is a special time in Alaska, magical in ways that are hard to describe. There is a different kind of freedom that comes from riding a snow-machine than riding a horse. Exciting, exhausting at times and almost effortlessly other times, it is plain fun.

So, what’s in my winter pack that is so important that I would write a post about it?

Well honestly, nothing. LOL!

There is nothing special about being prepared. It’s just smart.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
~ Benjamin Franklin

And in the remote interior of Alaska’s mountains at -50* F (that is fifty below zero, Fahrenheit) is no place to be, if you are not prepared. Prepared for what?

Prepared for Anything & Packed for an Alaska Winter Adventure

What’s in my winter pack? Let’s see!

Your Winter PackIn my tool bag, I have:

  • Bungies, rolled up
  • Spark plugs
  • Spark plug wrench
  • Medium anchor shackle
  • Large D link
  • Hand-chainsaw
  • 2-Blinky- emergency lights
  • Leatherman
  • 2-pocket knives
  • Ropes

3-(small, medium, large) Flash lights with red light beacon choice


Small axe

Small hand saw

First Aid Kit (loaded)


Your Winter PackSPOT and Backtrack (emergency check in and locator)

Ice cleats

Extra storm cover for camera and lens cleaners

Fire starter (lighters, wind proof matches, cotton balls in vaseline, homemade wax bombs)

Thermal emergency blanket and a solar blanket

Spare gloves, mittens and liners.

Instant Hand-warmers (lots)

Silk bandana (great for wind, or a sling)

Cotton bandana (great for wounds or a cloth)

Small Can (to melt water in)

Small pot, 2-coffee cups, spoon-knife-fork-combo thingy

Water bottle

Personal bag:Your Winter Pack

  • Small TP roll
  • Package of tissues
  • Chapstick
  • Wet wipes

Snacks: (This one is important for many reasons, but for me, I have to be very careful, as I have hypoglycemia.)

  • Power bars
  • Granola Bars
  • Peanut butter bars
  • Gum
  • Beef Jerky
  • Instant coffee
  • Tea
  • Protein gel (yes, it is revolting, but it stops the shakes!)
  • Instant oatmeal

I also have a ziplock with plastic trash bags and a grain sack folded into. These are used most often for a place to sit, to stay dry. They are also handy to have for wind proofing a shelter or just as bags. That is my last bit of advice, “ziplock everything!” You just never know when you are going to get wet.

I keep the cargo net that holds my back pack on the snow-machine, in the side pocket of my back pack so I can grab and go without wondering where I hung it up or put it the last time I used it.

Your Winter PackI also have in my pack, an all-weather notebook, pens, and cards for those just-in-case scenarios that have you (me) sitting and waiting for someone to come get your (my) stranded butt.

So! There you have it, a pack you can grab and know you will be ok with, out in the wilderness of Alaska.

I also took a picture of my winter gear, but forgot to add my snow pants! These are the things I wear over smart layers to go anywhere further than I am going to walk.

Remember to stay safe out there on your adventures and keep in mind that people like ourselves not only train to guide guests in the winter wilderness but live in it, play in it and work in it.

 Your Winter Pack

Our Winter and Spring Excursions are a special kind of Adventure that, if you enjoy winter, you have to experience!

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4 Responses to The “Must Have” in Your Winter Pack

  1. That is one impressive backpack full of survival stuff!

    Tell me those are Chick-let’s boots though!

    As Always ~*~

    • Ann,
      Those are my bunny-boots! Gotta have them. Used to where muchlucks looooong time ago…. until one day, I asked like I did, “Will we be getting into water?” And was told no. So. I went ahead and wore my muchlucks and preceded to get VERY wet and VERY cold… Scary cold… so I just don’t wear them if I am going anywhere except from here to there in the compound…

  2. Good read. A suggestion for your snack bag is to add nuts. Salmon is good too. I carry peanuts or any kind of nuts & salmon in a pouch. Good high source of proteins. Salmon jerky? :)

    • Funny thing? I love, simply adore peanut-butter….but I detest nuts. And the ones I don’t like are terribly fattening. (sigh) But! I do like salmon and I’ll have to try salmon jerky… hmmm… Thanks for that.

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