(NEW!) Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick, S’mores of Questions

Come on over, it’s warm by the fire! Tonight’s Campfire Chat is s’mores of questions!! Some of the questions you have left me are so easily answered, I thought I would answer them in a mish-mash (s’mores) Chat.

Questions from Michael Arnold, Brian Johnson, Elizabeth Grey and Greg Henry helped me create this S’mores of Questions and we will be chatting about berries, privy tricks, travel plans and wintertime bush-mail delivery.

Let’s Chat!

S’mores of Questions!

I met Michael through the first Campfire Chat, when I asked for questions and boy, did he lay them on me! So, we have lots of berries, to make jams, teas, soaps and medicines with. Low-Bush Cranberries, Mountain Blueberries, Bear-berries, Moss Berries, Crow Berries, Rose Hips and Raspberries keep both us humans and the bears happy critters.

What can I say? Brian Johnson’s question may have cracked me up, but seriously, it gets cold up here in the North! Hurry up, quit yer dawdling and get back in the cabin!

We met Elizabeth years ago, back when she and I both were just young chicks at the Sport Shows and she became a very good friend as well as great road-support to Pioneer back in the day. She just wants to see if I can still get us into strange situations and ungodly trouble!

As for Greg Henry’s question, his question received a quickie, accurate but quick answer too but I will be following up with Greg and we will have another Chat out here at my fire to go deeper into Weather Permitting.

I hope you enjoyed tonight’s video! Please, please, please leave me some questions! Questions, puzzlements or wonderments about our lives here in Chisana, are all welcome. We will answer each one, out here at my fire.

Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick videos can all be found easily by clicking the nifty new Campfire Chat button on the right side of this page. Please share them with your family, friends, pals, neighbors and IT dudes. I would love to hear from you (and them) all!

Have a great night!

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6 Responses to (NEW!) Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick, S’mores of Questions

  1. I have a new daydream that may always stay a daydream: sitting in a field in Chisana, drawing the scenery.
    Love the campfire S’More-making. Looks homey and fun! You have a great family atmosphere that I’m sure everyone would feel comfortable joining! Good job, guys!

  2. I feel special …so many berries ..so little time! Now I’m hungry for some of Terry’s bannock with some various berries in the mix! When I lived in Northern ME and went ice fishing with some local friends they made a heater for the ice shack that comprised a metal coffee can with a roll of toilet paper soaked in kerosene. It gave off a surprising amount of heat .. in a privy I suspect it would do the same! You might even tarry ….!

    • YAY!! I am so happy you got my terribly indirect message that your Q was up!
      Oh Lord, Michael. I can see it now…
      “…didn’t there used to be an outhouse over there?”
      “DON’T ASK”
      Ok. Now we need to get more folks to ask me some questions! And I have a GRAND surprise for you this Sunday!! (right here!)
      xx(HUGS) to you!

  3. OMG..58 some years of camping and making S’mores and I’ve never had PB on one??? and PB cups are my all time Fav. ..sigh..thee will be a fire in the pit this weekend even with the winter weather warnings!!! LOL
    Ummm..-40 and go out to the tiny house at night? Uh, Uh! Honey Pot + 2lb. coffee can in this neck of the woods! From my Mom on down all us girls have that size ring in-bedded on our butts!
    Good for you getting into herbs a wood stuff..I have a hugo herb garden..lots of goodies for everything in there!
    Great Chat..hat #5??? LOl

    As Always ~*~

    • I know! Costen, our goof-ball Cosco ~ HE is the one that introduced these to me! It was one of those “Aha!” moments!!
      Yeah, yeah, I can still feel the ring imbedded into my buttocks! But ~ there ya go.
      There is soooo much to learn about natural remedies, medicines and flowers, berries, weeds and such. I found a fabulous book this Summer- that can actually be understood- and right now, I am just trying to name everything around me!

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