(New!) Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick, Spring Grizzly

Welcome back for another Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick! Tonight we are chatting with Master Guide Terry Overly about the questions that two young brothers in Michigan, Merek and Mikah have about Spring Grizzly!

The brothers call themselves our “Fan-Club” and they had a whole bunch of questions about Grizzly Bears in the Springtime of Alaska.

So often, the questions we are asked are answered very easily as this is our life and Grizzly Bears are a big part of that life. But! This time, we were asked a question neither Master Guide Terry Overly nor myself have ever had to answer! A bonus, for sure!

So, let’s chat!

It’s always a pretty relaxed time around the fire when Terry brings his guitar. He enjoyed answering Merek and Mikah’s questions, as I was sure he would, there is very little Terry enjoys more than young people.

The 2014 Spring Bear hunts are going to be very exciting this year, we all believe. Last Fall, after our Season was completed for the year, we were feeling a bit overrun and outnumbered by the Grizzly Bears.

All of our Big Game Hunts are conducted on Horseback and Spring Grizzly is no exception. The Spring Grizzly Bear Hunts also include Black Bear and the elusive Timber Wolf at no additional charge and only a Black Bear tag is required. Any non-resident hunter is permitted to harvest 5 wolves with no tag.

The color phases of a grizzly bear are between very light blond to black. The toklat color phase is my favorite, a pure blond bear with a chocolate face and feet. I believe the phrase “color phase” is used here, in Alaska anyhow, to describe the fact that these animals come in definite different colors… and we have them all in the Chisana Valley.

There are specific laws that Alaska requires for Archery Hunters, a peak draw weight of at least 50 lbs. for mountain goat, moose, elk, musk ox, bison, and brown/Grizzly bear; all of these species require a fixed or replaceable blade type broadhead (not retractable), with a 20″ arrow, weighing at least 300 grains total.

We prefer our Grizzly bear hunters be proficient with a bow of 75 and higher draw weight. Bow hunters for Grizzly bear should be aware of the increased danger with this choice of weapon in comparison to a rifle.

The average distance of a shot for a Grizzly Bear is actually anywhere from 35 to 200 yards! I’ve personally snuck up on Bears sleeping. Close enough to make the toughest of hunters pee their pants and have never taken a Grizzly Bear at more than 180 yards.

So, this is Spring Grizzly in Alaska! I hope that you enjoyed this Campfire Chat and I really-really hope that you will leave YOUR question here for us to answer at my fire too!

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6 Responses to (New!) Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick, Spring Grizzly

  1. This is merek thanks for answering my questions Terry and Amber.

    and this is mikah thanks for answering my questons.
    I have one more . How does the bear get the butt plug out?

    Oh Lordy..this is Ann..Snort..Umm you said send you more questions..lol

    The boys say here with their noses to the screen!!! Very cool..Thank you both. I can’t believe you had one that stumped you both..LOL..Now your fan club has even bigger grins!

    Terry..your Awesome!..you need to join in the Chat more often!!!

    As Always ~*~

    • Merek & Mikah!
      Awesome guys! You stumped us both! LOL!!
      Hey remember- Terry mentioned they have to get their systems working again when they wake up- usually with old grasses… and it just comes out! LOL, Their bodies have to wake up a bit. If you come up with anything else you want to know, let us know! I can’t wait till you guys can visit for yourselves!
      Take Care of the Ladies of the house and try not to let Grandma go too crazy with all the shenanigans you two get up to!.

  2. Nice work , nice to Terry on the camera , I also very much enjoyed the last campfire chat , nice to interrgrate the team , I think the people who following like to see who and what is behind the scenes. good Job to all !

  3. That was a great segment, and the whole hair color thing set off a question in my mind for Master Guide Terry Overly! I was curious how he maintains his jet black hair and beard? I’m a man who’ll be 50 this year and just shaved my beard because I was sick of the grey, and I’m sure he’s many years my senior with no grey! Any chance of this being answered on the next chat?

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