(New Video) Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick, Guide Graduation

Tonight’s Campfire Chat question is from Steve Cox and it is a GREAT question! Listen in and leave your thoughts and comments in the box below. We might feature YOUR question next!

Alaska Guide Graduation

Pioneer Outfitters Alaska Guide Training program is one of the only Professional Guide Training programs recognized by the State of Alaska.

Steve Cox asked, Also, on the training program, do you generally have first year and second year trainees at the same time, of do you finish a “class” and then start another?”

~ Great question! Here we go…

Pioneer Outfitters has been training its own Professional Guides since 1924, teaching ethics, values, woodsman and horseman skills, safety, logistics, survival, game, state and Federal laws and regulations, firearms safety, various hunting techniques, trophy care, aircraft familiarization, photography, cooking and camp cooking, attitude … and all sorts of other nifty skills that a Professional Guide must have in his personal arsenal.

Pioneer Outfitters Guide Training is 100% and ALL, hands-on-training. We want our Alaska Guide Trainees to understand exactly what it takes to be a guide.

You can find out more about Pioneer Outfitters Survival & Guide Training right here on Pioneer Outfitters website and on Alaska Chick’s Blog.


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  1. I just really love these!! They keep getting better and better and the fire bigger and bigger..lol..hat #4! hehee..soon everyone will tune in to see which one you have on this time!
    Thinking we need a new Pinterest board just for these??

    As Always ~*~

    • Gramps ~ I hope you know it means as much to me to hear you say that as I know for a fact it does to Kaleb.
      I know we wouldn’t be this far without him (Kaleb) helping me.
      We are looking forward to having you and your love, Kaleb’s Grandma here with us someday. (Christmas would be wonderful! LOL)
      ~ Amber-Lee

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