NEW Video Series! Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick

Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick filming has already begun! I went ahead and bit the bullet before it hit me in the ass. The brand new video series filmed right here, in Chisana, Alaska, is all about me talking to you.

So, what do you want to talk about?

~ If we pick your topic, we will be sure to mention you!

It started one chilly night in October… and it is anything goes. You want to talk about it? Then ask your question!

This is a new direction, this video series, for Alaska Chick’s Blog and for Pioneer Outfitters. Most of you that know me, are well aware that video isn’t really … shall we say “My cup of tea.”  However, this is what many of you have asked, some even begged (yes, you!) for, so here we are.

Remember, the questions come from YOU! So, if you wonder and or would really like to talk about something in particular, don’t be shy! Just leave your question in the comments below or anyplace else we are connected and we will answer YOUR question next!

We can talk about Pioneer Outfitters, we can talk about the horses, our Horseback Adventures, Guide Training, Big Game Hunts, the trainees themselves, where we are at, what we are up to and what we think of whatever you want to talk about! We can talk about misconceptions and rumors, we can plot out the takeover of the government! Whatever floats your boat ~ that is exactly what we will discuss at the campfire.

Although I am not really excited about the whole video idea, I am excited about whatever brings us closer together and connects us. So, saying that, if you see something or have a thought, that you believe would make these Campfire Chats even more interesting, fun or better in any way, please feel free to share your ideas!

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18 Responses to NEW Video Series! Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick

  1. Can you turn up the volume on Chick’s responses any? I’m old and can’t hear as well as I used to.

    Also, on the training program, do you generally have first year and second year trainees at the same time, of do you finish a “class” and then start another?

    • Steve!
      We are working on the volume! Until the new mic arrives, I am going to do my BEST to speak up! LOL, I knew folks wouldn’t like THAT!!
      Also, THANK YOU!! For a very interesting question! I will be very happy to answer this one very soon.
      If you think of any others, please feel welcome to leave them anywhere we are!
      ~ Alaska Chick

    • Oscar! Hey, first, umm… you DID find it…cause you sent this note! LOL
      My good friend Ann said to me on Face Book this morning that she thought I might be in trouble with folks thinking that these Campfire Chats were like live-LIVE-live like right NOW live. Umm, No. The VIDEO is LIVE…like here and now!
      Now. If you would like to ask a question to be FEATURED on Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick, on the videos, please ask it! Here, on Face Book, on Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, where ever we happen to be, you ask, we will answer! We will answer your question, out by the fire, on video…to share with the world.
      I can’t wait to hear YOUR question!
      ~ Alaska Chick

  2. You are so cute! I love this idea. (I’ve been thinking about doing video at the beach).
    You can really tell that you know what you’re talking about because you’re so comfortable in front of the camera. Keep it up. It’s wonderful! I love feeling like I’m there!!

    • PERFECT!
      Thank you, Betsy! THAT is exactly how I want folks to feel!
      At the beach would be awesome ~ You always have such profound thoughts to share with us from the beach…. but ya gotta take a dunk too!

  3. My question for the Alaska Chick (which I met under some really interesting circumstances in the middle of my home town Wasilla)is: Being where you are and doing what you do, what has been your most profound and humbling moment in the wilderness?

      • It was fun huh, and so much fun in such a short amount of time!! And I never stop at that place!!! Who knew huh!!!!!

        • Tina!
          LOL, I am so glad to see you again!
          I am so happy to hear that you enjoyed my new Campfire Chat! You’ll have to think of a question to leave me next time.
          Who knew… well, I had an idea!
          ~ Alaska Chick

  4. Amazing! LOVED seeing you, hearing you and about the horses too. Really truly look forward to more!

    xoxo –


    • Alli!
      We did another last night! LOL, they certainly take a lot out of me!
      At least it is getting darker, earlier! Ha! I never thought I would be happy about that.
      I am also on high-alert of the Northern Lights and will try to film them.
      Did you think of a question?
      I have one for you ~ Do you have lights, down under, like our Northern Lights? What are they called? (Southern Lights??)
      I am so happy you stopped in to check the video out.
      ~ Amber-Lee

  5. LOVE this! Keep ‘em coming. And don’t change the lighting. It was wonderful to sit by the campfire with you, with the oil lamp and candles…cozy, warm, lovely. Cheers! Kaarina

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