Obituary: Alaska Guide Dies of Toothache

Alaska Guide Dies of a ToothacheHonestly? I think a toothache is a stupid thing to die from. I can hear it now… my obituary will read, “Alaska Guide Dies of Toothache.”  Think about it!

I am an Alaska Guide in the remote Interior of Alaska.  We are Horseback Outfitters, which means that all of our (Pioneer Outfitters) Adventures and Big Game Hunts are conducted on horseback.

As an Alaska Big Game Guide, I hunt (Dall Sheep, Grizzly Bears and Alaska-Yukon Moose), trap for fur with snowmobiles and snowshoes, use and ride range horses (which is simply a phrase that means they run wild for about half the year), cross rivers, navigate bogs and quicksand, climb mountains and use sharp knives.

After 20 years, I aint dead yet, and to be brought down by a toothache would be just embarrassing.

All joking and frustration aside however, I have come to understand it is no laughing matter. One hundred years ago, people did die from an infected tooth. Sadly, people still do. The toothache becomes an infection and the infection is much too close to the brain to play games with. Antibiotics are an absolute must.

And, so…?

It all comes back to safety and being aware. A toothache, such a minor inconvenience and discomfort, is a perfect example of an issue here in the remote wilderness, that could very well and painfully, kill you.

Alaska Guide Trainee

As professional Guide Trainees, you have to fully understand how far reaching “out of the hunting box” you must reach to be as fully prepared, aware of the endless directions danger can come from.

For the guests and clients, who have put their well being and very lives in your hands, to your team and crew who have to be able to count on you and for yourself, for survival, yes, but also for those that need for you to be at the top of your game.

Find out more about becoming an Alaska Professional Guide by clicking here!

Alaska Commercial Services Big Game Guide Board


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4 Responses to Obituary: Alaska Guide Dies of Toothache

  1. Ouch..Ouch…I can feel the pain and ache, it does feel like it’s in your brain and face and..and..just misery! especially bouncing around on horse back!!! AND to top it off you have to carry on, smile and guide..You take care my friend..take your own…..If you die of a Toothache before I get there..Well darn, I’ll just have to come up sooner and do ..better not say here! But Obituary?’d be in Deep trouble my friend……….

    As Always..~*~

  2. OMG Amber did you not take care of your tooth ??? I told you get that thing out . I sure hope it is not giving you problems right now , its way too hard to focus and accomidate a guset with a tooth ache , but I’d have to say because I am an ass “I told you so” Please if it is still giving you trouble you have to get it taken care of thats bad it will never go away on its own and it will seriously infect your whole body . your body will have to work so hard to fight infection you will be very sick , Man Up as kaleb would say and get it out . OK you are a nut ! . LOL

  3. I have six infected roots – what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. Right? :P

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