Pinterest and Alaska Horseback Adventures

Our summertime Horseback Adventures are approaching faster than I could have thought was possible. As I am out snowshoeing or checking horses, this winter, all I can think of are the trails we will take and the directions we will head.

As another summer approaches, there is always more to learn and accomplish. Life doesn’t hold any more still here in the remote mountains of Alaska, than it does for you.

A promise, as Alaska Chick’s Blog was born, from me to you, was that I wanted to give you a way to know us, really know us, in sharing us with you every place and in every way I can. In our lives, Adventures, Excursions, Hunting and Alaska Guide Training.

Well? Pinterest is another way to share with you. Pinterest is a virtual pin-board. It allows us to organize and share anything, even things we find on the world-wide web. I am working on Pioneer Outfitters (business) account now, (and having a heck of a time!) but until then, please find Alaska Chick, aka Amber-Lee Dibble (that’s me!!) on Pinterest and visit all the boards that I have created to share with you there.

Now, this (Pinterest) has been a learning experience and wa-ay too much fun! Oh, I should also issue a WARNING: Pinterest can be highly addictive!

2013 Horseback Adventures

Currently, I have 16 “Boards” on my profile.

  • Pioneer Outfitters, Chisana, Alaska … The first board I started for Pioneer Outfitters, to give you a glimpse into us, here in Chisana.
  • Pioneer Outfitters … This was a board started by Equestrian Travel, for Pioneer Outfitters. Lots more about what Pioneer Outfitters means to me and others.
  • Gear we love, Advice and Tips … This board is where we stick stuff that we have tried and used, advice from the lessons learned and tips that can help you stay prepared and safe in the wild.
  • Alaska Chick’s Blog …. You guessed it! It’s all about Alaska Chick’s Blog, what is important to Alaska Chick and what the plan is.
  • Getting Up the Next Mountain … The inspiration that keeps us climbing, when everything hurts and all that is felt is tired. The tools we use to stay in shape and the concentration it takes.
  • Learn it, Live it, Feel it … These are what I am working on in my life. In my journey to becoming all of me.
  • Stay the Path … Stay the Path, Alaska Chick. Stay the Path, @girlygrizzly. Stay the Path, Mommy. Stay the Path, Amber-Lee. Stay the Path. This Board is the inspiration that keeps me focused, working hard and it helps me to remember to laugh.
  • Pals, Of Course! The people that have come to mean a great deal to me … People I’ve met, mostly on line since I began January 2011. REAL people. These people have touched me, changed the direction of my life simply by their existence in the world of my reality.
  • Social Favorite Places & Spaces … Blogs I follow, some I am inspired by, some I learn from. All make me a better me. I love the internet!
  • Fan’s and Followers Hunting  … We want to see your hunting interests.
  • My Style, My Way … These are things that connect with me, a picture of me and what I am.
  • The Castle, our Home … This is the Board I created to have a place where all the things we have found, some we already have, some we simply wish for, for our new house. The Castle was started in 2010, and has sat waiting, only weeks away from completion, for two years. Waiting, for the right person to come into our lives, and help finish it.
  • Cookin’ For The Boys … A really nifty spot to keep all the very interesting recipes I have found on Interest! (I’ll try them out on the Boys.)
  • The Books in My Life … These are the books that are part of me now, have been for years, or shortly will be. Lifesavers and life changers. Relaxing and inspiring. Always right, always strong.
  • My Life for God … This Board is my journey to become closer to our Father. To help me be prepared to go, when called.
  • Our Beautiful World … As far as I can see… there is no man. No mark of man. Mountains, rivers, glaciers, creeks and valleys… This Board is a collection of the most beautiful pieces of our world.


I hope you’ll visit us at Pinterest and I hope you will be joining us this summer for an Adventure of a lifetime!

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    • Ya think? I like it! Ha! Stacy is making all the difference in the world with the help she gives on them….
      I like them, but they sure aren’t easy…
      I have a feeling it’s going to be CRAZY this year, Ann! Bring your vitamins! (And LOTS of diet Coke!)
      LOL ~Amber-Lee

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