Survival & Guide Training

Guide Training

Pioneer Outfitters has been training guides since it’s birth in 1924. That is over 90 years of experience, both with the Alaskan Wilderness and the individuals who wish to become Professional Guides.

“It has been brought to my attention on numerous occasions over the last few years both through my own experience as a Master Guide Outfitter and by other Guide Outfitters, friends and associates that it has been increasingly difficult to find reliable Assistant Guides that are qualified to actually guide in the field; to be competent and responsible with the client and loyal to his or her outfitter.” ~Master Guide Terry Overly

Guide Training

Guide Training

Although there are many Guide / Outfitter schools to choose from throughout the Western United States.

Although most of them offer various levels of outdoor and guide training, they are not in the position to offer the type of hands on training that we offer.

We offer the most extensive and comprehensive guide training in North America today.

This isn’t a “school-room” environment, if your application is accepted, you will be trained amidst my guides, live in one of the most remote, harshest areas of Alaska.

You will live as one of the Team, work side by side with some of the most impressive Professional guides in Alaska, while being trained and observed.

There will be numerous courses involving many diverse techniques that will cover all aspects of Outdoor Survival and Guiding situations.

Master Guide Terry Overly~

“Good Assistant Guides are hard to find. We are a team.”

“Guide Outfitters of Alaska, are looking for quality, competency, skill, disposition, dependability, loyalty and longevity when hiring an Assistant Guide, I believe Pioneer Outfitters Pro-Team trained Assistant guides will be and are top of the line.”

Guide Training

A guide’s job obligations include guiding a client to a legal trophy in a safe, legal and ethical fashion, position that client for the kill, as the client is the hunter.

The guide records the trophy with taking many (sometimes many, many, many) photographs for the client, capes, packs, fleshes, salts, cooks and is a companion to his client.

I tell my guides and trainees over and over again, You are not the hunter; you are a guide- GUIDE.

All a hunter does to be a hunter is take a rifle, bow or other weapon of his choice, and go hunt.

A guide must be so much more than just a hunter.

Guides of course can also be hunters, that is a given, but it shouldn’t be mandatory.

Above all, a guide must be attentive to his client’s needs, pay attention to his moods, catch any potential problems before they get out of control and answer his questions before he thinks to ask them.

Guides have to be almost a psychologist, and of course, deal with the camp, horses, cooking and so much more.

Guide Training

Guide Training

Here at Pioneer Outfitters Pro-Team Guide Training, we expect this training, once completed, will greatly benefit the graduate in acquiring a guiding position with any Guide Outfitter looking for reliable, competent Assistant guides.

Not only in Alaska but the entire United States.

We do not guarantee positions to our graduates, here with Pioneer Outfitters Pro Team or with other Outfitters.

However we will make available to you the names and contact information of different outfits for you to apply with and those that have contacted us in need of Assistant guides.

At Pioneer Outfitters Pro-Team, we put our trainees though HELL.

If a trainee doesn’t love it- they will fail.

It isn’t about money for a professional guide, you don’t get rich as a professional guide, you get to do and be something really special, unique.

They are young, tough, eager and in top physical condition.

Sure, pay day is always an issue, but the challenge, the competition against nature and each other, even themselves is what it is really about for them.

This training is focused on outdoor mountain survival in all the conditions and elements that exist in the remote regions of Interior Alaska.

With a repeated focus on safety and survival as a responsibility.

That responsibility multiplies with the client or clients that accompany that guide.

This training is designed for and with the individuals that wish to become Alaskan Big Game Hunting Guides, Fishing Guides, Mountain Tour Guides, and Competent Outdoor men and women pursuing any outdoor sports endeavor.

Our main emphasis and training is directed towards Big Game Guiding.

Knowledge, understanding and focusing on the most missed and serious fundamentals of what a professional Big Game Guide should know.

This training is meant to be both fun and informative.

Typically the trainees will make new life long friendships and memories.

Pioneer Outfitters feels that the entire time spent with us must be a positive experience.

The atmosphere is very family-like, and we look forward each year to the new group of folks we get to spend time with.

That all said, we do have the reputation of producing top-notch guides and will continue doing so.

Guiding is about so much more than “goin’ hunting” and every single person assigned to a guide, is that guide’s responsibility, to make feel comfortable and to be kept safe.

  • Client Safety
  • First Aid
  • Ethics
  • Law & Regulations…How to decipher regulations and the need for regulations
  • Judging Big Game Animals…to determine if they are of legal size to be harvested. This is very important, as we here are fully aware. This point cannot be stressed enough to a trainee, especially when they will eventually be exposed to a hunter who has likely never seen a 50” moose or 8 year old ram before.
  • Trophy Care. Skinning; Fleshing; Turning lips, ears, eyes and claws; salting; protecting; draining and re-salting hides; meat care. Field dressing animals for packing out, whether on a pack board to be flown out with a Super Cub, to be packed out with horses or to be floated down a river. There are many different points of meat care in the field, different ways and conditions a guide needs to know how to deal with.
  • Aircraft use, Super Cubs. Laws and restrictions on aircrafts. Radios and communication with, from and to Aircrafts. Safety around aircrafts. GPS.
  • Boats, River crossings, quicksand.
  • Horse care, packing, shoeing, and tack. Knots and Ropes. Tents and gear. Cooking.
  • Firearm safety, Ammo, shooting. Ranging distances.
  • Cameras, tri-pods, videos, photography.

Pioneer Outfitters Pro-Team Guide Trainees are observed and rated on every aspect of their training.

This information and their evaluations will be made available to you, Outfitters and state officials when required.

For more information of the Pioneer Outfitters Survival & Guide Training Program approved by the State of Alaska, please call Master Guide Terry Overly at (907)-734-0007 or email Pioneer Outfitters with questions and a good contact number that you can be reached at and we will do so.

Looking for more information? Check out our Survival & Guide Training FAQ’s 

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**Call Master Guide Terry Overly at (907)-734-0007 or email Pioneer Outfitters with questions and a good contact number that you can be reached at and we will do so.



Looking for more information? Check out our FAQ’s and Big Game Hunting FAQ’s

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