The 4 Points to Pioneer Outfitters Survival & Guide Training

TeamworkWe have been speaking with Guide Trainee Applicants, over the last few weeks in preparation for the New Session to begin next month. During these discussions, I realized that the conversations had different directions and tones as different as the individuals themselves, but no matter how many questions were asked and answered there were 4 points to them all.

The Boss and I have different ways of responding, can you guess which answers were mine?

#1 ~ We are remote. The only way into Chisana or out is by small aircraft.  There are no movie theaters, no malls, no bars, no dance clubs, no gas stations and no strangers.
Pioneer Outfitters Team

Although there are many Guide / Outfitter schools to choose from throughout the Western United States, and although most of them offer various levels of outdoor and guide training, they are not in the position to offer the type of hands on training that we offer. 
We offer the most extensive and comprehensive guide training in North America today.

#2 ~ We are a team. There are no “your job” or “my job”… There is only the job. The life. It is a very hard life, with bruises and scrapes, long, boring days with seconds of thrill to keep you on your toes… And remind you that you ARE prepared.

This isn’t a “school-room” environment, if your application is accepted, you will be trained amidst my guides, live in one of the most remote, harshest areas of Alaska. You will live as one of the Team, work side by side with some of the most impressive Professional guides in Alaska.

#3 ~ There are no “days off.” Our job is our life. To be excellent at what we do, we live it every single day. From the mundane, to the hard, to the fun, to the thrilling, it is who and what we are.

Teamwork If a trainee doesn’t love it- they will fail (or quit).  It isn’t about money for a professional guide, you  don’t get rich as a professional guide, you get to do and be something really special, unique.  They are young, tough, eager and in top physical condition.  Sure, pay day is always an issue, but the challenge, the competition against nature and each other, even themselves is what it is really about for them.

#4 ~ This isn’t an escape route to avoid college, it isn’t a summer camp. The work we do, every single day, is hard. Is this what you really want to do? Is this who you want to be? The answer does not lie with what you know. The answer is, what can you learn?

This training is designed for and with the individuals that wish to become Alaskan Big Game Hunting Guides, Fishing Guides, Mountain Tour Guides, and Competent Outdoor men and women pursuing any outdoor sports endeavor.


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