Raw Woods Alaska is Pioneer Outfitters

The idea of a television reality type show, is really old news to me (and most of you! I am sure). Of all the things to watch on TV, that would be my last pick. I suppose, they offend me because of the mis-representation of the word, “reality.” Raw Woods Alaska is Pioneer Outfitters, unedited, unfiltered. Reality TV is easy when you live a life of survival.

Raw Woods Alaska

I know that what drew me to Pioneer Outfitters will also draw a large audience to the show: I think that the American public is not only searching for entertainment in this economic downturn, but is searching for a reminder of the characteristics which have made our country strong and for a call to overcome challenges, endure hardships, to seek the unknown, and to live life as an adventure. Here, in Chisana, the closest place to the Last Frontier, with our guides and their passion and dedication we will be able to share what most people only dream of.

Raw Woods Alaska is Pioneer Outfitters

The idea of a reality-type show has been bantered and tossed around quite often in the last few years. There are no shows, hunting or otherwise that I have had the opportunity to watch that impressed me on any level- entertainment, education or insight. If I could imagine what I’d like to see is, first and foremost, the real deal. The inside of the workings, the how and why and the feelings behind each. There is so much more than “goin’ huntin’ “ to what we do, and more importantly, what we want to do for each and every client that comes to Pioneer Outfitters.  There is so much more preparation into each and every client’s arrival and excursion than what that client actually sees or could even imagine.

The lifestyle of Pioneer Outfitters is the real deal, the Pioneer Outfitters Extreme Pro Team are the real deal. The blood, sweat, tears, frustrations, accomplishments, survival, failures and triumphs are the real deal. The Pro Team are the ones that do it. Every single day, weeks, months and years of it, because that is the real deal. I would like to see this, shown to people in such a way that they The lead guide finds the best way.know it is the real deal, for those people who may see it to feel as if they are part of what is happening, learning and enjoying being part of the triumphs, crying with us at the failures, because it really is ~real life.

Raw Woods Alaska is Pioneer Outfitters

This operation is a diamond in the rocks, in our society and among other operations of its nature due to its awe-inspiring location, hidden deep within the mountains of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and accessible only by air; the history and tradition of adventure which pervades the air; and ultimately the passion of the people who have made outfitting  with Pioneer Outfitters their lifestyle and who have committed their lives to living their dreams and to sharing their passion with others. The opportunity to film a reality TV show depicting every aspect of our lives, as guides, and of the entire operation at Pioneer Outfitters is a chance to communicate our passion and what inspires us to live this more extreme lifestyle to a public which may not be able to experience it themselves.

This reality TV series will encompass a lifestyle and the adventure which is intrinsic to it: though hunting would provide the context for the show the focus would be on the individuals who make Pioneer Outfitters work and on the experience as a whole. This, in itself, distinguishes this series from other hunting shows and other current so-called reality shows which are currently being produced. The majority of hunting shows are, in a word, boring, because of their single-minded focus on the kill shot—the culmination of the hunt. Our focus is on the entire experience and on the people who make this lifestyle successful as well as everything which leads to a successful hunt.

The dedication and the personality of the characters, the guides, who will be the focus of the show is what will make this production successful. When I am exhausted, drenched to the bone,  freezing cold, and  we have been riding for hours upon end, and pack horses are falling down boulder-strewn mountains and action is required immediately, for some inexplicable  reason, I feel like I am doing what I was designed for.

Raw Woods Alaska is Pioneer Outfitters

Everything that defines Pioneer Outfitters, its high expectations, its hard core approach,  its commitment to clients, and pride in what it does as a business, as a group, and as a family appeals to me. I have always felt the need to pit myself against a challenge, to constantly push the limits, and to rise above: here at Pioneer Outfitters I have finally found a place which not only encourages those characteristics, but expects them. I am here for the long run and would like to share what has attracted me to this Last Frontier with those who cannot experience it themselves.

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