The Why, Searching for Purpose

Humanity searches, endlessly, for the Why. Looking for the answer or reason for all we are and all we do. Personally and Professionally the Why is the peace and happiness we all crave. Searching for purpose, looking for the answer, the reason; it is what calls to us to search for, find and accept.

“Why?”  We sigh, when we are tired.

“Why?”  We cry, when we are hurting.

“Why?”  We ask, when we loose or fail.

“Why?”  We scream, when we are lost.

The Why is what I call our search for our purpose. The reason each one of us is here. The purpose for which each our own special gifts and strengths were created; the force that spurs us on.

  • —The Why is what inspires us.
  • —The Why is what motivates us.
  • —The Why is what heals our hearts.
  • —The Why is what speaks to others.
  • —The Why is the window into our souls.
  • —The Why is what connects us.

Searching for Purpose

The Why is what inspires us to dream, to conceive and to create. It is that magic that fills us and overflows into something special.

The mountains, the air, the wilderness and all that dwell in it, inspire me. Inspiration, the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something is exactly what Chisana gives me.

Whether I simply sit and breathe or go for a walk or ride out on my horse, Chisana fills me with its own beauty and space. Cleanses the very core of who I am and allows me to just feel and be.

The people and kindness I have found through Social Media inspires me. I cannot stress that point often enough, how incredibly full and blessed my life is now being connected with people from all over the world.

Our guests and clients from everywhere, sharing their own experiences and even more precious, sharing their dreams with us; it is such an inspiration to do all in our power to be better, stronger and smarter, all to better help see those dreams come true.

My Why is life itself. Life inspires me. How beautiful it is. We humans are so smart and so capable of so many things, it is all too easy to forget what a delicate gift life is. Maybe only one who has come close to loosing that gift can truly appreciate all it is.

The Why is what motivates us. It is the reason for acting or behaving in a particular way. It is the force behind the determination and enthusiasm that leads us and guides us to improve and grow.

My Why are my children, our Guide Trainees and you. My most precious people, my children, are my motivation to be open and to improve, everyday. They are my motivation to live with all my heart.

The Alaska Guide Trainees are my Why in so many choices I make everyday. To help them to understand the ways and reasons that every choice they make is important, no matter how insignificant it may seem. To show our Trainees that every person who comes to us with a dream are under our protection and rely on our experience, intuition and wisdom.

You are my Why. Sharing with you all Chisana is and all I have learned. Offering to you a way to know who we are and what we stand for, answering any question about our way of life and home here in the Alaska wilderness. Sharing with those who cannot come to experience it for themselves is a beautiful trust. I carry those individuals with me as I ride, in my heart, so that I can try to put to words the feel of the air on my skin, the raw and rugged majesty of the mountains, the sounds of the waters and all the details that create the experience.

The Why is what heals our hearts. When our hearts are hurting or broken and it feels as if we are alone, the Why is what reminds us that we are not alone. The Why is what gives us the strength and will to learn from the experience and to look forward to the light during the dark.

Our purpose is what allows us to focus, giving us time and distance from what hurts until the healing lessens the pain.

The Why is what speaks to others. As we Walk our Talk and live our lives, our own individual Why shines through. So often people we don’t even see are watching us and taking direction and guidance from our own actions and reactions.

The passion and excitement of our own Why is contagious!! Our own Why could be the direction or lesson another individual has been waiting for.

The Why is the window into our souls. It is that opening for others to catch a glimpse of the fuel that drives us. It is our core and source of life. The Why is an answer for others to take hope from.

The Why is what connects us. Coming together to make a difference in a life. Lifting others up, encouraging and sharing our own knowledge, experience and lessons; it is what brings us closer to each answer.

Sharing our own individual Why is a wonderful gift to others. Have you shared your own purpose and Why with others? Are you still searching for your Why?

Here is my own Why, to share with you.

The Why… from Amber-Lee Dibble
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    • Aaron! LOL, Alaska is absolutely amazing! Chisana is even more.
      I hope you will know you are welcome here any time! Here, on the website or in person someday, it will be grand to share with you the gifts of Alaska!
      ~ Amber-Lee

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