The SPECIAL Part of Being a Professional Guide

Most everyone I have met with teenagers have their own gripes and worries about video games and the time their own teen(s) spends playing these games. Recently however, in the most casual of conversations with my own teenager, he shared with me something he had learned from these games. “Guiding is Special, Mom.”  Zachariah said to me in his quiet and newly deep voice. “Let me show you what I mean.Special S.P.E.C.I.A.L. 

S ~ Strength. A Professional Guide can become stronger,  as can each of us, but it requires your focus and effort. It can also be lost, if you neglect it or become so preoccupied with other matters and details that should and can be left to others to deal with.

P ~ Perception. A Professional Guide must be able to understand what surrounds him or her clearly, in circumstance or environment as well as people; learning what needs to be learned and applying it. Perception is what is understood by the individual, how it translates to the mind and it needs to be what is really there.

E ~ Endurance. A Professional Guide’s life is a long haul. You must be able to keep up the excitement, growth and progress, even during the hardest times. Endurance can also be strengthened by simply not giving in or giving up.

C ~ Charisma. It is a valuable trait for anyone, most especially a Professional Guide. It is a sort of magnetism that inspires confidence and excitement in others. It draws people to you, even those who may not understand or immediately feel the same.

I ~ Intelligence. Well, some folks may think this goes without saying, but not so. It is important to remember it isn’t as simple as saying “it is how smart someone is.” Rather, it is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.

A ~ Agility. We all want and need to be reasonably healthy, of course. Looking into “agility” from a professional mindset though leans more towards the power of moving quickly and easily or the ability to think and draw conclusions quickly. A Professional Guide needs to be able to shift and switch with ease.

L ~ Luck.  There isn’t a great Professional Guide in the whole wide world who doesn’t value a bit of luck added into all the work and skill acquired.

The SPECIAL Part of Being a Professional Guide 

Whatever you use, from within yourself, to become a Professional Guide, it is the SPECIAL formula that will help you and each of us all to become more, together. (SPECIAL came from the Fallout series games, Bethesda Softworks, Zenimax Studios)

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