What Makes Stand for the Man in Black Unique

That which makes Stand for the Man in Black unique is that we are fighting for someone and something that has so much to offer and give to the world that which is so desperately needed and yet unknown.

Standing for a man whom I see clearly, all his gifts and faults; a man who has touched so many lives by living simply with a generous heart. A single individual that has changed the direction of so many people’s path and has given away a thousand times what he has ever received.

Stand for the Man in Black

Stand for the Man in Black

What qualities make it different from others that may be similar?

The qualities that make  Stand for the Man in Black different are the qualities that have inspired me to create it. It is bigger than Pioneer Outfitters alone. It is a gathering of hearts and minds filled with compassion and honor, strength and integrity.

What makes it different is that it is not about only one man, it is about sharing a piece of the world with the world, that has been and will remain untouched by progress, technology, laziness bred of conveniences and the indifference of familiarity.

What difference will it make in the lives of those whom it benefits?

The benefits to the lives that  Stand for the Man in Black are those things that each of us yearns for. Benefits such as the comforting knowledge that we not one of us, are alone in the wilderness or even in our lives scattered all over the world.

That honor, integrity and faith in and with one another and each our own Higher Power leads to a stronger and happier life; that helping one another even as strangers can bring us together and help us all to learn and grow stronger yet to do more good.

It will provide a tangible, touchable, unarguable truth that we as people of the world can make a huge difference by doing what is right and good without shortcuts.

Stand for the Man in Black

“You ask, “What is our aim?” I answer in one word: Victory ~ Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, however long and hard the road may be: for without victory, there is no survival.” ~ Winston Churchill

Victory. Victory over what plots and dreams of beating others down, instead, to raise up each other’s brother, victory over what is wrong and selfish among us all. This is what we seek.

We wish to share the blessing of Chisana with the world. To share a very small piece of the largest and most magnificent National Park in the United States of America. A piece of a World Heritage site and of our own living history that each man, woman and child should know is there to welcome them.

We wish to share this with the world. Yet, those who proclaim to protect and serve would keep you from it. As we embrace not only those who can pay to travel so far, visit and explore; but to share it through pictures, words, videos to fill that void in each person, however we can those in power invent rules to block these people from ever experiencing the healing and inspirational fulfillment that Chisana offers all.

Terry (the Man in Black) asks me, “Why?” with pain and betrayal in his eyes, horror and hopelessness in his voice. “Why is this happening?” as he struggles to keep his family, team and community whole.

They are, I am certain, the words repeated by so many, over centuries of so few struggling to guide and lead others to something good and righteous for all who live and will come. They are questions to which the answer seems too simple to accept.

In Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life, he explains that “…the closer you grow to God, the more Satan will try to tempt you. The moment you become God’s child, Satan, like a mobster hit man, put out a “contract” on you. You are his enemy and he’s plotting your downfall.”

Standing straight and proud, being kind and compassionate to all from beggar to Senator, encouraging all and supporting those in need while enjoying every individual and all of the moments that become memories shared, expecting nothing in return for simply being lucky enough to be near by to help those who need it; Master Guide Terry Overly is a target now, to all those who ever felt jealous or envious of the simple happiness that comes from living a true and giving life.

So then,  Stand for the Man in Black stands for survival in a world that good and right have become suspect and shortcuts and misdirection the accepted tools for attracting support.

For more information and the whole story of how Stand for the Man in Black and Standing for Survival came to be, please visit these three pages on this website:

Stand for the Man in Black

Standing for Survival

Stand for the Man in Black, FAQs

The recently opened Shushanna General Store is also doing its part Standing for Survival! All proceeds (100%) from merchandise supporting Stand for the Man in Black and Standing for Survival is given directly to the fundraiser.

This post was inspired by what I learned from Brian Sooy and his book Raise Your Voice, A Cause Manefesto.


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