Fundraiser: Stand for the Man in Black

My name is Amber-Lee Dibble. Many of you know me as Alaska Chick.

I have worked for Terry Overly and Pioneer Outfitters for over 20 years. I am a United States Navy Veteran and a Professional Alaska Guide. I am also the Webmaster and voice of Pioneer Outfitters online and in Social Media as Alaska Chick.


Stand for the Man in Black is incredibly important to me for so many reasons.

I am asking for your help. I want to Stand for the man that has never hesitated to Stand for others. My goal is, with your help, to ensure the survival of a near-century old business, the range horses, the safety for all that wish to visit our remote mountain valley and a community.

This campaign is to raise the money to replace the airplane that was destroyed in a fire in September 2013.

The destruction that not only left us stranded in the mountains that have been home to Pioneer Outfitters for nearly a century, but left the Youngest Old-Timer in Alaska with half a heart.

Stand for the Man in Black

This disaster wasn’t the only disaster that struck Pioneer Outfitters last year, but it was the worst kind of blow that could have been dealt to us.

It is killing the business having to pay for freight to be flown in, instead of flying ourselves as well as putting all of our livestock as well as the range horses in danger, if they need us and cannot be found in time.

Terry is one of the kindest, most generous men I have ever known and I am proud to Stand for the Man in Black. I am proud to call him my Boss and my friend. He has been my mentor and the one I have always counted on to have the answers to life’s most puzzling questions and worries.

Pioneer Outfitters has made it’s home in Chisana, Alaska since 1924.

2014 is our 90th Anniversary. Three years ago, Terry entrusted Pioneer Outfitters to me to bring it into the online world.

Chisana was the site of the last historic gold rush and at one time was the largest log cabin settlement in Alaska. The history and spiritual elements here are amazing.

There are gifts here in Chisana that the world craves.

Stand for the Man in Black

We are located deep inside the Wrangell Mountains accessible only by aircraft and have been Horseback Outfitters since the birth of Pioneer Outfitters.

Chisana is located in the Wrangell St. Elias National Park and Preserve, our nation’s largest National Park. The wilderness and the space ~ untouched by commercial tourism, the majestic mountains looming over and surrounding us, as far as the eye can see;  more glaciers than can be counted that will redefine any sense of scale and size; wildlife and flora of every shape and size, all free, all amazing.

This is where we call home. This is what we share with the world with our horses and experience.

Stand for the Man in Black is bigger than an aircraft to fly and search for range horses or being able to fly our horse feed, groceries and fuel. It is even bigger than having an airplane if there were a human emergency.

It allows us to offer our guests and clients the comfort and safety of that airplane in this wilderness. Standing ready, whenever it may be needed.

Terry has flown for other people’s lost horses and lost dogs of course, but he has also searched for and found lost hikers, hunters that were injured, planes that have gone down, snowmobile-rs that had broken down and were in danger of freezing.

He has landed his plane in running water and rescued families from flooding, taking off just in time to watch the cabin be washed away. He has answered numerous calls for help when an elderly neighbor is injured or falls ill, never accepting anything in return.

There is more that I would like to share with you. This campaign, this fundraiser is something Terry would never do for himself. (I am safe sharing this with you here ~ because well, I am not sure he can even turn a computer on! And really, is too worried or stressed to know where to look, even if he was so inclined!) He would and has given so much to so many causes and people in the years that I have known him, but he would never ask anyone for a stick of gum.

I am afraid I may not find the right words to touch your heart.

Am I enough to do this? I can only pray I am because time is running out for us.

There is nothing in the world like being part of making other people’s dreams come true. By watching the magic that is Chisana touch people’s souls when they ride through this pure and perfect wilderness. We dream of making it so that more people can share these wonders and gifts with us.

I believe in you. The friendships I have been offered, helping hands, the wisdom and advice, the guidance I have received, the beautiful kindness of the world I have been shown; all since coming online and becoming part of Social Media has touched my heart and changed me. Your help can make this dream come true.

Please help me Stand for the Man in Black. Please, feel welcome here on our website, visit us on FaceBook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and please be at home and check out all the videos we have been making over on our YouTube Channel! Know us for who we really are.

“As we live our lives, we make our living.”

People, serving others, working and praying hard for a better world while enjoying every moment of what we have been blessed with.

ALL contributors will have their names carved and burned into a new centerpiece log that will be forever displayed in the new Shushanna Room.

For those contributions will always be remembered as how this dream came to life. Thank you! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read these heart-felt words. We know that not everyone can contribute. If you would like to help another way, please share this with the world and help me to get the word out into the world.

Stand for the Man in Black

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