Standing for Survival, Stand for the Man in Black


Standing for Survival is what Stand for the Man in Black is all about.

On April 23, 2014, I launched the fundraiser Stand for the Man in Black on, a crowdfunding website. Each campaign has a maximum time limit of 60 days. 42 amazing people contributed $7,655.00 to launch this campaign towards its goal.

On June 23, 2014, Stand for the Man in Black II was launched to continue the vitally important effort to raise the money to replace the airplane lost to fire.

With Standing for Survival we will continue the effort to get an airplane and the Man in Black back in the sky, where the survival of our team, guests and visitors, the range horses and pets, this near century old business and community is given a fighting chance.

This fundraiser is a matter of survival.

·  Survival of a way of life.

·  Survival of anyone who finds themselves in need, here in the wilderness.

·  Survival of the range horses.

·  Survival of a near-century old business.

·  Survival of a community.

·  Survival of a historically spiritual place humanity needs to know is available to them.

Standing for Survival

There are only two questions since this fundraising campaign began that I waited to answer. Both came from sharing #Stand4theManinBlack through Face Book. I had been putting off answering them only because I thought they were excellent questions and I had hoped to make a couple more videos answering these important questions with the Man in Black himself (Master Guide Terry Overly). You can see them both answered in FaceBook and Stand for the Man in Black.

Other Questions people have asked can be seen on the Stand for the Man in Black FAQs page.

Stand for the Man in Black is a matter of survival. Survival of a way of life, of anyone who finds themselves in need, here in the wilderness, the range horses, a near-century old business, a community and the very real survival of a spiritual place humanity needs to know is available to them.

Stand for the Man in Blackbecause he will stand for us all… because he will provide the fuel to keep the generators running and communications open and operational… he will provide the horse feed to keep the horses alive… he will search endlessly for a lost loved one and find the way to get to them… he will assure that Pioneer Outfitters remains always the guiding force in the Wrangell Mountains, sharing all we know, all we find with anyone who wishes the experience.

For 90 years, Pioneer Outfitters has been guiding people through the Wrangell Mountains in search of the adventure of a lifetime. We have come to a time where this is at risk, and this historic village may come to an end, but you can help change that.

Accessible only by plane, Chisana is home to a small community and Pioneer Outfitters.

Unrivaled in terms of unspoiled landscape and beauty. There is no transportation to and from Chisana other than by private plane. For years, Terry Overly also known as “The Man in Black” has flown supplies, fuel for generators and provided search and rescue and emergency medical transport in order to enable the survival of the very small community living at Pioneer Outfitters, adventure camp guests, and also providing emergency assistance to those requiring it in the wilderness.

Terry is a licensed State of Alaska Master Guide Outfitter and has been working and living in Chisana his entire life – training and leading the guides at Pioneer Outfitters and hosting visitors from around the world.

The wilderness and the space ~ untouched by commercial tourism, the majestic mountains looming over and surrounding us, as far as the eye can see; more glaciers of all sizes and scale; wildlife and flora of every shape, all free, all amazing.  This is where we call home. This is what we share with the world with our horses and experience.

Why we need your help: The ASK.

On September 16, 2013 the plane, which our entire community relies on, was destroyed in a fire only minutes before a planned departure back to a camp where another guide and guests waited.

You can read the whole horrible story in the post, The Fire, #Stand4theManinBlack on our website but the shortest version and bottom line is that the only explanation is the heater that was put into the aircraft to get it warmed up for flight somehow created a short and ignited the fire.

We now face the biggest challenge – SURVIVAL

We are now dependent on twice-weekly-space-available-deliveries of food, clothing, mail, fuel, feed, and more at $.40 per pound. For example, a #25 pound bag of horse feed costs $21.00. To fly it into Chisana, (if there is space available on one of the two days per week the air charter service flies into Chisana) it will cost $25.00. The total cost of one bag of horse feed is $46.00.

What’s more, we can no longer rescue or evacuate anyone in need. Our horses may die needing our assistance, as we cannot travel by air to find where they have ranged.

Our home is only accessible by air, and we live in Wrangell St. Elias National Park and Preserve, our nation’s largest National Park.

In order to continue living in this land, and offering services to the community and those who come to Chisana to experience the Alaskan Wilderness, we need to get a new plane – this is where your help comes in, and can make the difference to save this lifestyle that most of America has left behind.

What we use the airplane for:

·  Rescue of trapped hikers and injured hunters, broken-down snowmobiles, or others stranded in the Alaska wilderness we live in. (Terry has landed his plane in running water and has rescued families from flooding, taking off just in time to watch the cabin be washed away.)

·  Medical evacuation for anyone in need of physicians who are only accessible by air.

·  Fly in fuel and groceries for the professional wilderness guides we train and the families and Team that live here year round.

·  Fly in hay and feed for the range horses and livestock we watch over and care for each winter who are also part of our Team.

·  Fly in fuel which runs the generators that supply the power for the phone system for the Chisana community.

·  Locate and rescue by air of the community’s livestock and horses to ensure they’re not lost, hurt or frozen.

Standing for Survival

Terry is a selfless, gentle man who puts others first always. My goal is to bring the Man in Black, Terry Overly, this  90 year old business and this historic community to the world’s attention so that we may stand together and ensure the survival of all.

Stand for the Man in Black is incredibly important and I need your help.

I believe in you. The friendships I have been offered, helping hands, the wisdom and advice, your guidance, the beautiful kindness across the world have been bestowed since I started my social media journey in 2010.

You’ve touched my heart and changed me. That’s why I need your help to make this dream come true. Please help me Stand for the Man in Black. Stand with me and help me to show him the beautiful reality of the amazing world I have met through Social Media. I offer to you all of my gratitude in advance.

Standing for Survival

If you believe in preserving this legacy, if you have ever dreamed of visiting a place like this, if I have found the words to touch your heart, then please consider our project and help us by sharing, making a contribution* and spreading the word.

ALL contributors will have their names carved and burned into a new centerpiece log that will be forever displayed in the new Shushanna Room upon its completion. These contributions will always be a living tribute as how Stand for the Man in Black brought so many people together for survival.

Please know also: ALL contributions will 100% be dedicated only to replacing the aircraft needed for survival. No exceptions.

Thank you!

* We know that not everyone can contribute financially. If you would like to help another way, please share this with the world and help us to spread the word. You may use the share tools as well as sharing the link with your own network.

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